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My boss wants me to quit?
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My boss wants me to quit?

My boss is literally a b***h on wheels!!! I mean the most vicious, disgusting and bitter hag I've EVER met in my entire life. The company I work for doesn't fire people because they don't want to pay unemployment AND they have no one who wants to work there! Hundreds of people start and leave by a week! I want to quit, but I don't want to give her the satisfaction.

But at the same time, she's making my life a living hell! She even lies and says I don't hand in certain reports when I do. She either throws them in the trash or says I never gave them to her. She tells me to do a task and then says she never told me to. She EVEN stands outside the bathroom door and then screams that I'm not working when I come out! I get no lunch and work some days 10 - 12 hours with no overtime pay. I HATE MY JOB and it's been ruining my entire life for the past 2 years. What can I do. It's not easy to find a job in my field. I cry from the moment I get up in the morning to the time I go to sleep.


You can do one of two things:

1. You can go to someone that is above her and file a formal grievance. Write everything down and bring it to someone higher up. I'm not sure what kind of business this is, but go to the owner if you have to.

If she is the farthest up person there is, then chances are you are not the only person this is happening to, especially since you said people are quitting left and right.

2. Call OSHA or your local government and let them know that you are being forced to work so many hours without breaks long enough to eat. That's illegal and they are required, by law, to have these laws posted somewhere in your workplace. See if you can get in touch with other employees who are having the same problems and have them call as well. If there are enough complaints, they will do something about it.

In the meantime, if you have someone else to hand paperwork in to, do that instead, or have someone else in power witness you handing in these papers. Avoid this woman at all costs.

You should video tape your week there working and post it on Utube....and let your boss see how much of an *** he/she is....never quit never let them get you down....find another job a better one that makes you happy...life is to short baby...VIDEO TAPE YOUR BOSS...DO NOT FORGET...

Sometimes you have to do what is best for you. If your miserable working there and you get absolutely no respect, then start to look elsewhere for a new job. Even if you have to make a temporary move until you find something better in your field, it would probably be better than being abused by your boss and this company. Can you file a complaint about this woman to a supervisor, to upper management, to anyone above her? Life is too short to kill yourself at work all day, be unhappy, and get no respect. Find something better for yourself and for your health.

If you kept a journal then you can sue for harassment.

Remember this: It's only a paycheck. Find a job, any job, just so you can feed yourself. Do you really want to spend your life being miserable? The situation doesn't sound like it's going to change or get better, so get out and so what if this lady gets what she wants. She's old and pathetic, and she'll get some kind of payback from how awful she is down the road. What goes around comes around. I mean, if ou have to stay, contact the department of labor in your state. They may be able to do an investigation and you should start documenting these incidents if not already. Remember this too: Never, ever, get emotionally attached to your job. I live each day as if I might get fired the next. I need to pay my bills and to eat and live, etc, but I don't NEED my job. I just need to work. It's their problem if they don't recognize your skills, talents, and potential. In the meantime, find a place that does. Remember, it's only you that can make yourself happy.

big al
Give me her name & work phone # & extension. Make a list of all the people who can't stand her and that have done the same to them. I also need the name of the company you work for.

Well, if she continues to say that you haven't done your reports eventually someone will fire you...or her. If and when they fire you then you can collect unemployment. I would stick it out but I understand about having HORRIBLE bosses and hating your job. In the mean time I would keep multiple copies of your reports and maybe hand one in to her supervisor. My husband is in the military an they talk a lot about C.Y.A. (cover your ***). I would do everything I could to back up the fact that I was doing my job and document everything I did, what was said, etc.

If you have the resources I would talk to a lawyer about them working you 10-12 hours without overtime pay, not allowing you a lunch, and the fussing about the bathroom breaks.

I think that 1 bathroom break an hour is reasonable as long as you are just going in, going to the bathroom, washing your hands and returning to work...I think that is totally acceptable.

Good luck I hope things start going your way soon.

Dear Jane...
I stayed in a job like that for a year and a half and hated every single step of the way. I too, wanted to quit but not give them the satisfaction that they made me do it. So I did them one better. I became the employee they wanted and I waited until a day (and for a while it seemed like I was having good days all around) until I was just literally SO MAD. Then I just left without saying one word. And I NEVER came back.

Best decision I ever made....

start a paper trail. record every thing she does against policy. dont forget to add in the hostile work environment and you dont feel comfortable talking to her about anything. CALL HR. keep calling. talk to them calmly and professionally. keep a record of all of it and call HR every time she does something. try to obtain proof.

Do you have trouble standing up for yourself? The best way to handle someone like your boss is to back them down and let them know you won't tolerate their behavior. Report her to HR if you can't handle it yourself.

FrenchCan007 G
what kind of work do you do?

