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Is it considered cheating if your husband kissed someone else?
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Is it considered cheating if your husband kissed someone else?

I have been married for 15 years and have 4 children. My husband has a tendancy to be very flirtacious when he is drinking but I feel he really crossed the line when he touched someone elses breast and kissed another girl in front of me. Is this considered cheating to anyone else and how should I handle this?


MOM to megan eli jaiden and ryan
i consider that cheating i also consider any man looking at another women when hes with one cheating ... '

ask him if he thought she was prettier then u and if hes says yes get rid of his ***..

I would consider it cheating. After how many years of marriage he should know what would bother you and what wouldn't bother you even if he was drinking. Maybe he was just pushing your limits to see what you would do.

hell yeah, its cheating

Hell yes that is cheating...
1st of all ask ur self what would he do or say if it was u that did that..
No one can ever b that drunk I don't care who it is.

sue brew
This is cheating. you need to confront him and tell him that his behaviour is unacceptable and that he has gone too far. everyone flirts, its human nature, but to do this is disrespectful to you and your marriage. Don't put up with it

Yes, wonder what he does when he is drunk and you are NOT there. Let him know that if he can't handle is alcohol, he does not need to drink.

It's cheating and he may also have a drinking problem which causes him to act like that. Go to the root of the problem and help him stop drinking.

I consider it cheating when he thinks of being with someone else.

No.. He must feel you guys have a very strong and secure relationship and that you trust him. you should have a talk with him if it really bothers you he sounds like a good guy.

Yes that is cheating and disrespectful. I have been drunk as a skunk before and yes I am a little flirtier when I am, but I know dang good and well what I am doing.
He did this in front of you what does he do when you're not around?

Love,just what you said when his drinking he act a bit more obvious. I don't think his trying to cheat on you, its one of those men's hormones that always in a way. Why don't you talk to him and tell him the silly thing that he did and how he embarrass you infront of those people. Then maybe he will realize that it was a big no,no when he drinks.....

Yes that is cheating and he did it in front of you. That is very disrespectful.

Maybe you need to change the playground,like dont go to BARS. Yes i feel that it is cheating to some degree and very wrong and i am so sorry you had to witness that would be crushing.

Sounds like he needs to control his drinking, or do it in private.

If it was a one time thing and he was truly drunk, it is bad but not inforgivable.

If he uses being drunk to flirt and touch other women, I would have a big problem with that.

And I guess it would depend on if the girl was a stranger or friend.

Yes but it depends on how drunk they are but they tell tha truth when their drunking . if you truely love him then ull forgive for wut he did to u bcuz i know how dat feels! So really u dont need our opioins you need to go with your hurt. Hopefully i help you out and ull take my words to heart.

I would consider that as ignorant, and very hurtful. I dont mean to sound harsh, but in your shoes, that would tell me he has no respect for me, and obviously doesnt care about my feelings. I would strongly confront him with it. If he's unable to control his behavior while drinking, perhaps he needs to control his drinking. And that's exactly what I would tell him.

Absolutely cheating. Would he consider it cheating if you kissed a guy in front of him? I'll bet he would. Drinking is no excuse. If he does this in front of you, what the hell does he do when your not there? Once a cheater always a cheater. He's probably been cheating on you, maybe you just refuse to see it. I know it can't be easy with 4 kids, but living with a cheater isn't easy either. If your unhappy your kids are going to be unhappy. Sometimes its just better to be alone if the man your with doesn't respect you and treat you like the queen you are. Good luck sweetie.

is called disrespect towards you, your family, the 15 years of marriage...its simply disrespectful in every way and i think you should not give him much lead way, this not a behavior of a dedicated father of 4 and dedicated husband, talk to him tell him is uncalled for and that as his wife you would like it to stop immediately!!! and YES is cheating!!!

Victor B
IMO that is crossing the line. A peck on the cheek for an old friend. Heck if it goes that far in your presence what happens when you are not around. Drinking is not an excuse just an alibi. This situation should be dealt with and not allowed to continue. Maybe he should abstain from drinking.

showing affection to another individual that is not your spouse is considered cheating, in my book.
Ask him if the shoe was on the other foot and you kissed and groped another guy, how he would feel?
I would be kicking my mans ***. But my husband loves and respects me. he would never put himself in that predicament.

It would help if I knew more about where you were and if this person is a friend of you both etc...
If he is doing this in front of you, you don't know what he is capable of when your not around. However if this is a friend or family member and he was just "playing" around I wouldn't call it cheating but I would have been pissed...I feel I need more info here

"Cheating" is a matter of how a couple have defined it. To most, I would assume, any form of inappropriate contact with another is considered cheating. What he did was wrong. Does he feel the same way? Does he see an issue with this?

I would be very upset, and yes, TECHNICALLY it's cheating...

but I doubt I would leave my husband over it. I'd maybe consider the possibility of my hubby having a drinking problem. I'd definitely have a LONG talk with him about it, and possibly even with a counselor present--just to keep that impartial 3rd party around to keep emotions from getting completely out of hand. Mine, not my husbands.

Oh hell! REALLY? I feel for ya, cause when my sister was here to visit last year, my husband drank 1/2 a bottle of scotch, said to her "hey, let me show you something" and pulled his pants down. She turned her head, and he said, "oh, you don't want this?" Needless to say I grabbed his scotch, threw it across the yard (2 am) and started screaming at him. I told my sister to go to bed (she was visiting, I was 41 he 40) and he just kinda stood there, sat down, looked up and said, "What?" I made him go to bed and he never remembered any of it, but let me tell you what, I reminded him of it several times. I didn't consider it cheating. I considered it a drunken state of mind and THAT's what my concern was. He hasn't drank scotch since that night.

I would consider it a form of cheating yes, and certainly very disrespectful. Talk CALMLY to him about how you feel, and make it very plain that while you can understand he is a chatty and flirtatious you will not stand for that.

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