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Have you been emotionally hurt in a relationship in the past?
Find answers to your legal question.

Have you been emotionally hurt in a relationship in the past?

and its affecting a relationship you have now or do you find it hard to trust/love.
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Once bitten twice shy....but not everyone bites.x


superstar 10
OOOOO I can honestly say i dont think i will EVER trust another man AGAIN (and i believe in true love and happy endings LOL) !! But ive been hurt soo badly in the last 18 mths my world has been turned upside down and its me who is a emotional wreck and to be honest im soo upset that my life has turned out like this and im stuck feeling this way !!! (by feeling this way i feel i must have missed out on my TRUE LOVE !!) that what i mean )so then you wonder have you let them go ! did you not fight for them enought ! or were your barriers to high !!
ive always dreamed of the "happy ever after situation" and wished it was me even when we were together for so many years and had a child together !!! I know this sound like i want to live in a bubble LOL but its exactly what you wrote ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY THREE TIMES NO WAY LOL !!!!!!

Yes, a couple of times. First when I was 23 and she ripped my heart out. Made me pretty unstable for a while and found it hard to trust. Got into an inappropriate relationship that should never have happened, Had a relationship in my 30's and she let me down badly. I'll be affected by that forever. Have a loving wife now, wish I'd met her years ago and saved all the pain.


and it affect my trust for my next bf.

who couldnt handle it and dumped me.

so now i hate my 1st bf even more than when he hurt me because I have lost my 2nd bf who i honestly am inlove with

& its been years since my 1st bf hurt me.

Now i've lost my true love because of it all & the way i acted.


Lauraa :)
I am being emotionally hurt RIGHT NOW
it's horrible and i really am stuck because i cannot break away cause i have too many stong feelings for him but he sleeps with another girl and goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd i dunno what to do .
but yeah
theres our answer

i will not trust a man again x

Who hasn't?
But you learn things from past relationships and take it away and make sure it doesn't happen again or work on it in a new one. Yeah you might find it hard to trust anyone for a while but not all guys/girls are the same.
Building trust is all about time.
My boyfriend i was with we broke up and 3 days later he kisses a girl heaps of times started to like her and she sent him a dirty picture of herself it killed me, it hurt so bad and it still does, she effed him around and he came back to me saying he was confused and made a mistake i got back with him because he is not that type of guy so he obivosuly must of made a mistake. but i still dont trust him but its getting there with time. I always think what if? and how could he moved on so fast? i always think about it and it makes me cry and i get jealous and angry if they talk and that and he gets angry and asks me why im like that, still he just doesnt understand how bad it hurt! and i always check his messages on his phone i cant trust him just yet but i do love him heaps.

☆ ☆ ☆Mrs.understood?☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
yes it is affecting how i deal with all people

of course, there will be few people who would say no, without lying. no, I don't find it hard to trust, not more than usual. At least not because of the relationship

I been lied to cheated on you name it it's been done! I trust nobody I am with they always say the same thing just trust me. Then I do and in about a year they prove me right just what I thought all along. They all lie and at some point and they all screw you over at another. It is what it is!

Who hasn't? We've all got baggage, unfortunately. It's up to us how we deal with it, and how it affects our life.

HECK YES! my ex gf cheated on me 4 times and i was dumb enough to stay with her. why? dont ask me. i "loved her" ehhh.

i have a hard time trusting anyone now a days. what about you?

definitely. my therapist says the most destructive relationship i've had that is affecting my life/relationship now is the one i had with my parents. but my ex really really hurt me, but i guess it happens to everyone. you just have to try and wipe the slate clean and carry on!

Nina C
YEP it hurts but life goes on i say

who hasnt? me and my bf are both affected emotionally due to past relationships. but we are helping eachother learn to trust again :)

My husband hurt me very badly by having an emotional affair with a woman who lives in Suffolk.
I only mention the place because I suspect she is on YA and so she knows I have not forgiven or forgotten what she and my husband did.
Now I do not trust my husband and I doubt we will be together for very much longer.
After 25 years you would think that I deserved better than this!

yes..im totally cynical now.
AND back with the guy who hurt me originally.
i need a round of applause for my terrible decision making.

Who hasn't? This is something common amongst all.

YES! been cheated on lots and cannot trust at all...dont belive a word guys say or do...im screwed! ;)

have got the gold tee-shirt. i could explain but it would take forever

yup. hard to trust completely.

You know - the way you lot have answered anyone wud think all men are bas****s. I don't really remember having been hurt in any emotional relationships, but then again i haven't had many so.........

