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Do stun Guns leave any bruises or burns?
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Do stun Guns leave any bruises or burns?

or any other "evidence" ?


depends were you shoot them i guess,has he been playing up again

I think so*

Drowning Sorrows
Why do you think I use them ;] I love bruises and burns, and have plenty to show. One looks like Quentin Tarantino.

Being a canadian,I can assure you they (tasors) are used liberally,and have killed at least 24 people in the couple of years in use here.Thank goodness for people video taping victims demise at the hands of our lovely rcmp.Still,the police refuse to give them up.

SteveC is smelling good


J K (Semper Fi) Beer is good!!!
Of course they do, they shock you with electric shocks, which cause heat where they hit the body so they tend to burn you there. If it's in self defense then why are you worried, if your up to no good with one, you might want to rethink using one on any one at all.

I know they do from personal experience.

And they leave them EVERYWHERE.
(Thank you personal experience.)

that's a hell of a question to have in the marriage category! i'll keep my eye on the news for ya!
wood chippers don't leave any evidence lol!

The Original Magic 8 Ball BILF
Depending on what kind of stun gun you are talking about, but yes, they do leave marks. My husband had marks (at first they were scabs and then just pink scars) for about six months after he got certified to use a Taser. During the class, you get Tasered, and yeah his marks lasted a long long time.

I don't know. My only experience is with pepper spray. I did find out, however, that if you bend forward and blink your eyes fast enough you can put that remaining spray on your pizza and add extra zeal to your meal.

dark bubble
Stop whining. I said I was sorry. Besides, who's gonna see them there.
Now get back in the stirrups so I can put more cream on.

But Inside I'm Screaming
Yes, they may leave small burn marks, and the fish hook type definitely leave a mark.

blackjackgirl is back
Im afraid to know why this is in marriage and divorce....

and im still waitng for my stun gun to get here....snail mail...sheesh...if it ever gets heres,I'll let ya know...

Dinglebury's Baby Grrrl
Just depends darlin...when ever I am stunned...I prefer it in my azz....no marks....

Guido McUnstoppable
Guido's looking forward to Christmas too...


Angus Beefhart 2
Just slip 'em a roofie. Much easier, cheaper, and they don't remember a thing.

Orpheus G
I am sure that they leave nice marks, and with the twitching and thrashing you will be doing as a result of the shock will definitely leave bruises and marks. If you want to hurt someone without leaving any evidence, try using ice as the weapon, it can be sharp and it just leaves a little wit spot, no finger prints, and if you are good, no DNA.

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