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Is it wrong for a boyfriend or husband to make comments about other attractive women in front of their woman?
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Is it wrong for a boyfriend or husband to make comments about other attractive women in front of their woman?

For example, let's say I take my boyfriend to a company party and he comments later on that he thought one of my coworkers is a hottie. Or when out to eat at a restaurant and he comments on how hot the waitress is. Is this wrong to make comments like this in front of me? Or do most guys make comments in front of their significant other when they find another woman hot? I feel out of respect for me, he should keep these comments to himself.


Bumble Bee702
I think its ok...at the end of the day he is coming home to you right. rather we like it or not man are always gong to have something to say about another female are they will be looking

to who ever gave me thumbs down F*&#$ u!!!!

that's what men do, get over it.

Jery E
well look at it this way. out of respect to your boyfriend do you put down the cheeseburgers and hit the treadmill?

Only if you have an open relationship

You are correct. His actions are disrespectful to you! It is sad, you should not have to tell him this. I think it should be pretty obvious.

well reguardless it is natural to find other people attractive and i'm sure you do too.

but as for speaking out loud about it, that has to be something that you and him have to talk about. it is a personal thing, i personally dont care because it's just reality but if you have a problem with it then you need to let him know and you both need to talk about it

kim h
Hottie is not a word used but we do comment on people to each other. Sometimes it is men and other times it is women. You can appreciate a good looking person without being disrespectful and tactless.

No a gentleman would keep there comments to themselves and not say DISRESPECTFUL things in front of their significant others. maybe you should say how hot a guy is in front of him and see how he likes it.Then again maybe he's just need for you to tell him that the things that he is saying is hurtful and disrespectful to you and if he keeps doing it Maybe you should find you a rea gentleman not a lil boy.

Men don't see it like you do, he is just saying what he sees. It isn't anything against you. My husband use to watch he wouldn't say anything I could just tell. So it got to be a game. We would go somewhere or be driving down the road and I would say hey check her out! What about that one? He would comment. Normally it was she's too high maintenance, too snooty, too whatever. It was just that he was looking. Most men are just like mine. They look but aren't interested in anything more with those other women.

Everything in moderation. If he does it all the time then it's wrong and disrespectful of you. It's different if he sees an actress in a movie or sees an exceptional looking woman on the street and says that she's beautiful but to use te term hottie? You're not one of the guys and you shouldn't be treated like one. So, everything in moderation. Once in a while eh- okay but all the time and in the context like you're one of his guys friends? No way- that's immature.

Yvonne A
for respect for a woman men don't ever comment on another woman in front of ur own i would yank my husband's hair out if he ever did that to me

Next time you comment on how hot that guy was or say that guy is buff or he looks well equipped . Give him a taste of his own medicine, I bet that would shut him up.

In my opinion, your BF is insecure and trying to make you feel bad. Tell him, you find it offensive and either quit or get lost. It's one thing to find another person attractive but don't throw it up in your GF;s face.

Mine doesn't. It really depends on how tasteful and innocent the comment is. A comment such as, "wow, she's a HOTTIE!" is disrespectful. A comment such as, "She's really grown up to be an attractive lady." seems more innocent and tactful.. I guess depending on who it is.

My husband never compliments other women in front of me. If I ask for his opinion, he'll honestly tell me, but he's never like, "yeah, she's hot!" or "I'd hit that!!" He's not that type of guy.

If my husband told me one of his co-workers was a "hottie," I'd be very uncomfortable, and yes, that would be disrespectful.

Annalea Sommerville
Never never never should a boyfriend or husband do this. What's the point of being with someone if he's going to be flirting with another or taking second looks?

Ugh, my fiance will watch other girls walk by, even if I'm standing there looking dead at him and even in the middle of conversation.

I hate it and it makes me feel about 2 inches tall.

For a straight up answer sweetie, he's not the guy for you. Men should not do that to a woman. Find someone who only has eyes for you.

not all men do that speak for your self lady.YES ITS WRONG DISRESPECTFULL AND UNLOVING

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