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My wife says she wants me to cheat on her and tell her about it. She says it would turn her on. Should I?
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My wife says she wants me to cheat on her and tell her about it. She says it would turn her on. Should I?

The other day my wife told me it turns her on when other women flirt with me. She then told me that if I cheated on her she would not be mad as long as I took pictures and told her about the "session" while she & I were making love. This just blew my mind. I have never cheated on my wife, nor have I wanted to, in the 18 years we have been married. My question is should I find someone or not? If so, she said she does't want to know who it is.


David J
Yes i think you should. If it turns her on you can imagine how dirty she will get.

if she is giving you permission to sleep with another woman, it's not cheating!!!!

Jersey Style
that sounds absolutley bizzare. Don't do it, it could be a trap. Why would she even say that to you? that's very strange, you two really need to talk. I feel bad for you.

don't cheat on her. don't.

I wouldn't... its too easy for you to develop feelings for the other woman because of that "high" we seem to get when relationships are new... it may seem like a good idea but in the end, there are too many emotions involved and can potentially ruin your marriage.

My ex-husband cheated on me and let me tell you- its the WORST feeling... I wouldn't wish it on anyone (even if your wife WANTS you to do this).

All in all, its your decision... I would just think out ALL the pros & cons (with your wife).

NO! I've heard so many stories where this went horrifically wrong. If you choose to do it just keep in mind that as good as it could be that's how equally (if not worse) bad it could be.

if your even contemplating then you want too.
and what makes her ask after all this time? whats she doing?

Big Daddy!!!
she may be looking for a way out. she wants pictures and to tell her about it? i smell a set up. if she wants you to cheat, ask her can you just invite another woman in the bed with the both of you, and she can watch you cheat. dont do it. bd

i know it all!
I think she has a boyfriend and wants to even the score. It will help her feel better about what she's doing. Look to see those pictures you take in divorce court. Good Luck!

Valerie X
She's testing you Dude.....I have NEVER, but NEVER heard of a WOMAN wanting this.........not in real life, anyway.

Absolutely not, morally its wrong and it will always come back to hunt you.

Kassie K
Everybody has fantasies but that one sounds pretty sick to me. If it floats yer boat go for it but I think it's disrespectful of her to even ask that of you.

Your wife is probably cheating on you.

Common Sense
Ask her to bring a girlfriend over for a 3some..

Seems like you are happy, like this is too good to be true, and guess what...it is. One, she could be just saying things when she's horny, and don't really mean it, or two, she wants to do the same thing. She's getting bored in the bedroom, and 18 years is a long time, hopefully you can find a way to spice up things in that department without resulting to cheating that can destroy a marriage.

You have people on here with broken hearts that have been cheated on....and then you have this kind of situation going on. Man, this world is screwed up. Why do people get married at all?

Start with a fantasy... make up a story about sleeping with another woman and tell her when you start to fool around...

There's always the possibility that she is getting YOU to gather evidence for a divorce... I mean, she wants photos? How would that look in divorce court?

Lady M
That there is playing with fire. If she ends up not feeling the way she thought she would about it, it could destroy a good marriage. Maybe you could "pretend." Make up a "session" with another woman, and tell her about it while making love. I imagine it would have the same effect for her, without the danger that would come with actually doing it.

Dude you know as soon as you nail some other woman the next sentence out of her wouth will be, "Now *I* want to bang some other guy and film it."


Should you decide to this, don't forget something. You would be setting yourself up. This would be great ammo to hold against you should she ever want to cheat on you.

Your wife is not normal and may need psychiatric help. She may have stopped taking her meds.

This is total speculation, of course, but if I had to guess, I'd say she's trying to feel less guilty about something herself. It can never be good to cheat on your wife. If anything, ask about a possible 3some? the very idea appalls me, to be honest, but apparently it's every guy's fantasy, and you could see if she wants to do that? It sounds like maybe she’s wanting some “spice” in your love life, which is totally fine.
But, don't go find somebody. That could totally backfire in so many ways. I feel kind of proud when women flirt w/ my husband, b/c he's "mine" and I like squashing their fantasies w/ a line like, “Keeping my husband company? Thanks!” But I’m just mean like that. AND that is sooooo far from your wife telling you she wants to hear about you cheating. She either wants to “trick” you so she can at least know about it, or she’s feeling guilty about something.

No, don't do it. Just make up stories and fantasies to tell your wife and let her know you are making it up. That will work a lot better without damaging your marriage.

NO I would not cheat at another persons request. What do you want that thrown up in your face later or just to give her reason to cheat? This is silly, if she wants you to cheat and it really turns her on ( i can't imagine) but pretend , you can make up stories. There is a moral issue at stake here. Don't throw 18 yrs away on a whim

Tom S
don't even do that! the thing is that she thinks she will be ok with it, but there is no guarentee....

It may turn out that she gets real mad at you in the end....

Well your wife needs her head examined and no you should not cheat on her, it sounds to me like she could be cheating on you and she is trying to get you to cheat on her so that you guys can be even, but if I were you no I would not cheat it is not good. And this is the first time your wife has mentioned this in 18 years, I think she is cheating on you.

Good Luck
But whatever you do, Dont Cheat!

Sounds like a trap to me.

Don't do it! She may find that after it is done it doesn't turn her on so much after all. Its a fantasy, leave it at that.

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