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My husband wants to do me in the butt for his birthday?
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My husband wants to do me in the butt for his birthday?

If I don't agree to this am I selfish?

I've never done it before, he has never done it before and wants to try it, its for his 24th birthday not even an important birthday.


you are gross...

You don't know what you are missing.

Nah. Wait until the 30th.

Buck Wheat
Of course you should, its his birthday. You will learn to love it.

If you are not comfortable with it then don't do it. I don't know that he really would want something up his butt, but hey that's just a thought.

No, it's not selfish of you. But I do agree with Buster that you shouldn't be surprised if he 1. doesn't try and get it elsewhere, or 2. that he decides to not do or get something you want. The thing with marriage is that often times, you find yourself trying things for the pleasure of your spouse that you may not have ordinarily tried. If you decide you don't like it and that you never want to do it again, your spouse can't really say much because at least you tried. If you don't try, there's nothing preventing him from developing a mentality that if you don't want to go the extra mile for him, why should he for you.

If you're morally against it, that's different. You should never compromise what you wholeheartedly believe is right. But unless you just got married yesterday, you and your husband should already have some idea of what would be off limits to the other, so this shouldn't be debated on too much.

IS not bad once you get the hang of, it is all pleasure.. if you do use some vaseline or some other kind of lubricant though..Also, tell him not to get exicited to quick lol start slow and go from there.. On the plus side you can't get prego from this =P Ultemely,is up to you though =)

Toke Lover - CANTHEIST
Selfish is not taking your partners feelings into account. Is he taking your feelings into account? You 2 need to talk about this seriously & hear each other about it.

the answer
the butt is exit only.

who wants poo on their thing?

Whatever you do don't let him seesaw, it hurts, just let him glide in slow and smooth til he breaks through, then enjoy. Rumour has it there is an anal g spot. If you don't like it stop..Do what makes you comfortable...

it's fun, #1 mistake is to relax. don't relax! tighten that thing up, lube it up, by the time he gets it in there,
u'll be relaxed enough and he'll have had fun having to work a little! go slow! candles, wine, a really nice lotion from the store, your fav music, chocolate/fruit/candy/Champagne, do it right for him-and you! also, the person who said that u should be able to do him too...good call, y shouldn't he have a little 'skin in the game?'

well my personal experience it hurt and i cried ... i never got used to it untill maybe the 10th try. but i only cried the first time and the other times it would hurt really bad. im used to it now and yes it is enjoyable.

Chimpin Out
Why not? You got something else going on tonight?

Chimpin Out!

I'd tell him to GO TO HELL! What kind of person would ask his wife for that? I'm sorry I'm not into anal at all. I think it's just WRONG!!

was he recently in prison and thought he would share the experience with you? What a nice guy ;-)

No, but if you're careful its enjoyable for both parties. Read up about it first, and take it slow if you decide to go ahead.

ɱƔş┼ƹƦƴ M∆ɲ C๏Cк-ค-∂๏๏∂lє-∂๏๏
I let Jack use 2 fist for his b day

It wasn't all that bad

Its worth a try. If you aren't heavily psychologically against the concept of it and he does it right, you'll enjoy it qutie a bit. I put a decent reference in the source box.

Jack, Man Candy for Mephisto
You don't offer it up just because he is your husband? Why should he have to wait for a holiday to get what is part of your wifely duites?

Queen ĿỉŁF™15
Get drunk and tell him to use a lot of lube.

everybody's got their limits. don't be surprised if he eventually finds it somewhere else though.

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