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I found a "size small" condom wrapper in the back of my wife's SUV. Should I feel upset or relieved?
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I found a "size small" condom wrapper in the back of my wife's SUV. Should I feel upset or relieved?

Not my size, thankfully.


Georgio Golgani
She must be doing an asian dude.

It depends whether your son or daughter get to drive the car.

You need to confront her about it, this is not a funny situation.

You should be p*ssed cause evidently she likes smaller D*cks!

thats a good thing ?

Well, if its a size small, your wife probably wasn't relieved....

Well, pissed for sure. There could be an explanation for it, ask her if anyone has borrowed the car lately. Find a reason to ask that's not obvious like you notice a scratch or someone saw it somewhere she doesn't go. If she hasn't let anyone use it then drop the bomb that you found the wrapper.

Counsellor Oneil
Are you sure it was not meant for you ? If that is so it could be very dangerous situation as there could not be any other purpose for which your wife is carrying small sized condom.

Vincent C
question her she may be cheating on you dude.

why would you be relieved about this if it is not yours?

Relieved! I wouldn't want to be that guy!

You should feel both cause for one you won't get nothing and for the other she is probably messing around on you.

Pamela A
You've got to be kidding.....of course you should be pissed.

Jill L
Sure its not yours??? lol


Umm!! Sorry, I'll keep my husband out of your wife's car!

I would have thought you would have been relieved that your wife had the forethought to ensure her lover was covered. I doubt you would be wanting to raise another man's child as your own or be paying a visit to the doctor for penicillin shots.

This just proves that size does not guarantee satisfaction ;)

Look around - you might find more.

You Should Worry and Keep her away from The Junior High School

You have some funny posts. Anyways, what man would even dare to buy a small condom? They would buy over sized and tie it off to make it fit before ever buying a small size.

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