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Please don't laugh. I am married to my 3rd cousin, and am wondering about any ill effects on my kids?
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Please don't laugh. I am married to my 3rd cousin, and am wondering about any ill effects on my kids?

Alright, here's my question. I am married to my third cousin. We have four children together. So far, they have not suffered any health issues, learning disabilities, etc. What are the chances that they will develop any problems in the future? What about any future children I may have, or my grandchildren?

(Please do not judge me. My husband and I were married well before we realized we were related. Nobody on either side of the family has ever been close with one another, so it wasn't as if we knew. In all reality, the thought that we may be related never crossed my mind since we are not from the same areas. I only found after my parents died and my siblings and I were looking through old records. I'm truly worried, have set up an appointment with a genetics counselor, and the last thing I need right now are "banjo" jokes.)


Jordan M ش١٩٧٦
LOL. If you didn't want banjo jokes, why on earth would you post here? If you have an appointment with a genetics counselor, why are you asking us....who only have banjo jokes?

Blood tests...get one to determine your compatibility with your husband. It will tell you whether the gene pool is too close.

Go see your doctor together and order a blood test.

WAIT..you already have four children together. Why are you posting now?

Take this little secret to your grave dear.

My step dad is my mom's 3rd cousin and they are happily married for 40 years. They have 2 great daughters that I am proud to call my sisters. They are great girls. They had a lot of teasing in the past, but now they are just a happily married old couple. By the way my dad treats us all equal and I am proud to call him Dad.

Y'all are from West Vrginia, right?

Ms Pollyanna
People can even marry second cousins without a problem. So don't worry your future grandchildren will be fine.

Sandy Ego
Is there family history for hereditary diseases? This is the first thing I would look at. You might want to talk to your doctor and find out what genetic disorders might crop up in related individuals' offspring, but being that 3rd cousins only share 1/32 of their genes on the average, I would guess the probability of two copies of the same bad gene being passed on to your kids is pretty low.

I dont think there is any facts about 3rd cousins getting married, having kids, and their kids having disabilities. I think you will be in the clear because its a bit far out. Its not like a first cousin or a brother. If it was closer then I would think that there might be affects. And I would never make any banjo jokes towards you. You didnt know and well you already cared for him...So your cool in my book. But Im possitive their gona be okay :)

The best thing you can do is wait to hear back from the genetics counselor but if your children have no ill effects then you may be safe.

The Answer Guy
Don't you think you should have asked this before your had kida or maried your third cousin? Its sad when the family tree has no branches.

the real casual poster
3rd cousin is barely even considered related.

Outside the "banjo" jokes, there is no problem. Hell, the queen of England is more inbred then your kids!

Brian A
Even if you were first cousins the risks aren't really THAT great that something will happen, especially if you don't have any family history of genetic disorders. As third cousins you really have NOTHING to worry about.

Some of these other answers are ridiculous. So you have the same great-great grandparent? You and your husbands branches of the family tree probably diverged over a hundred years ago!

Edit: I see from the tds that the ignorant masses are out in force.

Nancy M
There will be nothing wrong with your children. If they were healthy when they were born then there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing wrong in marrying your third cousin. Third cousins can be married. I knew a couple who are married and they are first cousins.

Mrs. Rhonda Rabbit
As far as I know there are no known dangers with third cousins.

It sounds like you are already taking the steps to re assure yourself and now all you have to do is adjust a little to the news.

box of rain
3rd cousins are plenty enough removed to have a healthy baby.

Relax and enjoy your life without manufacturing problems.

3rd cousins do not face any health and/or birth defects.

if your kids aren't blue then your probably alright, no harms with 3rd cousins. But that probably was "kinda" odd for you

I strongly doubt that your children would suffer any physical or mental disabilities. Marrying your 2nd cousin is legal so therefore medical proffessionals must believe that children resulting from a marriage like that would be fine. If 2nd cousins were fine, I'm sure there will be nothing wrong with your children. Good luck!

M!ss Kat!e
I don't think it will have much effect on your children...such you are just related by being cousins...now if he was your first cousin, or brother i would be worried...

Mrs. Robinson
3rd cousin generally safe. its the first where there are real issues for concern. if your kids are fine now, im sure theyll be be fine later. you wouldve allready noticed somthing

daljack -a girl
Very minuscule danger if any.....talk to your GYN.

Relax! Nothing will go on with your kids.

Being 3rd cousins should play no role in your kids or grandkids mental states. They should be just fine. I've heard of adopted people marrying their bros or sis. It could be worse!!!

actually, i read somewhere that 3rd cousins are great together, and have a better change of not have fertility problems! (hince the 4 kids!) I dont think that anymore children would have problems! I bet that was a suprise!!!

Valerie X Account #10!
No known danger in third cousins.........

why even make it know he's your 3rd cousin..i would keep that a secret till the day i died. How embarrassing

There will be none,, if 2 men or 2 women can marry why can't
family they all have something missing.

Only know illness i know is "Yuck! Your mom and dad are cousins!", thats about it. Probably scar your child alittle but not that much. Just keep the secret to yourself and the rest of the family at the reunion.

The odds for FIRST cousins having any problems is only 3% higher than the general population. It's legal to marry a second cousin, so by third cousin it's pretty much like you aren't related at all.

Most of what I see here is people basing their answer on the "yuck" factor and stereotypes.

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