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Does living together for 7 years mean you're legally married?
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Does living together for 7 years mean you're legally married?

I've always heard that after you live with someone for 7 years you are considered legally married.. is that true?? I've lived with my boyfriend now for 4 years.. so if this is true then 3 more years and we will be married?!?! I really don't want to get married.. ever. I just want to live with him and share my life with him without the title "wife". We are content as is and I don't want things to change because of some dumb law. Please help explain to me if this is true or not!


you're never legally married until you have a certificate proving you are married. unless they changed it or something.

Please answer!! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aux01yXvobPDADFavmrNlZTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080908190318AAjOvZU

Justin C
Duh, you're not married. You didn't sign any agreement.

NOPE...you can live togteher for 30 yrs and unless you go and get married legally you are just common law
my bro and sis in law lived together 10 yrs before getting offically married

No you will not be legally married but the law would treat you as such if you parted and couldn't agree on splitting things civilly.

NO, It wouldnt even be common law, Common law is 10yrs together in the same household..

The Guest
Huh. What country do you live in? In the U.S. there is such a thing as a marriage certificate. And it is NOT filled out for you.

No you have to file it with the court first

Not legally married no; common law maybe in certain states.

It's called common-law marriage, and I think it takes about 3 year. You will not be considered his wife, but you will have to conform to the governments rules around taxable benefits, etc.

Hai hai hai.
Well what about male and female roommates they technicaly arent married after 7 years so i doubt it.

You are not "legally married" unless you go through the legal process. In Canada, a "common law" relationship, which is what you have, has all the rights and responsibilities of a legal marriage after one year, but the couple are not considered "married". Laws about this vary from country to country, and sometimes even vary within a country. I don't think a common law relationship is recognized in the US as it is in Canada.

Seems to me you are thinking of common law marriage. I dont even know if it is recognized anymore maybe in some states but u are not legally married till you do the official deed

Evan E
It would seem like you're married, but not legally married

No, it's called common-law, but not legally married. This varies from state to state.

Dan T
No, I live with my family for 19 years ....

some states have "common law" marriage, which is like a legal marriage. If consists of living to together for 7 years and you actually have to get a divorce. I know that Texas is one but I am not sure about any others. I am sure if you have lived together for 4 yrs and have been good its not going to change much. Just don't think of it that way.

No sweetie

Platinum xOx
NO you are defacto


say it like it is
is this a serious question??
you are not married untill you GET MARRIED

You're not legally married. Of course, there's a "common-law" marriage, but that's really quirky. Gene Simmons (of KISS) and Shannon Tweed (former adult film star) have two kids and have been together for at least 20 years, but they say they've been "happily unmarried" for that time.

Yes, there is such a law; it is called, a common law marriage - and it isn't a dumb law- it was established to protect people who are in a long term relationship without the benefit of marriage; after a person has invested themselves in a such arrangement, and one of the parties decides to move out - and take all the money etc - or if there are children involved - you need certain legalities in place to protect yourself as well as any children. After all- when you live with some one as their 'significan't other' ain't cha like playing house? It also may have some benefit for tax purposes as well -

no it doesnt mean you are married but you will be considered de facto which gives you sort of the same legal rights that a wife has. Depends on what country you are in

Wow, these people really have no clue what common law marriage is and how easily it can be to get into one.

Common law marriage is a marriage that results from the actions of a couple, despite the fact that they have not obtained a marriage license or fulfilled the requirements of a state's statutory marriage laws. This typically means that the couple has cohabitated for a period of time, usually a year or more, while having an agreement to be married and holding themselves out to the world as husband and wife.

These are the essential distinctions of a common law marriage:

- Common-law marriages are not licensed by government authorities, although they may be recorded in the public records of some governmental entities.

- Common-law marriages are not solemnized.

- Cohabitation alone does not create a common-law marriage; the couple must hold themselves out to the world as husband and wife; and
* There must be mutual consent of the parties to the relationship constituting a marriage
* Both parties must be of legal age to enter into a marriage or have parental consent to marry

- In some jurisdictions, a couple must have cohabited and held themselves out to the world as husband and wife for a minimum length of time for the marriage to be recognised as valid.

It can also be as simple as having a joint bank account or insurance policy. Once you are considered legally married through common law you have to get a regular divorce like everyone else if you decide to split up.

These are the states that recognize common law marriage:

District of Columbia
Rhode Island
South Carolina

This law is not dumb. What if something were to happen to one of you? The other would have no say over anything or have any rights to anything the other one had unless stated in a will. You should check out the specific laws in your state if it is a common law state and then look into doing things to protect yourself and your bf if something were to happen to one of you.

It depends on the state that you live in. Usually common law marriage is only used in personal property disputes. There are like 1700 different "benefits" that you get when you legally get married like not having to testify against your spouse in court or being able to collect social security benefits after your spouse has died. Common law marriage statutes aren't very strong anyway, especially nowadays where almost EVERYONE cohabitates. Check the laws in your state.


Clayton S
common law married

It actually depends on the state you live in.

YES IT DOSE that is called common law marrage !

Some states recognize 'common law' marriage and some do not. Look it up for your state and find out. It doesn't require you to behave as if married, but for those who live together a designated amount of time, in a state that recognizes it, the couple has access to certain benefits typically reserved only for legally married couples.

That is true in some states. It's called "common law" marriage. It varies from state to state. It just means you can get the same legal benefits as people that got the paperwork: taxes, insurance benefits, etc. only if you choose. It doesn't mean you are, like, the big M word.

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