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Do you agree with "you will never forget your 1st love"?
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Do you agree with "you will never forget your 1st love"?

Will they always be there in your heart? Will you keep fond memories?


Im not sure if you will always love them but they will always be remembered by you. They were the first one that you experienced something very special with so they will hold a special place in your heart. Unless you freaked out and hacked them into little pieces that is.

Lana W
I totally agree that you you never forget your first love. You will always have a special place in your heart for him/her. Unless you see this person often or are around them, you will still remember that giddy, heart skips a beat feeling until you die.
My first love was over 35 years ago but I still feel that special feeling when I think of him. Not that I would change any part of my life, the man I married makes my heart do flip flops in a whole different way but I will never forget that first love.

Maybe for women, but I'm not sure its the same for men. I remember my "first love", but I'm not that attached to the memory. Yeah I was there and did that, but its in the past.

Maureen B
I will never forget because I learned my lesson. My husband is the complete opposite of him thank goodness.

I believe its true, I still think of my first love and wonder how he is doing and where hes living, and all that stuff, you know.

One carries those memories with them their entire life.

Yes, I do. When a seventy-six year old man can tell you what his wife was wearing when he first laid eyes on her, that convinces me. I can even remember what my first love was wearing when I met him, and what I was wearing: a yellow sundress, with white heeled sandals.

Oh I definately agree. I can still remember everything about him, the brand of clothes he always wore, the cologne her wore, his nervous chuckle, all the people in his family, his favorite food - He'll always have a spot in my mind and my heart . . . ahhhhh the memories :)

Most definitely I agree.
Think about it. The first love is a love unlike any other...it's fresh, exciting, undamaged and not littered with all the past bad things that have happened.
Its a very fresh and pure type of love, that unfortunately you will never find again.
I think we will all always be reminded of our first love, and probably always remember them....because there will be no other love like them.

Violet Pearl
No, I don't agree. I look back and realize it wasn't love at all, just juvenile infatution that now seems silly. I mean, I was 14 years old and thought I was "in love with" that greaseball Mike Milan??
Oh wait.. I guess I Do remember him.... but he's not exactly in my heart.

blair k
YESSS.. i agree! i have asked many of my friends parents. they have all said their first love and some feeling is still there.

I didn't think so, but now when I think back on my first love, like the first guy I actually loved as opposed to infatuated with, I really won't ever forget him. The love I have for my soon to be husband is the same kind I had for the first guy. I hadn't had this feeling for any guy except him, but we just couldn't be and that love never progressed :( Well I guess now I don't mind so much because I found the guy I'm supposed to marry, but I'll always remember him no doubt. *sigh* His name was Joel.

Yes.. they paved the way to your heart for the first time. Once you find your true love, it may not be as noticable, but he/she will always be there, in your heart.

You won't forget your first love, that is your first, alot of experiences happened when you were with them. I don't think you should always hold them in your heart, unless you broke up as good friends. And you will keep fond and even the bad memories. You may not be able to help it, but they will come back when you see something that reminds you of that time.

Yep... I married him, divorced him and still love him.

I have to agree, although I cant remember why I Loved her, I was very young, I dont remember things like her birthday, what we did on the first date etc.

mom again

i totally agree--but i am a woman. a man's perspective may be different. i have fond memories along with painful ones. we were both human and we were not meant to "be." But there will always be that attraction--there was when we parted.

I agree, there's no question about it

It depends on if you want to remember them or not...it depends on if you mean your first love or your first true love. My first true love will always be in my heart, my first love, nah! If you want to hold onto the memories you once had then go ahead, nothing wrong with that, but don't forget to move on. You can hold onto memories, just don't hold onto the past.

Of course. That's something everyone is entitled to (and insecure, immature, jealous spouses shouldn't interfere with that because everyone became who they are because of their past).

You will never be the same. Every new relationship that you are in - you will bring your past in to it - and it will affect you!
Find a place for the love you feel and hold on to it there.

troble # one?

ya girl

[kill me]
i think

Drey M
Believe it or not it isn't just the first love you are going to remember. That's what memories are about. The loved ones that have moved on the friendships you have made. Isn't it fascinating how the mind works?

Yes. You'll always remember the good times with them. Everyone's first love is special!

I remember him but not in a special way. It wasn't even love to begin with.

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