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My husband cheated and his ex lover is pregnant does she have any rights?
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My husband cheated and his ex lover is pregnant does she have any rights?

my husband cheated on me for 5 months he says it was it was nothing just having a good time that he didnt have any feelings for her but she is 7 months pregnant and i dont want my husband in the babys life she knew he was married but didnt care what can i do.


Light D
Why would she care when your husband who owns you loyalty didn't ? She might not be the best person in the world but married men lie all the time to get what they want. Anyway , he should request a DNA test and when it's proven that the baby is his then he will pay child support. Whether you want him to be a part of the kid's life or not it's irrelevant, it has nothing to do with you , it's his decision. I had some sympathy for you until you said that you don't want him to be a father to this child, you're as bad as he is.

Ms. New day
1st off let me say that I am sorry that you are being sent through. I'm not going to tell you to leave your husband, that would be me judging you. your husband didn't think about you or his vows while he was having a good time. Now there is little baby that has been added to the picture. 2nd the only thing you can do is pray. Pray for peace and for the baby and I am sure things will work out. I would definitely take some time for yourself to evaluate what you need. And everything will fall into place. Keep your head up.

Nancy M
The woman can take your husband to court for child support. He will have to take a blood test to prove that the child is his after the baby is born. My ex husband did that to me while we were married. He had nothing to do with the child but only because the mother had gotten married. The child gets child support until he is 18.

I understand your pain.

You need to get into counseling, for both of your sakes.

brown sugar
yes she has rights its a thing called child support and there will be a custody issue and not to mention the fact that you are punishing the child for your husband cheating on you. It seems like you are still having issues with the fact that your husband cheated and you need to deal with that and obviously have not forgiven him. That child didn't ask to be here and he/she will need a father in their life and its not fair to make them miserable because you are bitter. And all this is coming from someone who went through all this before. And trust me if he cheated once he will do it again when he get the itch. And in my situation my ex continued cheating even after he had two kids out of wedlock and thats when i woke up and left so if you can't forgive move on so you can be happy. Plus you can't force your husband to chose between you and the kid because you might not win.

Legally, he is obligated to child support if the mother desires to have it.

Considering how much money you have, a "confidential sellout of parental responsibility" can occur. This typically happens with a trust and stipend fund being set up for the mother and child to handle ALL expenses 'til the child turns eightteen.

In exchange, the father gives up any custody claim to the child and effectively walks away from the child and mother. The mother also signs a confidentality agreement never to admit who the fathered the baby.

FYI, this is an old money legal maneuver when Mr. Millionaire knocks up a mistress and is worried about his public image. A lot of house servants and caddies at country clubs have this type of parenting.

Kerie K
You should really think about why you said you don't want your husband in the baby's life. That kid did nothing to deserve not having its parents. I would get a different husband all together if I were in your position. Just quit this one, wait a year, and start a new life going out dating, enjoying social life, etc. If you stay with the man you have, he has a record of cheating and making kids he is not prepared to raise, and why you would choose that over anything better, I just can't grasp. He has to be responsible for the kid if he made it, and you have absolutely no say in the matter. That is what happens when your husband cheats and makes a baby. So get rid of him so he can raise the kid and you can find better! Good luck, this is a hard road.

You can move on with your life because that is your husband child and that little person will be in his life for ever, you will alway deal with the mother wear you like it or not , and you will never for get what your husband did, you will alway question will he do this again with her and someone else honey life to short to alway wonder what will he do next. BUT REMEMBER THIS CHILDREN DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU WHY KEEP THIS CHILD AWAY FROM THE FATHER , WHAT KIND OF FATHER WOULD THAT MADE HIM, MOVE ON. THERE IS A BETTER FUTURE FOR YOU........

good girl
No child should have to grow up without a father. It's not the babies fault. And yes, she knew he was married but so did your husband and he knew the risks of messing around. So why should that child suffer just because you don't want him having anything to do with it? Kids come first in any and every situation. Even before you and not only that she's going to be collecting child support from your husband too.

My husband didn’t cheat on me, but he had literally just been with a girl a few weeks prior to our meeting. We got together, fell head over heels in love, and 8 months later he got a letter asking for his information regarding his CHILD. WTF?

Do you know how badly I wanted him to run the other way? I couldn’t do that though. What kind of a man would he be if he turned the other way and didn’t step up to his responsibilities? I wanted him to take care of his business, even if I didn’t agree with it. It’d be an embarrassment if he didn’t. This is the man I’m marrying? And he can’t take care of his possible daughter?

You need to step back and ask yourself if you can handle this. If not, step aside and let him be a father to his child. If you can handle it, then let him be a father to his child.

NO woman should ever state they want their man to walk away from their kids. Seriously, that’s sick! I know you’re hurting and I know lots of what you say may be out of anger and hurt and resentment. But you’ll have to get over that. This child is here to stay. So YOU need to choose, not your fiance!

Ask yourself: Do you want him to be a good father to his children? Or do you want to be the reason he never sees his children?

