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Should I allow my son to smoke?
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Should I allow my son to smoke?

My son Cecil has recently indicated a desire to smoke a pipe, however, I would like to introduce him to the gentlemans pleasure correctly. After careful consideration, I ordered my head valet (82 years old) to take a stroll to the village store about 3 miles away (the exercise will do him good) I naturally deducted his wages for time out of hours, and attached a note to his forehead (as he stammers a lot) to purchase several brands of tobacco. Anyway, just after the thunder stopped he arrived with the goods. I was wondering, whether sweet aromatic Clan, or ready rubbed Condor would be a good choice for Cecil to begin his hobby, he is 9 years old next month?
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Has anyone ever noticed, the first answers in general (not always) are usually the people that have very little to say, as they engage the finger before the brain.
Just asking?


no and bull ****

are u serious thats disgusting

What are YOU smoking??!
This BETTER be a joke!

Should you allow?.. This isnt a question for the Yahoo users nor the NHS. Your his father he is 9 if you allow him to do what ever he pleases he will become a spoilt brat, Maybe you might be stupid to ask Should I allow my son to take drugs? Its your controll. You dont need our views.

what a fool u realy are

a futile attempt a humour

In that case ps Sir Blackadder, you would need to get your finger down from your a**e first.

Why do you keep bothering with this rubbish..highly entertaining as I`m sure you are finding writing it, it really is c**p.

thx for the points and yeah let him smoke all he wants so he will get sooooo sick you take him to the hospital and then you get to tell the doc you gave him the pipe and then they'll call CPS and take your kid away! lmao

a nine-year-old smoking a pipe is only going to get YOUR butt thrown in the slammer for soliciting to a minor...not to mention instilling bad habits in a child is a poor choice of time consumption.

By the way, Im pretty sure youre full of it anyway...but if youre not, I really hope you get caught and put away for it.

NO! Smoking anything isn't a "pleasure" It gives you cancer!

you must be really bored.
but u are funny.

Maggie Babe flying solo
I would say Clan, since kids usually like sweets.

Yes, it's a good idea. We're all going to die anyways and he should learn how to releave his stress as soon as possible!

my dad always smoked condor & i still love the smell of that! it will have to be cecil's choice anyway; whichever one he prefers. if you fill different pipes with different tobacco & let him try them one at a time, he may go green but he'll know which one he prefers. diane.

Grinning Football plinny younger
Which smells the nicest? How about getting the gardeners to grow some.

Well blacky apart from the appalling filthy habit you are introducing your 9 year old son to!, The appalling in human treatment of your servant denotes that you are indeed an *** of the very highest order and should be taken outside and beaten soundly with a thrashing stick!. Once this has happened you ought to be in the right frame of mind to understand that beings a father and an employer you responsibilities that cannot be sherked!

Your actions should be exemplary towards both child and servant alike otherwise your kid might grow up being like you! and your servant might spit in your food ,, Imagine that! all those meals with servant spittle in them.. hahahah nothing more than you deserve!.


May I respectfully suggest that you send young Cecil to Cuba to watch a maiden rolling a Havana on her thigh? This may well induct him, (at a laudably early age I congratulate you Sir), into not one, but two, of a true Gentlemen's favourite pastimes, namely good cigars and loose women.

Lady Guinevere of the Bedchamber

Another of your superb posts about the various problems that we toffs have that the riff raff seem to take exception to.

I have to admit that it is not a problem i have had myself as my Clarence was raiding the Humidor when he was 7.

I would suggest you try him with the Clan as it leaves a sweet Chocolate aroma that mingles quite well with Cigar smoke. Ready rubbed Condor is a working class choice, usually smoked in a pipe with a little chrome doo dab stuck on the top. However it really would be desirable to instal in him an appreciation of a fine Cigar as soon as possible.

tee hee 2 points pour moi - merci

I am quite of the persuasion that Cecil should first earn such luxuries: we aristocrats are a hard-working peoples after all: send the boy out to hunt game or something, and have him earn his cigars by way of good shots: for every pheasant that is mercilessly plucked from the sky by a clueless to-be smoker of a boy, have the maids fetch him a cigar of either brand: it matters not which.

I'm hearing good things about the new range of pipes for the younger gentleman called "Lil' Mastersmoke". Good luck with this issue, tis a trying time in any fathers life.

Grey Smiley Face
No, I do beleive that you should start you son off with someything less addictive, say, licorice. Children seem to have no restraint, and due to the delicacy of lung tissue, would die a young death, never able to experiance a chance at adulthood. I do hope this has aided you in some way.

♥ Heaven ♥ Lee ♥
When you finish the novel drop me an email so I can buy the book and finish the laugh!

Sir Bottom

For 9 years old Condor is most suitabe.

With reguards!
Sir Tea Water

Drunk and Disorderly
Aromatic Clan. Yes, I do notice a pattern.

He needs to experience that Condor moment send that old man back to the shop for cigars.


Andrew G
It saddens me to say that you are doing your boy a serious misjustice & failing in your duties as father to this child.The youth of today have no idea!By thunder did not your own pater set a decent example to you?
Send your serf down to the local chinaman shop & get him to purchase some opium.Once your offspring has taken some of the fumes take him to your gentlemen's club.A good session of buggary will set him on his way to being a proper gentleman in these troubled times.Like myself,my father & forefathers it always did us the world of good.
Yours preposterously,

Sir Piffington Smythe-Farquwa

Lady Constance Twizzlegrass III
Dearest Blackie,

Daddy started smoking a pipe at 6. (It is a long Twizzlegrass tradition to start the boys on the pipe at age five but Pa was a slow developer)

Sadly, having no brothers, the tradition is in danger of dying out but I do remember happy evenings in the parlour with Daddy reminissing and telling me all about the art so that one day I may teach my sons:

1. Find a pipe that fits your son. There are many tobacconists around the world who would be more than happy to help you find the perfect pipe. A Comoy's might sit well or perhaps a Falcon?

2. Find the right tobacco for him. There are many varieties: aromatics, Burleys, and many more. A tobacconist will be able to help there, as well. A Kendal would be appropraite or perhaps Black Forest. I believe there is a brand called 'Golden Chocolate' that might help introduce the art in a gentle way.

3. Fill the bowl loosely with tobacco and compress it lightly (using a "child's touch so Cecil should manage that quite well) Fill again to the top and compress with a little more force (a "woman's touch"). Now top it off and compress a bit harder (a "man's touch"). Correct packing takes a little practice, and has a lot of impact on how enjoyable his experience will be.

4. Light the pipe with a wooden match or a pipe lighter. Let the match burn off the sulfur a few seconds. Move the flame around the surface of the tobacco while drawing gently until evenly lit, then tamp gently with a tamper. Let it go out, then relight the same way.

5. Puff slowly and rhythmically. Patience is rewarded. Puffing too fast will result in tongue bite - a burning sensation on the tongue. Cecil will soon learn this!

6. Tamp the tobacco gently periodically throughout the smoke to ensure the bowl remains correctly packed while smoking.

7. Make sure he smokes his pipe to the end to create a nice "cake" at the bottom and side of his pipe bowl.

8. Relax and enjoy. Pipe smoking is the quintessential art of smoking.

Constance x

(In reply to your edit - they are probably American)

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