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How possible is it for a man in his late 20's to mid 30's to find a woman worth marrying?
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How possible is it for a man in his late 20's to mid 30's to find a woman worth marrying?

A woman who doesn't have some kind of personality disorder or one who isn't bruised from all the baggage she's had to carry?


Kyle W
Maybe. But you'll likely end up to find a divorcee or someone with a screaming brat kid. You may as well aim younger if you're picky.

Mickey V
Oh yea, no problem. Let us know when you find one so the rest of us can travel to the well. Until then we will keep low so as not to get shot at.

witch hazel
Are you looking in the right places? That helps.

I'm right here!

Riley's Mommy
Take a look in the mirror....are you Mr. Perfect?

VERY possible!!! You are still young. And believe me you will find her.

Are you so good that you are worth marrying that "perfect" person?

Well, studies have shown that men and women are waiting to get married later in life... I have lots of friends that are in their late 20s early 30s that I think are pretty normal, career minded individuals that are not married and are single and looking. Maybe it depends on where you are looking!

Due to the focus on career building, many people these days are marrying later in life. Don't be so pessimistic! Positive people attract other positive people.

There are lots of women looking for the same thing in a man. Maybe your standards are set way too high and maybe you place too much importance on "looks" or her income level. Having the trophy girlfriend/wife to impress others. Stop looking for a while, maybe she is already right under your nose and you just can't see it yet. Give yourself a break and let love find you. When you least expect it, it will. Good luck.

Depends on man himself what kind of person is he.

Honey, everyone has baggage including you. It's just a matter of what baggage we can accept and deal with. You have to consider what it is that you're making a priority when you're looking. Also what are the qualities and actions that you're demonstrating, that may be sending women the wrong messages.
Also, let me just tell you sometimes it's the searching that makes it so hard. It's a lot of unecessary pressure. Just go out there and have fun doing the things that you enjoy and meeting people without any expectations. When it's your time, the right one will just be there, right in front of you.
Many blessings!

Lisa b
try on-line dating - worked 4 me

There are alot of woman out there in that age group,believe me! Also a possible virgin !

Glenn Johnson
Its hard since most women have a false sense of entitlement on some level, which contributeds to their personality disorders, their inability to reason, and their lack of know-how at communicating with men effectively. You need to find a woman who has a teamwork mentality "'we' before me" that will be willing to learn how to communicate with her man effectively and one who has gotten over past baggage. I suggest dating women between the ages of 24 - 27 because they're old enough to have gotten past their attention whoring, but young enough to not have been damaged as badly with baggage yet.

lizard S
Its all about were you look. If you pick someone up at a bar or a club, don't be surprised if they are an alcoholic. If you pick someone up at church they ideally will be a nice person. What I recommend is hang around university events. Girls in grad-school have not had time to accumulate baggage. The only thing to keep an eye on is that they are usually type A personality and work-aholic. Just be yourself and keep in mind were you go to meet girls!

nope it's kinda hard,

No. You are doomed to a life alone forever and ever..............

Yes they are out there. You need to take off your beer goggles in order to find them...........

Are you so perfect, that you need a perfect woman!

Life....it blows!
It is just as possible as finding someone at any age... there are many people out there looking for the same thing you are...of course things have happened in everyones past that damage them in some way, but it up to that person to let it go and move on...for some it is possible and some its not...but keep looking, that person will show up when you least expect it!

Yes, people do it all the time. However, they don't look for absolute perfection. That is one sure way to ensure you'll never marry. I wonder if you're as perfect as you expect a potential wife to be?

by being a man worth marrying and not being so bruised from all of his baggage that he continues to hook up with women with serious issues.

its quite hard. u just have to keep looking. try new things meet new people

45 auto
Depents on how much worth you need $>They all have baggage>It's how well you will carry it for her>S&H

Maybe you are the one not worth marrying?

It is very possible. My husband was 33 when we married. I was 19 and had no baggage.

Probably low. Chances are you will find someone but if you marry her after 5 years or so she'll probably be saying that she's not 'in love' with you and wants a divorce, and all your money and belongings and kids if you have any. That is if you're nice to her.

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