And remember, what does it say about you to marry a man who doesn’t take care of his kids?

You better get ready for him to be in the childs life and pay child support for the next 18 years.1/3 of his check and the money for insurance on the child.You may need to get a second job?

You can't do anything. She can get your husband for child support and another thing your husband is that babies father so he is in her life for at least 18 years so unless he is a dead beat along with a cheater then he will take responsibility for his child.
You need to make your mind up if that's who you want to be with.

Kayla R
and your husband knew he was married to and the concequences

im surprised your even with him still.

thats ur husbands choice
you cant make it for him

You can't do anything. Sorry to disappoint you, but your husband has a legal obligation to this child. She can take him to court, obtain child support, etc.

Side note: She may have known he was married. But so did he. Why exactly are you letting your husband off the hook on this one, and only blaming the woman? It takes two to have a child. Her, and your husband.

Mrs. Jack Sparrow ♥
Not much..at least for the next 18 years....

do you have any reason to stay with him. he does not seem happy with you and need some discussion between you two.
check him again.

well dear she DOES have rights and he does to...stop acting this way..its NOT the babies fault it is HIS and hers...

he will have to pay child support ..that is how it goes

fantasy gal
He can have a paternity test and as he probably is the father he can pay his child support without complaining because its his fault. You should not be standing up for a man who betrayed you like that. Life is all about learning from experience and perhaps he will learn the sad truth is there is nothing you can do and getting mad at this woman is only going to make her want more from him. You should leave him and let him see how life is without you.

Yes, she does. She has the right to get child support and he should have visitation rights. You need to get counseling in order to help you get through this hard time as a marriage counsler if you plan on staying with him.

you have every right to dump him and move on... he's in a world of hurt if he says she was nothing to him and she's now carrying his baby. You don't want any part of that...

Your husband is such a dumb azz, he could not even manage to cheat properly... look at it that way.

She has every right to have him pay child support! That's his consequences. Whether he sees the child or not, that's up to him. I think I would have dumped my cheating husband. That would have been more consequences! He could be paying both ends of the spectrum!

She can file for child support from your husband.

Don't be surprised if your husband wants to see the child.

What a shame. It isn't the child's fault that his mother and father couldn't keep their pants on and legs shut. The court will order yoru husband to pay child support, at minimum. Please don't make that child grow up without a father, even your husband is better than nothing.

that girl
He needs to take responsibility for his actions. He will be a father. He will have to support the child financially. I would want my guy to step up and be a father, but then again, I wouldn't be with a cheater. Why would you want him to abandon and innocent child? That's completely awful on your part. I hope she takes him to court and starts child support immediately.

He can choose to not see the child if he wants to, but he's going to have to pay and pay and pay, and you're going to have to deal with her calling and making trouble for the next 18+ years. She has rights to a whole bunch of his money and she can lie around on welfare for a looong time.

Sorry, your selfish husband chose a selfish hog to rut with.

if my husband cheated on me, I'd leave him. it may depend on how long you've been married. but you NEVER cheat on a spouse..and for him to do it without a condom?! that just shows how inconsiderate he was. He could have given you an STD or HIV...then where would you be? still forgiving him?

everyone deserves better than that. don't stay with him because it's convenient.

Violet Pearl
He'll have to pay child support and may visit if he chooses to be involved in the baby's life.
At this point, it's not about what you want, it's about what the baby needs.

sorry girl but you don't look very smart. Hello??!?!? he cheated!!! He put her pregnant and now doesn't even want to take the responsability of father that child?? I don't know who's the worst between the 3 of you... You, your husband or the other woman...

You don't want your husband in the babies life? What about the Baby? What about the babies mother who is intitled to 17% of his paycheck. He didnt care he was married either. Get a clue. You should have never even stayed with him move on. 5 months on lying? Yea that is a man I want to stay with.

She doesn't have any rights, BUT the baby does!! Child support will be in order.....

Kick your husbands sorry butt to the curb!! Why would you put up with his bad behavior? Think::::::: SELF RESPECT

yes, the baby has the right to see the father.or to have a relationshio with the father. but what kind of a woman sleeps with a man and falls pregnant,knowing that the man is married and does not want to have a child?surely she should have used contraceptives or something?yes, the man is an ass for cheating but to force him to be a dad to a child he did not plan on having?please people....

I am 23 and the only one working in the houss hold.My husband has two kids that I do support in any way that I can buy what we can afford. He doesn't pay child support. Had not found a job yet.His baby moma is 34 year old and a drug dealer wants to fight me because I told her no about her son that is not my husbands child coming over to my house on my anniversary didnot want all those kids at my house. So she wants to fight me. For that she donot want me to have anything to do with his child that I support the best that i can. She comes on to my husband. I can not go to my mother inlaw house because of her really don't know what to do. Really wish that she will ack her ageand see that she is hurting that child buy not letting her see her father. Thought that it will get old but it gets worst.

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