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I can't choose between my husband and my boyfriend?
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I can't choose between my husband and my boyfriend?

I"ve been married for 4 years and i have 3 kids which only the youngest is with my husband. My husband has repeatedly hurt me with lies and disseat over the years. A couple of years ago I found out he cheated while I was pregnant. I dont know if he has done it again but I do know he still lies and flirts with women. I have forgivin him for these kinds of actions over a dozen times. 3 weeks ago, I found out about the last lie he told about talking a woman on his cell, I broke up with him. We still live in the house but differnt rooms. I started talking to another guy then and now we are crazy about each other. But my husband is miserable and keeps begging me to be back with him. He doesnt really know about the other guy. However, the other guy wants me to leave my husband for good and be with him. He says he will take care of me and I wont have to worry. He has a very well paying job and two kids of his own the he takes care of. I love my husband and i love my boyfriend. What to do?


Sir Richard
You love your husband and the boyfriend? Please don't abuse the word LOVE.

3 cheaters coming together, must be a lot of fun?

Cynthia P
sounds like you want the boyfriend more...I say go for it

You need to work things out with your husband. It's the right thing to do.

NO cough cough S.L.U.T cough

Marriage Should be your only concern

Are you sure you're "crazy" about this other guy, or is it just because you are having problems w/your husband. If you love your husband, why not go to counseling and see if you can get things worked out. If you find that your heart isn't in it or that it's too much work then it's time to move on. However, I would have serious reservations about jumping into another relationship right away w/your "boyfriend". How long have you known him?

Don't choose between the two. Chose FOR you! Do what you need to do with your marriage... either fix it or leave it. THEN decide what to do about your boyfriend or any other man.

Judgie C
Get a divorce, and then stay away from men until you grow up, and make your husband do the same with women. You two not only never should have gotten married, you shouldn't even be in relationships. Are you familiar with the Bon Jovi song, "You Give Love A Bad Name?" It seems to describe you and your husband perfectly.

Neither of you takes relationships seriously, so why bother? Why involve other people in your shallow concept of commitment? Neither of you seems the least bit trustworthy and are probably much better off single. The fact that you've been "talking to" this guy for less than three weeks and now you can't choose between him and your husband says it all.

11:11 pm<3
Don't go back to your husband! He hurt you many times and he could still do it again if you go back to him. It was his own mistake to do those things!

Uhm I think you chose when you married your husband...

Deep Thought
Well, since you already hate your husband enough to openly cheat on him, why not break up the marriage? I mean you've told us he's lied to you, he's hurt you and that is your justification for having two children that are not his. How can you truly say you love him without bursting into laughter?

If you love your husband, and you think he could change, then try to work it out... If not, then leave

only you can answer this one. Its your life, heart and children! but from you say the boyfriend sounds like a better man.

You need to follow your heart. Your husband is never gonna change once a cheater always a cheater. Dont put up with his lies any more. Get out of the relationship and find someone who is going to respect you for you honey adn who isnt going to lie to you and hurt you. Move out with the kids nad slap him with divorce papers. Who cares if he is miserable look at all the hurt that he has put you through the last 4 years believe me in the long run its for the better.

The Last Scion
Stay with your boyfriend. Your husband is a philandering b**t**d, who doesn't deserve you.!Your children will be better without all of the turmoil involved in the relationship with their father. Most children are very resilient and will bounce back, but not if they are scarred for life cuz Mommy and Daddy fight all of the time, and Daddy sees other women!

Have no more children, hon. Three is plenty for anyone, and for sure this planet of now over 6.5 BILLION people

Patti C
I would not want either one of them. Both of them are cheating. Your husband is a cheat and your boyfriend is cheating by seeing a married woman.

If you leave your husband, then you need to step back a while before getting involved with anyone else.

Who is the mother of your boyfriend's two kids and where is she?. Here you are, talking about your boyfriend (not husband),........ your boyfriend cheating on you and now, the same you, is starting a relationship with someone who is obviously with another woman (it doesn't matter if they are married or not). What do you want us to tell you. I wish you could just hear yourself.

You should leave your husband but on your own terms. Don't leave to be with another guy. Don't leave and let someone else support you. Get your own place and go. The state will assist you.

fred f
YO, You both be cheating, clean up your act, put children first,
quit putting out to both of them, Find out which one cares for you, an children.
Boy friend now going with married woman, this should tell you some thing about him, so if you choose him an later
you find out he seeing another woman, dont be disapointed,
You know what type person he is now.

when you get married you choose that partner for life.I seriously thinks thats whats wrong with this world.Noone takes marriage seriously anymore

Mary O
Divorce him you are allowing him to treat you this way.

its up to you to make up your mind who you want.you can't have them both........

Go where your heart is.

you should leave your hushand and take a vacation with your girlfriends or alone and c how things are change when u come back maybe your husband still cheating again and its not worth it if someone hurt your feeling....it just an advice once he cheat he always cheat no matter wat goes down

Do you understand the concept of marriage. Do you understand the concept of Vows. Even though your husband cheated on you many times, you just should have left him. Now you've involved another man and his kids and your kids and exposing them to this nonsense that you know is gonna scar them in the future. You guys are gonna be together or your not, stop playing these games. Think about the kids and how this is and will affect them. Get it right.


I want to start by saying that I think your husband had what was coming to him, but two wrongs dont make a right. if your still married to him and love him, why are you with this other guy? if you know your husband has done you dirty and has lied to you numerous times,why dont you just leave? because you love him is not a good reason to stay with someone that was doing this to you. sometimes you just have to know when enough is enough and say " I love you, but this is not working out" you cant stay in a relationship when your married and at the same time seeing another man. if you know things wont change with your husband and you love this other guy, just tell your husband and go with this guy. you cant keep this going the way it is forever..at some point your gonna have to make a choice..this guy you are seeing..he might be patient now, and if you know things are sour with you and your husband whos to say that your boyfriend wont get tired of waiting..and theres your chance with a guy that you might have been really happy with. its ok to love your husband, but if you are seeing someone else and love this person, you cant love your husband too much. you should talk with your husband and let him know something and make a choice its fair for the both of you and to this other guy.

Brenda D
If your boyfriend is willing to a date a married woman he can't be all that great! Plus all guys are amazing in the beginning.

Kitty Kat
My GOSH....

well whatever you do STOP HAVING KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ring....ring...Jerry Springer is on the phone.....

If you have a b/f while married then you are a cheater also. Toss a coin.

stephen k
WHy is your husband miserable. Is he truly sorry for the hurt he put on you, or is he just trying to keep from getting divorced?

My personal opinion is give him a Last Chance Offer. You lay out what is expected of him, to the letter of what he must do. If he violates any of them, file for divorce, as he cannot keep his pecker in his pants

Sheba Bath
When a man cheats on a woman, thewoman can become lonely and thus look to another man for solace. Three weeks is not enough time to fall in love. It sounds like yu and he boyfriend are both lonely. I say, give your husband another chance and if he fails divorce him/ Then if the boyfriend is still interested, (after the divorce, give him a chance). It might be true love and the again maybe not. If he (boyfriend) truly loves you, he will wait untilyou ge yourself together. I also say to those who judge, you will also be judged by your own standards. She desrves to hav a chance at love

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