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Is it OK to sleep with other men if my husband wants me to?
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Is it OK to sleep with other men if my husband wants me to?

My husband wants me to go to a bar, pick up a guy, and go back to his place for a one night stand. He says the idea of it really turns him on.

He's the only man I've ever been with, and he's not very well endowed. I'm worried if I do this I will get addicted to bigger, better guys.


2010-08-08 18:18:59 +0000
If your husband is OK with it, and you're OK with it, that's all that matters. But as far as the, uh, getting addicted part... count on it.

2010-08-08 17:51:15 +0000
in your mind, you are already addicted to us bigger better guys.

2010-08-08 18:23:49 +0000
You can give it a try. He wants you to experience something new. If you do after the strange is over go home and have him do you too. Praise him for such a great opportunity. We are naturally promiscuous and have things that most people deny ourselves for our spouse. It can change your whole lifestyle.

2010-08-08 17:54:47 +0000
The IDEA turns him on. The REALITY would give him a reason to leave you.

2010-08-08 18:02:38 +0000
Amanda Hugginkiss, I presume...

2010-08-08 17:52:17 +0000
no its not!

2010-08-08 19:02:55 +0000
First the guys may not be bigger, but bigger does not in any way mean better. If your husband isn't any good it's not because of his size, he just doesn't know what he's doing.

As for your question, it's ok with it if you want to do it too. Don't do it just to please him. Swinging and such has to be a mutual agreement.

2010-08-08 18:01:29 +0000
If you are both consenting to this, it should be okay. The problems with extra marital relations occur when it happens without the agreement of both spouses. If you are both ready for this, you should beware of any jealousy that could develop on your husband's part and you will have to be cautious about this at the beginning until you get more seasoned at it. You should use protection or men that you can trust to prevent STDs. As far as being addicted to bigger and better guys, that will probably be bound to happen. Many women would enjoy getting bigger and better men to play with and you should appreciate the opportunity your husband has given you. Just enjoy it and if you feel an addiction to the point of these activities consuming your life, try to slow down or break off from this and see a counselor if necessary. Check back here for Cuckold Tuesday where you can talk to other couples that enjoy the cuckold lifestyle and find it very exciting and rewarding. Best of luck to you.

2010-08-08 17:52:58 +0000
He didnt say that Retarded

2010-08-08 17:59:54 +0000
i don't think any caste, any religion support this kind of activity..to any man to use his wife..for his entertainment.. and fun..but y u.. he can use a call girl also.. or he can see some xxx movies..its enough to turn him on...i should say no to u..after all its ur husband and its ur choice..

2010-08-08 17:56:03 +0000
The real danger is you or your husband realizing too late that the fantasy was better left as a fantasy. Then mistrust and loss of respect dissolve a once great relationship because of that fantasy.

On the other hand, if you and he are sure it is not about the guy at the bar but about your husband's fantasy, you are an adult. If you and your husband are sure it's ok, then it is ok.

But, again, the risk is very high. Think seriously about it before you take that step.

2010-08-08 18:09:24 +0000
Let me help you get what so many people seem to not get anymore.

Your hubby is a pervert and you should not bother to entertain such conversations with him, much less honor his requests if they include such things. You are being set up for a fall, either intentionally or because he is just nuts. It does not matter if your hubby said it is okay. It does not matter if he wants you to do someone else. None of that matters. What determines right and wrong, moral and immoral is God. That is it.

We do not get to decide what is moral or right or okay. God does that. We either live on Gods side of the line or on the other side of it. Pretty simple to be honest.

Now I realize that so many people today believe that if they find something okay or acceptable, that is all that counts. Those people are wrong and nothing changes that. If a person walks up and tells you to shoot and kill them, once you do so, you would still be charged with murder, right? Same thing. Just because hubby said that he would like to see you get humped by someone else will not change the right or wrong of doing so in the least, for your hubby is not the one who has the authority to decide that, nor are you. God is and he already answered us about so many things.

2010-08-08 18:08:18 +0000
If you do this it is grounds for divorce. Why would a man want his woman with another man? I would find out why it would be a turn on for him. It doesn't sound logical. It isn't the size that matters as long as he can give you fulfillment.

2010-08-08 17:59:58 +0000
Didn't you ask him why you want me go with another man? You're not really going in the bar and have affair with guys are you? when he allows you too it seems like he doesn't care about you and he doesn't want you to himself he prefers you be with someone else. That's so stupid you're husband wants you be with other guys. He is married to you and he is so weird for saying that. Talk to him about why he wants you be with a guy like a night stand. No Husband or boyfriend would ever say that hes the only one who talks like that. Don't go with other guys that make you sound like a s l u t. He's talking strange. if you really love you're husband then you wouldn't have a night stand with someone else would you?

2010-08-08 18:07:40 +0000
go for it!---if yur husband says he wants you to why not?
but does that mean he can go out to a bar, pick-up a hung guy, have a one night stand, and tell you about it too/
I think thats what he really wants

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