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How many wives take money from the husbands wallet w/out asking?
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How many wives take money from the husbands wallet w/out asking?

Hypothetical, of course; husband falls asleep and his wife goes in his wallet without waking him and takes $20 to buy drugs. She tells hubby next morning that she took money and what for. She then says, all wives take money from husbands wallet. How true is that?
Additional Details
I love all the responses. So here are some more "hypothetical" details. Drugs in question is a bag of weed. Couple in question, used to have joint accounts but he got his own seperate bank accounts because she overdrafted all the time. He pays all the bills and gives her a few bucks whenever she asks for coffee or lottery tix. He would have given her the money if she asked because he did have a wad in his wallet.


You shouldn't have married a crack addict. That makes no sense. Try beating her. I hear that works. Plus she won't be able to feel it because she is on crack.

Not Dead beats me on that one.

It's something my daughter does. Not me without telling him.

If I'm short of cash I take some from his wallet. If he's short, he raids my purse. All the money is shared and always has been.

She does, so I started too. I found about $15 in the ashtray in her car the other day. I took it.

ĿỉŁF™ #7 still getting violated
My husband doesn't have any money in his wallet - but assuming he did, I'd need a lot more than $20.

Been there, don't want to go back
Hypothetically, she's a thief and a druggie. Then she'll admit it after the deed is done and justify it.

I don't even cash in my husbands coin jar without asking first and producing the cash after.

All wives take money? Can she name all of them?

i'll take a dollar for a coffee in the morning, or a few to go grab something we are out of to make breakfast.Otherwise I just use our bank card if its more that a few bucks.

That's not true. Ask first, only take with permission. That's the way it has always been in my house. There's this little thing called mutual respect. I don't want him digging through my purse for money, and I don't take it from his wallet.

Trevor's Wife
I would at least mention it to him, if he said "no", that would be that.

If he were asleep and I needed to say run to the store and get coffee because I just discovered we were out of it in the morning, I would try to wake him a bit.

Really though we discuss money and we really do not have a lot of it, so we budget together, so I'd probably know exactly how much he had, what it needed to be spent on etc

He probably wouldn't MIND if I didn't ask, but I would be a bit annoyed if he took any of mine without telling me, so I would.

I know lots of people that don't really care if their spouse takes small amounts of money, but I think you should always check first, not necessarily every time if your spouse has told you they don't care if you ever do, but at least establish it is okay to do so first.

nope she dont do that

Stealing from a spouse to buy drugs is quite different from stealing from him because you want to go see a movie with your friend and have no money!! When my daughter and my ex husband went to deposit a cheque for me into the bank, they swiped $100 from my account!! It was my daughter's idea! She said, "oooo, mom's got lots of money. Let's take some!" The cheque was for $6000...so I laughed at what they did. My ex makes about 110K and didn't need the money. Maybe if a wife looks in her hubby's wallet and sees lots of money, she'll think, "oooo, I'll just take a 20...he won't miss it" the way my ex and my daughter took the 100?? Maybe they don't mean it in a bad way...

ssanchez always one up :)
Depends on the husband. Does he want her or allow her to do this? My husband wouldn't mind as long as I tell him how much so he can budget. I wouldn't do it though. It doesn't seem right.

Drugs? lol You sure this is Hypothetical?

My hubby gives me all the money I don't have to take. But I don't spend it on drugs.

For drugs! lol..Wake up of course she is going to take money out of your wallet. Silly boy.

A husband's money belongs to his wife, too. Just like everything else he owns.

Art M
She needs some tylenol and took $20 cash cuz and didn't want to wake you up, but then told you about it so you wouldn't be caught by surprise.

Sounds like a pretty sweet wife to me.

It's when she starts taking cash from you IRA accounts without telling you that you have a problem

jade scarlette :)
I don't do that. If I need cash I ask him if he has cash on him.
BUT regardless of whether all wives do it or not - because I don't know if I'm in the norm on this one - it's still something you two have to figure out for yourselves. It sounds like you weren't okay with it, so try talking to her about why you aren't okay with it. Maybe ask her to wake you up next time?
Unless the issue is that she took money for drugs, and not that she took money period? In which case you guys gotta figure out that issue pronto. Drug problems are a slippery slope and WILL snowball, so even if you can deal with this, it's just gonna get worse.
Best of luck bro.

εїз MmMm εїз
I would never do that. What if he needed it for something?

Magic 8 Ball BILF
I don't take anything from my husband's wallet except for condoms. I swap them out before the expiration date hits, because he never knows when he'll need a condom.

Don't need to my husband gives me all his money =]
but my sister used to do that. but its cuz her husband was stingy

sick world,happy guy
sounds more like my daughter! i make sure my wife has money she doesn't need to take it

user name
Sometimes , like if im up at 3am an hubby is asleep, and I have no cash and dont feel like going downtown for the atm, I will take money from his wallet....And tell him later.
But in NO case EVER has it been to buy drugs.
Good luck.
Oh and he has no problem with this.

Not me. I have one of those husband that leaves the remaining amount of pocket change on my bedside table.

Damn.. I must of not been very good last night.

$20 dollars for drugs. What in the h*ll can you buy with twenty bucks, aspirin or Tylenol.
I never carry fold up money, plastic works better.

Valerie X Account #22!
Do drugs?

What kind of loser question is this?????

Seriously, "do drugs"....................LOL!

My wallet is empty, I carry no cash! My wife on the other hand always has cash in hers!

My wife would never poke in my wallet nor would I poke in her purse. Of all things shred in a marriage there should at least be something that is your "territory".

But if my wife went looking she would not get very far anyway. I almost never have any actual cash on me since I use a debit card for most day to day things. Plus we have a joint account and she can just use her own card if she needs to pull out some money.

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