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Can you fall in love with someone else while your married?
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Can you fall in love with someone else while your married?

Is it possible to fall in love with someone else while your married and still be in love with the person your married too?



NO! Love is only two way not three way. If you truly love someone else, then you do not actually love the one you are with now and vis versa.

when the other is away maybe......

Ya, you can but how, how can you divide yourself between 2 men, can you imagine telling your husband and how he feels? oh god, i wish you the best, i always hated these kind of women, but i am sure you know what is best for you.

Must stick to one for fullest joy of life rather falling in love with others. This will show your weakness and you should invent new ideas for better enjoyment with your husband rather falling pray to other.

D *)sukky
mia bella, you are in soup!!

how can you let that happen??
quick wake up.

statistics say most 2nd marriages don;t work

yes you can think u r in love, but usually ur husband is a nice guy. sometin is just not right. tht 2nd guy falls too after spending like 5yrs with him.
u r in love now cos ur marriage is dull.. rihgt?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'fall in love.' Do you mean physical attraction or a deep, meaningful love? I think both are possible if one has an open heart. Polyamory (poly=Greek for 'many', amory='love') is practiced by many people who feel they can love more than one person at a time. This is not to be confused with 'cheating,' 'swinging,' or polygamy. So the answer is yes.

just me
I dont think so, because when you said that youre inlove with a person there is no reason to love somebody else.

The human mind and heart has the cabapility of loving many different people. You'll end up loving them in different ways though.
Say, your parents divorce and though you love them, you eventually begin to love your step parents as well. It doesn't mean you stop loving your parents.
My mother once told me that she still loved her ex husband, because once you really love some one, it never goes away. It can fade, and it can change, but you don't stop loving them.
You made the decision that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with the person you married, and though people do change, if you're agonizing over this, you probably still do want that. It's common to have feelings for others... especially if you're young. You wonder what else you can have. It's not that you're dissatisfied, only...curious. Just realize that just because you're falling in love with someone else, it doesn't mean you have to act on those feelings. Just care for them without stepping on too many other people's toes.

i think its possible to feel a connection with somebody...

woman of steel
Yes, It could happen. Especially if you just settled for your mate, thinking that this was it, true love. But to me, if your mate is good to you, and they truly love you. I would not risk getting to close to this person, even if you think it is love. There is just to much at stake. Even if that new person makes you feel happier. You could be the one losing everything in the end. And what of your mate, do they deserve to be heart broken?

Big Eagle
I believe so but that don't you have to act on it.Think of the consequences,and besides he or she may not feel the same way about you.(A bird in the hand }, well you know the story.

Well not usually but it does happen, and there are lots of different kinds of LOVE. so think about that one. There is such a thing as being in love and then there is the other kinds of love. Like you love your mother but you are not in love with your mother!!! understand? You can love your cat but you are not in love with your cat.. and so on.

yes you can e in love with a person who you are not married to i have know this to happen before . ?

GIRL! Oh no! If you allow yourself to I believe you can. But if you allow yourself to, something must be very wrong with your husband and your relationship. Maybe you are falling out of love with him to even let another man come into your life. Marriage is between two people, a strong bond and emotion that you can share with NO ONE else. I believe that you can fall out of love with your husband and find a new love though. To have the same feelings, same strength of emotion for both parties seems unreal. You need to wake up and realize what is going on. Someone is going to get deeply hurt in this, it may even be you! I dont know the situations between you and your husband but if its not that bad..stick by him. "Through thick and thin" Remember when you two were at the alter? How happy you both were? Why let another man get in the middle of that. Stick with your heart, and your conscience.

Big Milt
I think you can deeply care about 2 people. Like the Archie comics with Betty and Veronica. But you can't be in love with two people. Since loving someone means that you don't want to hurt them ever. It's obvious your husband would be angry and hurt if he found out. Some polygamist claim it's possible. But contradict themselves since they can't seem to devote enough time to either spouse to make them truely happy. We all want that one person that "completes" us. You can't find that in two. If you think you're really in love with your lover. Then you don't love your husband anymore. You just care for him deeply. Don't lie to yourself, it'll just make you miserable in the long run.

Getting less attention .... or paying less attention can be the reason. Try to get more love from the same person (by giving more) who you are married . rather then going for the second. We have to restrict our hearts , and limit ourselves inside boundaries ... other wise , 2nd then third .. then fourth ..... human beings always need more and more of everything !!!!!

Chris R
Absolutly. However a mature person would be able to sort these things out and decide who they should be with, without having relations with either party. Figure your life out, then decide what to do with theirs.

yea if you summit yourself to falling and building a relationship with someone else i am pretty sure you can

Re Fined
Yes, It's possible. I did once.

I don't think that you can be "in love" with both, perhaps even neither of the men. I can see falling for one guy as you're falling out of love with the one you are married to. I know my husband and I are at odds and have been for some time, and I've noticed my eye wanders a lot more looking for that *feeling* again - However, I can say that I still love my ex, but I knew that even when I married my husband, the levels of love are very different.

I don't think you can be in love with two people. I think you can be in love with someone you're not married to.

Grace W
Been there done that. The question is which one of them would you choose or dearest to your heart? And how much are you willing to sacrifice? Like an old song says, yes it's hard to belong to someone else when the right one comes along. It's tough. But I just hope you make the right decision and follow your heart.

yes it is possible.anyone could fall in love anywhere,either he/she is married or not.love don't see any kind of barrier.

Yes, I have before, My marriage hasnt been all that great, my husbands ignores me, puts me down, all the bad stuff, His friend moved in, he was great, we talked more then my hubby, ever did, he would help me clean, and do everything with me. I feel for him, My husband left me, for another woman, and his friend stayed with me, then hubby decides to come back, and ruin that, I cant believe i stayed with my husband over him, he did everything for me, and I do miss him, but its to late. I do still talk with him, but not as much, because hubby would get mad. So it is possible to fall in love with someone else, even though you married to someone else.

Love is beyond boundries.

........yep,... it's just a little unconventional that's all.....

not a good sign for that marriage lasting

it is possiable, i am right now going through the same thing. and it is difficult. How long have you been married? E-mail me back at: mary_parenteau@yahoo.ca

No, honey OK listen you can lust after someone else.Even have an interest in them because of sometimes women want something different. Like for example are husbands tell us we are beautiful, and that we look good and we been hearing this for years from this person and one day this guy pops up out of no where and shows a little interest and we are eating it up cause fact is that it's someone different and too see if we still got it if you know what i mean. But trust me no love there just little lust.

im confused...

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