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Do you and your spouse *spoon* when you sleep?
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Do you and your spouse *spoon* when you sleep?

We just got our bed back to ourselves in the past couple of months. After getting our youngest to sleep in her own room (darn co-sleeping!). It had been a long time since we were able to just spoon the whole night.
Now we fall asleep in a spoon and wake up that way. Although, I imagine we must shift at some point in the middle of the night - then go back to that position.

Anyway, do you sleep in that position? Do you think it makes you wake up happier? I think it does!
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I wish the thumb down fairy would GO AWAY. Shoo!


Alyssa M
hell no--id love to spork him in the eye though

of course we spoon!

when you wake up with someone's loving arms around you it's the best feeling in the world. now we've even gotten to the point where we 'turn' simultaneously.

I don't know about happier but your back sure gets sweaty....lol

I'm not married, but when I see my boyfriend, we usually fall asleep like that, but wake up in the morning far apart, and he always then pulls me back to him.

Effyouseekayy U
i wish she would fork me

Diane M
Not always, but we occasionally start out in that position, but usually don't end up in that position. It's my fault, I don't know why, but I don't like to be touched when I'm sleeping. But, falling asleep spooning is nice.

Me and my husband spoon while we sleep. Except when i was pregnant i didn't like to spoon. But now we do it again. And we do wake up happier.

Yep - every night. And we stay that way for most of the nite - if one turns over the other soon follows :)

Yes we spoon unless we are mad at each other Although I hate to go to sleep mad- my husband doesn't agree with that theory...

We do not. We were both 38 when we married (first marriage for each of us). I've spent too much time sleeping on my own to sleep like that. We have a king size bed, and we don't go anywhere near each other when we sleep. It works for us. We used to have a queen bed, but it felt too small.

we don't - my husband is big on spooning but it makes me feel trapped, he needs to be holding something during sleeping- one of the strange things that only comes up after marriage (or living together)

No we do not. My husband does not even touch me in the night and we sleep under seperate blankets and half of the time in different rooms.

Very sad.. Your lucky. Enjoy it!

We spoon most of the time, and sometimes we fork.
Yes, we do wake up happier.
My toes love his toes.

Captain Obvious
Yeah, sleeping like that is so great. I always have 90% of my body pressed against my guys, whether is be spooning or just me in some other position and i love sleeping like that.

I cant sleep without him comfortably. He also prefers to have me very close by. A few times when I felt sick and got out of bed, he woke up to find me gone and carried me back to the bed - twice.

C is for Charli....
We do.

I am a violent sleeper, Andrew has been bashed blue while I sleep and the only way we can sleep together, is if he holds me.

I wake up every happy every day. Especially if the Boys sleep in a little ;)

We always start out spooning but, sometime during the night we move or shift to different positions. Sometimes I wake up on my belly and his leg is draped over my leg.

I do love waking up to him touching me. :)

Mrs. California
Me and my husband go to bed spooning, However we wake up all weird.. My husband will have his head on my stomach or ill have my head on his stomach.. but when we wake up we go back to spooning in till its time to get ready for work...

Gracee's Mom, Taylin due7/29
we don't but only because we don't sleep well that way. Especially me,,i like to be sprawled out and get comfy. I would love to spoon if I could sleep well that way.

My husband and I always sleep that way, if I roll away from him during the night he reaches out and pulls me back to him. I think we wake up alot happier also.

incognito Mep.

We used to all the time, now we have a baby in our bed that wont get out, plus I am too lazy to get up 1500 times a night to settle him back down or feed him, lol. I miss cuddling.


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