I'd say do your best to get through the days at this job... WHILE you're looking for another. I had the same problem at my last job, and one day I couldn't take it anymore, so I just quit. I didn't have a job in line, or a prospect of where I would go. Application after application, I was unemployed for about 6 months. I know it's tough, just do your best, put a plastic smile on your face, and do what you have to do until you get another job secured. Good luck!

The 8 Bicycle and Jim
First thing - DON'T QUIT, that's exactly what she'll be expecting. Next, DON'T talk to anyone higher up and DON'T contact the authorities (Labor Department). She probably has contacts working there and then she'll know you went behind her back. Try to get some video evidence of what she's doing and bring it the FBI (she's probably infiltrated the local police). Even follow her home or other places she goes to see if she's into anything else illegal. Then you'll have the goods to put her away for a long time!

I'm so sorry....but isn't your sanity worth more?
Can you contact some legal authority?

Of course your boss wants you to quit! You explained it yourself. But do people speak up against their bosses in your company? Talk back in the same way your boss talks to you. Keep a log of everything you do in terms of work, when you hand in a report etc. and show (a copy) to her to let her know you're documenting what she does. Start writing everything down as much as possible so that you have something to fall back onto in case there's ever a question. And keep your resume current. Sounds like the longer you can hang in there the better it looks. Meanwhile, don't wait for opportunities elsewhere to come to you either. Talk to others in your field, consider moving to a different town or state, and keep your head high! Best of luck! If all else fails, there's always the old saying "this too shall pass."

Who is her boss? Everyone has one unless she's the owner. Go to her superior or talk to HR about it. You should be documenting your hours & every little thing that doesn't add up. I ended up getting laid off & I did get unemployment because they did NOT want me telling anybody what I knew. You just gotta play hard ball with people like that.

Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone
You handed in your report but it was soaked through with your endless tears so she thought it was a poor attempt at abstract art and tossed it in the trash.

Seriously, if you job is that bad, quit. You are only torturing yourself by staying-- she isn't fazed and she'll only continue to get worse the longer you stay. Make sure to file reports with HR before you go and then file for unemployment and take her to court for loss of wages do to stressful work conditions.

I am so sorry she is treating you this way.I would get a resume done and start faxing it everywhere! I would also make extra copies of the report you done so you have a back up.You can report her boss for her behavior and have other employees this also.

Brandon J
Ok, here's what you do.....

First thing's first. Start looking any job that can pay your bills.
One of the reasons your boss is such a *********, is because she knows that she can treat you like s h i t and get away with it. Obviously she can, because you have been there for two years.

If it's that bad, get out as soon as possible. You are probably stressed out to the max and you may even be depressed. This is very unhealthy for you. Don't sacrifice your entire life, to some non-appreciative b i otch that gets her kicks off on treating you like a slave.

Stand up for your self and leave her hanging to dry.


If you have a job that you can't get fired from, why the hell do you put up with that crap? If I were you, I wouldn't do anything all day. I'd sit on my @ss all day playing on yahoo answers. I wouldn't stay a minute past 8 hours. When my boss started to yell at me, I'd tell her to f*ck off. Since they aren't going to fire me, who cares?

Troy G
find another job. you deserve better than that. or at least try looking for another one.

kill her

nothing is worth this. Get out.

There are certain times when you can apply for unemployment benefits even when you quit. By documenting your boss' outbursts and your work hours, you might qualify. Consider re-training if it's too hard to find work in your field

Good luck.

John S
F her and quit. You are making your self miserable to get back at her?

If your job is as bad as it sounds then you should definitely start looking for a new job. I would not quit your job before finding another one, unless you are in a financial position to do so.

Jackie Retardo
thats why im probably going to quit my job and go back to school, my boss does the same **** AND he smells like garlic AND sometimes he forgets to shut the door when he pees.

umm you need to get someone higher up in the company info on this woman. you and everyone else who works for this woman needs to get corporate on her, shes not allowed to do that.

report her! and working 10-12 hours with no lunch is against the law!

Isn't there someone you can report her to? She can't get away with that forever. Once you get her superiors involved, she's toast.

Deez Nutz
find a new job first and then quit when they need you the most. go to work for 10 minutes and then say i quit and walk out.

Document, document document. Document everything and anything that transpires in your workplace. Everything from when you went to lunch, when you didnt get one (illegal, BTW) and what report you turned in and when. Make copies of every report and stitch of work you do. Getting no OT is also illegal. Document that. If possible, get copies of past documents, including your time punches. The more documentation you have, the more of a leg you have to stand on when you go to the State Labor Board and file a complaint on the company.
In the mean time, start job hunting elsewhere. It may not be easy to find another job in your field but nothing is more miserable than working someplace you hate.

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