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True or False: A man treats his wife the way he treated his mother?
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True or False: A man treats his wife the way he treated his mother?

And a woman has a relationship with her man similar to the one she has with her papa.?


not true. atleast not all the time cuse remember not everything is 100%

Schnauzer Mom ♥
Not the literal truth, at least based on my experience. My husband's relationship with me is much different than with his mom. I don't remember my dad well enough (he died when I was 9) to be able to know for sure, though there are things about my husband that remind other people of my dad (his intelligence, his sense of humor).

no. My husband treats me bad and he treats his mom like if she was God. He is a big time mommas boy. I married a man way different than my dad and that's probably why I can't stand my husband now. I should have married a man just like my dad and maybe I would be happy now.

I don't think there is any truth to this.

Only if the wife acts like his mother and only if the man acts like her papa

false I love my daddy more and my husband still loves his mama

not always

False. My husband treats his mother like a queen and I get whats leftover

respect should be mutual among mother, father, husband & wife.
love to mother and father is different to each.
relation between woman and her man depends on many factors, i.e how much love there between them, respect between them, and need to each other...z

most of the time yes men do it....if a men never respected his mother, which we know a mom is the sacred thing on eart, we cant expect this man to treat his wife right....

well i dont really think so at lest it hasnt happen till now. Ive been married with my husband for 7 years now and together for 12 and to this date he hasnt come closed to treating me like his mother all ive got to say is thank god for that. I think it all depends on how you allow him to talk to you and treat you, if from the beginning you allow him to talk down to you and you dont say anything then he will treat you like bootie but if you dont let him then he really wont do it

omg that is so true! my husband treats his mom like ****, but sad to notice i did not see it before!

No, not true in my experience.

true to the one about mother/false to the one like papa.

Just LiL O' Me*
True to a point.

True - but not absolute.

You are the master of how other people treat you. If your partner tries to treat you as badly as their treated their mother/father, then it's up to you to set boundaries and enforce them.

Oh for sure...My husband thinks women are nusiances, ( his mother was delayed and pretty much useless), he thinks I`m a handicap to him. AND this is past on to the sons...

Lucky are those that have loving husbands and sons..

Carmen P
Um... I'd say false. Not that there's not something to that - just that I think people tend to emulate their parent's relationship be conscious or unconscious. You know, they say women tend to marry men similar their fathers and men tend to marry women similar to their mothers but I think a man is more likely to treat his wife the way his father treated his mother than the way HE treated his mother. Know what I mean?

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