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So I'm suspicious my husband may be cheating... what to do?
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So I'm suspicious my husband may be cheating... what to do?

it's a woman i know, he works with her, i had suspected something was going on before and i have talked to him about it a while back and he denied it and says they are friends, well now i've found her number in his phone that he called her really late at night when he gets off of work at like 12:30 am a few times recently. i doubt it is work related this late at night, what to do? confront him again or keep my eyes and ears open and just wait till he slips up?


First of all, you shouldn't have snooped. Second, even though late night calls are a little suspicious that isn't really hard core evidence that your husband is cheating. You already confronted him and he told you that nothing was going on. It's time to start trusting your husband or you will push him away.

wow fer sure. sounds like hard core evidence. i say do some spying, or hire those people that spy for you. Spying is still a good option. i suggest to go around his work at night, and see whats going on.

could surprise him with packed bags and an Adios Amigo. Im not fool and my mother didnt raise me to be played like one!

Be open he's your husband you married him. He shouldn't need this friend if he has you. Or need to call he late at night. He is most likely cheating or getting ready for it. If you love him then fight. Don't sneak around and try to dig up more. Tell him you already know and he needs to just tell you whats really going on or get out. You don't need that. I am so tired of stupid men taking advantage of women just cus they can't keep it in their pants.

Gabrielle Spencer
watch him if u catch him comfront him

been there . done that. confront him asap. i felt i 'd intercepted the "problem" but it continued for some time caus she was very experienced with ways to hide etc.

tell him this. I know what is going on. if you are still in our relationship to stay then it stops now. i can forgive you. if you are not then lets end it like adults and you can go and do what you are doing. he will say somthing like there is nothing going on. then you tell him about the phone calls and explain that normal people dont do things like that only people with things to hide. so sorry but its stop or go.

It really depends on what you want...Sometimes remaining silent is your best weapon, that is if you want to keep your marriage.

However, what you have said so far does not prove that he is pursuing her. Her number being stored in his phone doesn't mean anything. She works with him, so nothing odd to that.

If you can't take it anymore and feel you are about to burst out do so. But remember there are consequences. Sometimes being quite about something can prove fruitful.

Here's are some scenarios that may emerge if you keep quite or the converse:

It might be a mere fling and will die out soon. (a positive to keeping quite)

If you confront him then you might encourage him to speak openly about his relationship and he will go public with his relationship with her. If this happens you will not have the face do stay on with him. (this is a negative in confronting him)

As I said it all goes back to you, do you want confront him, are you ready for what might come about?

Are you strong and brave enough to an extent that if he told you "Yes I am having a ....with....and I love her, etc that you will tell him to piss off. And in which you might be giving him exactly what he wants.

Or would you rather stay hush hush about your suspicion while bonding with in an attempt to distance him from her? And consequently have some peace back?

So many women have confronted their men about affairs and who have regretted it immensely.

You see it's not personal, if the secretary wasn't around some other girl would be. All men fall victims to the foolish games of girls. It's how God created them: they drool on breasts and ....

So in the end think about how you want your future to look like. Do you want to be with him or without him? The answer lies within you.

There is no need to put yourself through this any longer. Confront him.

I'm sorry to hear this. Contact me at egyptian.occultist@yahoo.com
i can do look into the situation and tell you what is going on currently. You have a chance to ensure what i tell you!

You can confront him once again, telling him that your checking his phone and know he's call the number and when . . . but he may once again deny anything is going on. It will either cause him to be a bit more sneaky in his methods of contacting her, or YOU must be ready to give him an ultimatum.

You must realize that in healthy, happy relationships, spouses don't go thru each others phone looking for evidence of an affair. Ask yourself why you feel the need to check up on him?

Their mommy!
Keeps all eyes and ears open...he may get ballsy if he thinks he's getting away with it easily. Why would he be calling her right after work if he works with her?!

and install a tracker on his car! I'm just kidding...maybe.

Well if you went that far...why not just call her and ask?