My advice to anyone who has been hurt in a relationship is to try and move on - don't dwell on the past - look to the future because that is where brightness and hope can lay for you. Don't let a past hurt bother you because then, essentially, the person that inflicted the hurt is winning.

CERTAINLY do not let it effect your current relationship because then you are letting a past event control your future and your life and this can lead to depression and (worst case scenario) suicide. Just learn to move on and leave the past behind you - new and better things await for all in the future and you just have to find them.

One final thing - don't let it effect your trust or love in another. They are just one person and realistially (even though it may not seem like it) there are probably more decent and caring people out there than their are spiteful and untrustworthy ones. Anyway even if this is not the case then we are the only hope of maintaining the decency of the human race and we should therefore give people the benefit of the doubt. Even if this means we are the ones that have to shoulder the pain we should be strong because we are (pardon the cliche) the light in the darkness.

Hope this helped 8^)

Its called baggage Babe.
Everyone has some, but its up to you to decide if its you want to have a carry on or a trunk full.

Miss Priss
My ex cheated on me with his ex-wife. I stayed and tried to work it out for 6 months. Just couldn't get past it/over it.

My current boyfriend is AMAZING, but I do take everything with a grain of salt. A relationship is about TIME and trusting someone's actions. The longer you are together and each remain faithful to the other, trust and love grow. Of course in the back of my mind I am scared or doubtful, but as long as he is faithful to me then I trust him!

My husband hurt me more than anyone could have ever hurt me and in more than one way, he continues to hurt me still to this day. The worst part is, it is all out of vengence. He is a vindictive, cold person.

I loved this man more than words can explain. At one point I doubted my love for him, however it was all because I was overly stressed and confused. Well I ended up doing some stupid things, which I regret the H*ll out of. In return my husband did some even more hurtful things which decided our fate as a couple. At first it didn't bother me too much but as time goes on, it's getting more and more harder to deal with. After everything we went through as a family, everything I did for him and our family...

Since that whole mess with my husband I haven't been able to trust anyone. I have tried dating but cannot get interested in anyone, I don't feel anything. No interest at all.

Oooh, yes :) My 1st boyfriend, the only man I have seen as my husband and the father of my children left me for another girl and now has two children with her. That was 7 years ago and for 2 years after that I felt totally numb, rejected plenty of nice guys because I just couldn't fall in love anymore. I was probably afraid of getting hurt again. Then, when I finally did fall for a guy I kept comparing him with this ex, which let to the end of our relationship because he just got tired of listening about my ex and knew he would never be able to measure up to him. Now, as long as 7 years later, I've finally moved on, kept the nice memories but threw away the bitterness. Like a heroine of one my favourite books said "past is for learning from and letting go". Now I can finally say that too :)

the truth
Yeah i guess i will join the confessing group. My first broke my heart im 22 and we have been together for 4 years. He cheated on me, i forgive but not completely i thought i could handle it but i always checked up on him. He hurt me to the core, im in a new relationship now i think i love him, but i will not say it just because im afraid to. I trust him but i dont complete let my guard down for him. Sometimes i'll ask him is this relationship is completley honest and he'll just look at me with this concern look and say yes, he knows that i have been hurt before.

Here's your change
Once you've had your heart broken it's hard to let yourself fall for another person, in fear of the emotional pain one endures over the loss of a relationship.

But sometimes you just have to learn to trust yourself, and allow the emotions to go in which ever direction they will.

My advice to anyone would be that if you're noticing red flags from the beginning, then you need to allow your gut instincts to direct you.

Don't put on rose colored glasses assuming the red flags will go away or that you're just being paranoid.

Shane D
ha ha,,its called learn from your mistakes..a part of lifes experiences..if you close your heart and mind to someone,,because of past experinces..you are only hurting yourself and not be able to enjoy whatever the other has to offer,,fully..
'learn from all your yesterdays,,put thats into today..to make a better tomorrow.."

The relationship I am in now (marriage) has been a very dfficult one and it has taken me over two years to get past my feelings of anger. I don't think I will ever trust my husband fully again as he is a compulsive liar, he lies to protect himself by default and has little concept of the hurt his lying causes. I know how to deal with it to keep myself safe.
I am not the only person he lies to.
If I allowed my knowledge of my husband's problem with the truth affect trusting others, it would make for a very lonely miserable life, so I don't let it.


My last relationship was back in the summer of 2005. I have not been in a relationship since, nor have I dated, casually or otherwise.

I find it very hard to trust and love, thanks to my ex, I have no desire to get close to anyone, either.

I hope that will change in the future, I'm getting a little too old to be reckless with my heart. I figure I have one good heartbreak left before commiting emotional suicide.

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