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Every night he calls and tells me he has to work late at the orifice. Is my husband cheating on me?
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Every night he calls and tells me he has to work late at the orifice. Is my husband cheating on me?


Nissaguillen R
I think only you would really know that. Nobody know him better than you. but to find out I would call him at his work when he has to stay late to really check if he's there. And if you think he's cheating with some at work, then go and surprise him with any excused like taking him dinner or asking you want to go out for dinner somewhere.

Love my Daughter
Why dont u go to his office one day without telling him..and make sure he is there...and make sure he is there actually working too..

Cuz it is weird.. dont u think..But make sure he doesnt know u are gonna go...
Keep going for about 3 days in a row..Make sure u see what he does ok,

what planet is nuevi on?

Well, he may be having an affair. What is his past history?Is he a workaholic? Go down to the office and bring him dinner, then you will know or find out something.

Which orifice? Some people say it makes a difference!

Add - Trixie, I think Nuevi is from "Uranus"! Hey, did somebody say orifice? LMAO!

One way to find out is to go to his job after work park where he can't see you or get a friend to drive wait to see who he walks out with and follow him to see where he goes.

Charlotte C
No. He's just working late on the ORIFICE.

Its a possiblity and surely a sign of cheating. Do you trust him? Has this behavior just happened all of a sudden? Is there proof he is working late? Just answer those questions and you should come closer to the truth.

yea apperantly every night you fall 4 it n he gets use 2 it

But Scratchuh, the STD bear, Jr
Instainly enough he is. cm'ere and lets get back at him

The orifice? Yeah, definitely cheating.

ann s
orifice? yah huh

Chocolate cherry.
No, he is just flipping someone elses switch.

Sorry for your lots.

I Aints Pimp Stain
He was in my orifice. Tell him he forgot his liquor bottle again, wouldja? It's cluttering up my work space:

I am completely sure he is working late in someones orifice.

Skull Boy
If "orifice" isn't yours, he's definitely cheating.

Nameless One
I am truly sorry for your lots. We were filming a pron scene. He should be home after 11. You can smell his crotch, I cleaned it for you.

If he is working in an orifice, think of all the **** he has to deal with! Be more sympathetic!

Hm..well that's interesting..he was working in my orifice last night. Hmmm....

Aboil Patel
Horrible husband Peepoop works late in smelly goat orifices!

Peepoop Patel
Would NEVER work late in hideous wife's orfice -- smells of sewage and looks like bucket of camel meat.

Nat is back!
May be a coincidence but your husband also works in my orifice.
Weird, huh?

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