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Is it normal for a husband to think most other women are better looking than his wife?
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Is it normal for a husband to think most other women are better looking than his wife?

just a general question - my husband thinks most other women are more attractive than myself - I'm average looking I suppose, just not sure if this is normal or not?
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I should have made this more specific earlier - not that he's ever said that to me but if I ask him if someone is more attractive to him than me, he has a hard time answering me...


Doc Phil
only if he has an ugly wife

Chocolate Cheeseburger

When I first started dating my fiancee, I thought she was OK in terms of looks.

Now I thiink she's the most gorgeous girl in the world. I only get turned on by her.

Might be normal that sometimes he thinks that but he should not say it to you even if sometimes he THINKS that way. If it is all the time than he might think you are not very special. What's up with that?

Maybe you should show him this posting and let him see what everyone has said. Maybe you should think about leaving your husband and finding someone more considerate of your feelings

Dog Mama
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If he loves you, truly, he thinks you are the most satisfying beautiful woman he has, or will ever see in his life. And the "Eye" that I am talking about is in his heart. My husband doesn't talk about how beautiful other women are in front of me, unless I bring it up. Then he will comment, and usually will agree, but not without ending it with, but she can't hold a candle to you honey, with a sly smile on his face... hahaha... and then I agree with HIM. and we laugh about it and go on holding hands. I hope you will get the same respect.

No it is NOT normal nor is it normal or acceptable for him to say that to you ever. That is wrong on many levels not the least of which is a total lack of respect for you or your feelings. That is dreadful.

No, your husband should think that you are the most beautiful person in the world. Its ok for him to find other women attractive, but not like that. I can't believe he even tells you that.

Your husband is really an a**hole. Men look at other women because they are different not because they are necessarily better looking. For your hubby to say that means he is an a**.

Have a GREAT day!
Absolutely not. My husband thinks that I am the most beautiful woman on the planet and never mentions another woman's appearance. My brother in laws are the same way, several of my married friend's spouses also think their wives are gorgeous. I don't know what's up with your husband, but I've never met a man who thinks that most other women are more beautiful.

No, not at all.

*Sigh* No it's not normal. Your husband should not even look at other woman that way. If he cared about your feelings at all he wouldn't say things that like.

Um, no way

This is only happening because you've let it! Have you let him think all this time that is really true it's not him that needs the help in this case,
he needs an attitude adjustment my dear and you need to teach him god make's beautiful men too! If you know what i mean do it in a nice way.

I agree with Magic 8 Ball. He is probably just trying to lower your self esteem. This is a form of psychological abuse and you should get away from him. Psychological abuse is as wrong and as hurtful was physical abuse. Tell him if he thinks these women are better looking then he should go marry them. Find yourself a man who is worthy of you. I would bet good money that other men would find you attractive.

OH what a thoughtful and loving husband you have???? Did you REALLY feel the need to ask this question??? I mean come on really.??? Do YOU think it;s normal???? Of course you don't!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like most of us don't either. You married a very ignorant and crude man!!!!!!! I know he'd be out the door looking for that better looking someone!!!!!!!!!
YA OK WEISEMHIMER?????????? or whatever your fuc*ing name is??? What about the fat and balding husbands out there sitting on their fat as*es watching sports all weekend!!!!!! Who wants to look at that???? I know>>> It's only the wives who let themselves go???????? YOUR AN IDIOT!!!!! I see a HUGE L on your forhead!!! In case you don't know what that means you moron>>>It stands for LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK? Now that you cleared that up??? he's still an idiot!!! Even if he didn't think it was true, he couldn't just answer you to make you as little happy????

China Doll 3
That is a very rude thing to say to you.


no. and even if my husband thought another woman was better looking, he would never say that to me. thats really rude and mean to say.

Daddy's Girl

Epona S
THINKING something and actually SAYING IT OUT LOUD are two very different things. Im no supermodel so I would assume it would cross his mind that this woman is very attractive. But he would NEVER EVER say it. Even thenI doubt the thought of "oh man she is better looking than my wife" would enter his mind.

Thinking another woman is attractive is a 100% possiblety. But I think its incredible that he would tell you they are better looking than you!! WTF??

That is awful for him to say that! My husband says I'm beyond hot and that is why he even approached me to begin with but he's a male and men like to look at other women so that doesn't bother me. Remind him how "average looking" he is and see how he feels.

Been There~Done That!
It is very disrespectful and rude of your husband to even imply that to you and make you feel less of a woman for doing it.

You need to put him in his place and let him know he is not a gift.

Magic 8 Ball Bottom Contributor
It might be normal for him to think it (though I doubt it) but it is absolutely not normal for him to actually tell you. Is he trying on purpose to lower your self esteem?

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