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Do you ladies enjoy watching a man playing with himself?
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Do you ladies enjoy watching a man playing with himself?

I was out on a first date and at the end of an hour kissing session in his car he ask me if I wanted to watch him play with himself. I did not want to go further on our first date. He wanted me to help him out, after I refused he became upset.

Was I too mean for telling him no?


rasberry beer
No I don't.

Confident husband
Kinda odd for the first date. Maybe I'm old fashioned. But that seems kinda fast for that. (Yes, my wife enjoys the show now and then. And I like watching her, too)

summer girl
eww no

no.thats boring?

For a first date??? This is creepy.. And I would not like it!!!

BUT when you have a partner (husband or boyfriend) for awhile it can be kinda exciting or I think it can be on occasion when your feeling naughty.

it does nothing for me, but gives me a view into his showering world.

I bet he's divorced.And I can't help but wonder why that would be.

Cute Little Mouse
Why did you lead him on by kissing for an hour?

Desire Creates Power ®
Yeh i get my boyfriend to do it all the time.

Well if you were honestly kissing for an hour then perhaps the notion of something more than kissing "popped up" in his "head." If that was the case, then you are both at fault for messing around for that long. HE is at fault for insisting on beating it after you said no, especially on the first date. Next time, perhaps, it will be time to get out of the car after the first kiss on the first date.

eric k
No, you were obviously uncomfortable, and yet he kept pushing for more; you were perfectly in the right.

As an aside, no man has ever offered to "play with himself" in front of a woman without the thought of her coming over and "helping him out" being at the forefront of his mind.

It's a more extreme version of, "So, want to come up to my place and have a cup of coffee before going home?" I've used that line, and I don't even DRINK coffee, lol.

no that is just creepy he sounds crazy but then you seen the true him so you go to ask your self is he the type for me what if i don't see him like that any more what is he going to do how is he going to act if he got mad or upset because you did not want to play with his friend on the first date that is some thing you go home and do in privet not on the first date or in the car out side your house that's just sick girl be careful he could just be crazy or a weirdo just look out good luck hope thing work out for you.

Maybe a little rude actually, especially if he is insecure.


I can't help but laugh at you wondering if you were "mean" because you refused to do something you did not want to do...

He'll get over it and if he doesn't, I'm sure he can find a "woMAN" online that will be more than happy to watch...

Eww. thats so seedy. you were not mean it was obviously a bit of a booty call. most guys have more respect for a girl than that

maybe a little, but it would be not so good for the first date, that means he will want more the second time, but one hour of kissing will drive any man crazy.

The Garden of Eartha-ly Delights
I don't partuicularly enjoy it no...not even with a partner whom I care about.

If some creep on a first date had tried it on the way this one did I'd have slammed it in the car door for him.

Let's see him get rid of THAT swelling by pulling himself!

Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye
Chrissy, Wear your glasses next time. I did not unzip, and that was just a roll of Certs in my hand!

Kim: *Has Bangs*
I think for a first date that was a bit much...

I ask my husband to let me watch him sometimes (mostly jokingly, because I know he'll say no), but just the thought of my husband pleasuring himself turns me on.

No, you were not. The man has issues. Hopefully, you did not go on a second date.

Queen Agnostic
God NO.... yuck..... a first date????? Gross... hes a pervert... move on

Where did you meet this person?
You are lucky he didn't rape you in his car.
That is not normal behavior - stay away from him.

You weren't mean to say no to the show, but you WERE mean to make out for an hour knowing that it wasn't going to go any further. Appropriate first-date behavior is a simple good-night kiss, usually without tongue. By taking it as far as you did for so long, you gave him the impression that this wasn't long-term relationship material but rather a hook-up. And then he got confused when the hook-up didn't happen either. In short, it was a c*ck-tease!

Women don't like to hear things like this, but that's just common sense understanding of the male gender. What this guy did wasn't something I would do myself... but ladies, if you don't have sense enough not to lead a guy on THAT strongly, you're probably going to stumble into some bizarre situations from time to time!

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