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How long after a husband or wife's death should a person wait to start dating?
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How long after a husband or wife's death should a person wait to start dating?


once she's in the ground it's all good. heck you can probably get a sympathy lay that night!

on the way out of the cemetery.

Future OFCOM Equity
If it's a wife who has passed away, 3 months. If a husband, 30 years.

Janet W
This question can't be answered because everyone is different. They should wait until they are emotionally ready. I'm not sure that anyone who has ever lost a spouse even thinks about this until they are ready.

At least a year.....I would wait longer.
You should wait until you feel ready emotionally.

When ever you're ready

I have a one rule about funerals. Always wear red underwear to funerals. I do this to remind myself that life is for the living and every moment is to be savored. I don't care what I wear on top, but the bottom is always covered in red. If you know you had a good life together, I would like to think the deceased wants you to be happy the moment you leave the cemetery. So, if you met a nice person during the repast or at the lawyer's office, why not go for it. In answer to your question, you should start dating as soon as you are ready.

when they feel it is the right time to move on... no set amount of time everyone is different

Just curious
atleast a year, if not more. but it also depends on how long they were married.

I think this is really situational and depends a lot on the person. I would have to guess (an extremely rough guess) of at least a year? I think it might take me longer to start dating again, but for others it could be just a few months.

China Rican
Never. LOL i told my fiance that i will haunt him. As a joke of course. Or is it?

Whenever he or she feels ready. It's a good thing to start meeting new people, not nesecarily date people, but to meet new people soon and take your mind off things. There is no time limit.

My mom met her new bf 6 months after my dad died. It wasn't planned, they met at the cemetry... and fell in love. The timing was right for both of them.

Personal issue for sure. It would be difficult to start your life over again without your partner. Probably after 6 months it would be time to get out of the house with friends and see if you meet anyone new. No reason to sit home and wait a designated amount of time just see how your heart feels and you will know the right decision for yourself.

••○ PitBuLL ○••
I am sure its different for everyone. I wouldnt personally rush into things but I am sure in a situation like that you would like at least a friend to lean on

give it a little while unless you want people to think you were having an affair.

I guess it depends on the person and when they are ready. If there are kids then you need to wait longer because they won't be ready for a long time.
(I can't imagine anyone would start dating again before a year)

Depending on the situation, one could wait as little as 6 months to a year.

I've never experienced this....but i would have to say wait until ones mind, body, and soul is ready to move on.....

If he/she died in a car crash with another man/woman, the person could start dating immediately..........point is it is different from person to person and from one situation to the next!

It will be different for everybody. I had two friends who lost their partners last year, both very suddenly. One of them had another boyfriend the next month, and the other still hasn't gone out with anybody. They both have children. So I guess it just depends on when you're ready.

They should start dating whenever they feel like it.

it depends on the person and when they feel ready, there is no set time.

Everyone is different. I would have to start dating right away. Not because I am mean but just because Life moves on and Its hard to dwell on something you can not change at least for me it is.

One should give themselves time to grieve the death of a loved one and loss of the relationship. This is different for all. It could be a year or more. Then when the individual is ready move forward slowly.

i think it depends entirely on what the relationship was when the person died. were they still in love? or had it got boring or did the love stop a long time before. too many factors to make a blanket time limit onto when you can date again.

its also a delicate balance between respecting your dead partner and your right to happiness after they go. i guess its when you feel its right to move on, if thats never, then thats ok too.

it all just depends, this is your first step

I view this differently than dating after divorce or separation. Death is Final... There is the 5 stages of grief. And NO one person is the same in going through these steps as the next guy... Some say, wait at least 3 months. And I would agree to this "if" you are ready. The definition of "ready": you have let go of the past, you are ready to live for the future, you do not want a shoulder to cry on, you state the facts that your spouse is no longer here & that's it, you can smile each day knowing you are one fantastic person who has walked a path with your spouse, it ended, and life goes on...

That's up to them...only they know when they are emotionally ready to move on. Could be right way (especially if the death wasn't sudden) or maybe months or years...

Michael T
Tradition holds that you mourn for a year. I think though that you can date openly after a few months. Just don't remarry within a year to show respect for the deceased.

My fiancee died last summer its mid Feb. now and I feel like it has been long time through part of summer all fall, christmas, now winter coming into its last part. I feel Im ready to date but do not know how it will feel we dated for four years and were engaged the last two of the four. The one month rule one month mourning for each year together sounds good. But how you feel about restarting your life is whats important. I could look at women two months after she passed but had no real desire for dating and affection actions still missed her to much now that 6 have passed dating feels close to being right.

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