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How many months salary is a woman supposed to spend on her husbands wedding ring?
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How many months salary is a woman supposed to spend on her husbands wedding ring?

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Hey, traditional ettiquite says a guy is supposed to spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring and 6 months salary on a wedding ring.
I just want to know what the chick is supposed to pony up ?


Miami A
who cares. it's all about the woman's engagement ring. That's gotta be a showstopper.

actually she should pay forever!

Me and my husband paid $40 for both of our wedding bands, not $40 for one but for both, and their real silver, we got them of the internet. I don't have an engagement ring, I told him that I didn't need one, because I thought it was stupid to spend a lot of money on a ring that basically means "I'm getting married, and check just how much he spent on me" please, those are just enough money to get lost very easily or stolen, or have one of the stones come off.

more like how many days!

you can get a good ring for a couple hundred bucks


its not the monetary value.. could be a sandwich tag for crying out loud.

A ring is just a symbol and means absolutely nothing to the entrails of the marriage...much like the big hoopla wedding itself.

The best type of ring is the one that comes from the heart...no money tag on that one. And even then, could care less about the ring...myself included.

whatever you can afford i spent $130 on my husbands ring and he loved it, he took out a big loan to buy me a 5 thousand dollar ring we have been married for 5 months now and i hate the extra bill its nice to look at but its not worth the extra stress. there are so many male wedding bands under 100 dollars so stick with under 100 bucks. that's what i went with i looked for sales on the internet and got a really good deal. i went just a little over but i got him a really nice simple ring. trust me he will appreciate whatever you get him just because it came from you

a gold band is relatively cheap. maybe $200-300

I cannot say as I'm (we are) out-fashioned. Many many years ago (I am an old Boum, as you know), we bought ourselves similar wedding rings, but paid more for his, since traditionally, men's ring is bigger, and women's one more "delicate". But basically the same. And it cost around 2 weeks of either salary for both.

Now, are you saying that we were cheap ?! Anyway, it looks like we did something like Element and spent the money on something more important.

does it matter as long as you both make each other happy

I wanted a 10k ring because I knew it need to be hard because I do lots of manual labor. I also wanted a comfort fit and just plain no fancy etchings or anything attached to it. SO, 14 years ago my wife spent $59 and it still serves its purpose 14 years later and is not bent or damaged since I choose 10k. I think my wife was bringing in around $400/week as a teacher back then so she used less than one day's salary on me, but being married to her is "PRICELESS"

LOL, marriage is not about the husband, its all about the wife!!! She will spend the least amount of money as she can!!! Most men could care less about the ring anyway!!!

PS. Sweat tea, I wish there was more couples as smart as you two.

Element Say FU Yahoo III
It should be two or three, same as a man. Personally, I'd rather have a simple, inexpensive band. She could put the rest of the money towards a new aftermarket motor for my bike. Now THATS romantic!

Dr. Dekay Cynic
how much does a box of Cracker Jacks go for these days?

one. he spends three, we spend one...what a precursor to marriage...

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