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Does it mean someone is cheating if they keep accusing you of it?
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Does it mean someone is cheating if they keep accusing you of it?

Have you ever accused someone and you weren't cheating?


2009-02-06 00:53:38 +0000
that was the case in my first marriage .

2009-02-06 00:48:53 +0000
It just means that they are insecure. I have accused someone of cheating and I wasn't. I have never cheated.

2009-02-06 00:52:56 +0000
Either they are cheating or they are insecure and paranoid.

2009-02-06 00:47:25 +0000

2009-02-06 01:01:12 +0000
No it doesnt mean that they are cheating and yes I have accused someone of cheating and NO I wasnt cheating.

2009-02-06 00:52:16 +0000
yup all the time!! earlyier years with my fiance i was cheating & i ALWAYS accused him of cheating !!!..

but in saying that everyones diffrent & your partner could just be insecure:)

2009-02-06 00:47:51 +0000
yes it does

2009-02-06 00:57:40 +0000
Yes. I have accused my husband of cheating and I have never cheated on him....not even flirting with other men.

2009-02-06 00:49:58 +0000
It definitely could be. Either that or just very insecure and lacking self-esteem...or hurt in the past. But if they want to keep you they need to knock off the accusations.

Usually if someone is possessive and constantly accusing it's because they're cheating. When they're with you they get to thinking..."hmm if it's so easy for me to cheat on her maybe she could be cheating on me and I don't even know it"

Guilty conscience really.

Good luck!

2009-02-06 00:47:53 +0000
not always. I've discussed it with my husband before because i found a lot of suspicious stuff, but I've never cheated

2009-02-06 00:48:24 +0000
in my case my boyfriend would accuse me of cheating ALL the time.
and he knew i never would but he still kept accusing me of it and we would get in huge fights!
later to find out he was the one cheating the whole timee..

soo idk be careful!

2009-02-06 00:47:05 +0000
No, just insecure.

2009-02-06 00:50:14 +0000
When someone is accusing someone of cheating they sometimes are the ones who are doing the cheating. My ex husband had accused me of doing the cheating and I found out that he was the one who was having an affair. He had gotten the other woman pregnant.

2009-02-06 01:01:15 +0000
It doesn't mean he is cheating, it means he is thinking about cheating and is trying to find a way to justify it.

2009-02-06 00:48:06 +0000
Not always. It can just be a sign of insecurity. My ex husband never cheated but accused me of it several times. For him it came down to a lack of self-confidence.

2009-02-06 00:54:43 +0000
It's not always the case, but usually when someone is accusing you of cheating, they are either trying to justify why they should cheat, or already are. Like I said though, it's not always the case. Maybe he is just very insecure. have there been any odd signs...like spending too much time on the computer, locking it or the cellphone? Blocks of time when you don't know where he is? Has he become secretive and distant? These are a few signs that something might be up, so be on the lookout. Good luck, Hope this helps...

2009-02-06 00:48:13 +0000
that's exactly what it means. they're taking their guilt and infidelity out on you.

2009-02-06 00:47:08 +0000
My ex accused me of cheating...I suspect he was the one that was really doing it.

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