Either way he will probably turn this situation back onto you (that you don't trust him- that you were snooping), so be strong & prepared

you should give little hits to see if he really is cheating

If I was in your position, it would be driving me nuts. I think I would ask him bluntly, why is he calling her so late?

If they are really just friends, maybe you guys should all hang out together. If you know her better and there is nothing going on, you will feel better about them being friends.

If there is something going on, you will probably be able to figure it out better by seeing them together. If he is reluctant to all hang out, he better have a good explanation for it.

Google for other signs of cheating, does he have any of those signs?

♥The Mrs.♥
If you confront him he will probably deny it. I would hire a private investigator or do the work yourself.

Ask him.

If he denies it, then there isnt much you can do.
you dont want to stalk him -- it looks psycho.
Checking his phone, ask him why he is talking to her so late, and tell him it doesnt seem like co worker conversation,
tell him -- please dont waste mine or your time by lying -- if something is going on, we may as well deal with it now.
I know its hard but its always for the best.

Does he go on the computer a lot? A simple computer tap will do the trick. Can't be traced or found in program lists. Literally captures everything done on the comp. I'd recommend Spectorsoft. Make sure you put it on when he's out for awhile, since it takes a little while to download it (you don't even have to leave your house to get it) and figure out how to use it. It's a little complicated but nothing you can't learn within the hour. Test it to make sure it's working by tracking yourself for a couple of minutes.

Only do this if you really want to know. there's no turning back once you see. Sometimes this program messes up your comp so delete it once have found/not found anything after a period of time.

Harry S
This is what you do, and im not playing around btw.

Buy a new pair of panties. Put it in his workbag or something that belongs to him. Then be like, OMGAHD HAVE YOU BEEN CHEATING ON ME? if he reacts and says something like I SWEAR TO GOD ITS NOT THE PERSON I WORK WITH, then he IS cheating on you. If he's like, HOW'D YOU FIND MY PANTIES, then give up on him.

This obviously has caught your attention. Intuition. Since you have already talked to him about it and he denied it, keep your eyes and ears open. Have you ever stopped by to see him at work?

act like nothing is happening... and keep your eyes open, dont talk to him or ask him about anything, its hard but you will find what you are looking for. Search the phone history online, emails, bank acc etc.
good luck

Frannie H
he is messing with her ,you already know .

Just Win Baby

Serioulsy, here it is...come the middle of the week or this coming weekend, bs him in getting him to out with you for dinner & drinks OR drinks alone. The earliest is Weds and no later than Friday.

As if YOU (Clementine) are really on a first of new dates with a guy you really like ...(we know it's you husband)...and while being there together see if he react to you the same way...if he doesnt there is somebody else.

BUT DONT CONFRONT HIM on it the same night. Do this exact process those two specific week ending times first and if your not getting a vibe of him on you...where you looking at you auspicously...then he's spending time with someone else.

I he treats you, like you should be treated on those "Test Dates" then more likely he is not.

If he is, meesing around, DUMP HIM, there no need to deal with his new person, for there is no need to.


I wish you the Best.


Boss Chick 2009
its an intuition thing, and 99.9% of the time, womens intuition is right. i would say confront him ,but he probrably will deny it. i would say to jus keep ur eyes open for suspicious behavior. i had to go through my husbands phone, phone records, and email to find out, but that might not be ur style. if it is.... be prepared for him to get mad over spyin on him. dont let him turn it around on u, stay focused on what u have found and get him to come clean..... hope this helped.

Well trust me I went through a marriage of 10years of this stuff. I have been told that guys can't be friends with woman. The only reason they are is because they want to f***k them sorry toi say and that was coming from numerous men. I suggest you say that you want to all get together and that maybe you and her can be friends too....then see what he says

mar c
he"may be cheating?"......idiot...

bada bing bada boom
I suggest that you keep your eyes and ears open and watch him. Collect some proof before confronting him otherwise he will just deny the allegation or become more careful.

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