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What would you do if the woman you had an affair with contacted you to say hello...?
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What would you do if the woman you had an affair with contacted you to say hello...?

and ask how you were? You see her pic on myspace and she is still totally hot, but you really love your wife and regret your mistake (even though it was REALLY fun). WOuld you tell her to leave you alone, ignore the message, or engage in conversation with her?


nothing good for your marriage can come of this contact,seems like she is trying to set you up for failure ,you need to remain strong of will power,I'm sure your wife knows more than you think she does ...its not the mistake that kills the marriage its how well you deal with it to over come it,be good to your marriage and your wife,move past this,go buy flowers for your wife and treat her spacial every day...

bel c
ignore her.

Depends how things are in your marriage did you have an affair with her while you were married or while she was married? If it was while your married don't you think you would hurt your wife more than what you already have and don't you think she would find out? Trust me she will so your better off just ignoring the message and be with your wife and DON'T CHEAT AGAIN!

Colleen O
Having morals, values and self respect I never would have had an affair to begin with.

RUN!!!! im sure she has some extra special plans for u

Cathy S
stay away by all means, those women (who have affairs with involved men) dont care about your life and all the repercussions that will go along with it if you're wife finds out

what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas

So you were married... broke your vows... and now this woman is emailing you.

Personally I wouldn't have cheated to begin with, but thats me. However, unless you are interested in tapping that again, I see no reason to chat with her

I agree with ambros up there. Why would you say anything to her? Ever heard of letting a sleeping dog lay?

elvlayarvvi fEisty wife and mom
you should ignore the message...and you should not be looking at her my space page anymore, either...=(...and does your wife know about this affair? consider yourself lucky for her to still be with you, and don't take advantage of her and cease all contact w/ this woman!

Tell your wife so she can dump you. She’ll end up finding out anyways and you don’t love her or you wouldn’t have cheated on her or came on here to basically ask if its ok for you to cheat again, so just get it over with and move on with your life.

It's stupid to even ask this question! You said you regreted having the affair...good. I would apologize to your wife too. She has a right to know. Also tell the lady never to contact you again or don't even answer, just leave her alone and change your phone number if you have too. You don't want her tempting you. It's bad for your marraige! She shouldn't have even called you!

Hoping he will bless me with #1
I think you already know what you're supposed to do, but based on how you asked the question I can tell that you wouldn't be opposed to getting involved with this woman again. If you really regret cheating on your wife, then you wouldn't have said it was REALLY fun to cheat on her. That doesn't make any sense. If you care about your wife, better yet if you care about yourself, do the right thing and tell her to go away. Better yet, don't even reply to her message. If you really want to do the right thing block her from contacting you on My Space.

Why would you even entertain this thought? How would you feel if your wife had a fling and he contacted her? I'm sorry no one deserves to be cheated on.

You are an assehole , dammit! Please cheat with that girl so you're wife can see what an assehole you are and divorce you're sorry asz (and split you're 401k in half )

change ur phone #, remove myspace, block email, ignore message.

other women will ALWAYS look hot at some point or another, but ur married. look (quickly), but do not touch.

She is obviously contacting you to continue where you left off. Part of your question indicates a cloaked desire to go along with the game.
You point out exactly the problem encountered when you had the affair in the first place: lack of trust and failure to communicate.
Unless you are willing to either tell your wife the whole story (I don't recommend that), or at least introduce this woman into your marriage, you should politely tell her that you are working on developing an exclusive relationship with your wife.

Chuck...Your Next U.S. President
Let's see...I'm a male...I love my wife and would be crushed if she ever did that to me. I wouldn't want that lady to email me again. I don't want to ruin my marriage. Plus, if she's stalking over the internet-ur typical bunny boiler (Fatal Attraction)-I would get the police involved. Just because she looks hot doesn't tempt me anymore. I've been there, done that...wrecked my marriage.

First, have you spoken with your wife about the affair. If you have you can hold a conversation with this hot woman but make it clear it is just a friendship not the start of a new relationship with her. If you have not spoken to your wife about her, then you need to tell the hottie to move on with her life,

ignore, fun or not try to take your voes seriously oh thats right to late.

Truth Hurts Get Over It
leave her alone, ignore the comment

Ignore the message.

wish I were
If you truly regret your mistake and love your wife, you will ignore the message or tell her to never contact you again!!

Look, I am a woman who has been through this sort of thing with my own husband. From the wifes point of view, for God's sake, don't reply to this woman you've had an affiar with. No matter how fun it was or how hot she may be. If you really love your wife you must ignore this woman. It will only cause a lot of pain and hurt if and when she finds out. Please just ignore the message. If she persists tell her you arn't interested.

New Nana
Ignore the message. Women like this are such heart breakers. Please be faithful. You will feel sooooo much better about yourself. All sin does eventually surface. If you didnt get caught, you will soon.

YOU DONT SOUND LIKE YOU LOVE YOUR WIFE TO MUCH!!! and if you regreted it you wouldnt even be asking this question

People whom are ex-lovers don't just call to say hi. You need to cease contact with her or you're just going to do it again.

Thomas B
Temptation is root or food for sin.

Ex-Lovers who are losers in life try to ruin your good marriage and contact you.

My advice stay away from this person and ask her not to contact you anymore.

Why not ask you wife if you should talk with her??
Duh! Ignore the message and block her from contacting you again!

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