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Why do married men tell you they don't love their wife but get back with them anyway?
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Why do married men tell you they don't love their wife but get back with them anyway?

He told me that he was not in love with his wife for the last few years. He said that they way he felt with me was something that he has never felt before. Why did he got back to her? I tried to break it off numerous times then he dumps me for her out of the blue. We were planning a life. He met my kids and family.


Monty R
Why do women say they'll never go back to their husband they are seperated from and then go back to him when he promises to change for the 100th time.

They live in a fantasy with you of secret encounters that real life with a real wife with responsibilities/commitments/children can't match...but IT ISN'T real. They say what they have to to keep you. I know. It is has happened to me and my kids this year. But he wants me back. Says he always loved me and is leaving her for the 5th time. I am done and my heart is not a revolving door. I am restoring integrity in my home for the sake of my boys. She is willing to put up with anything just so she won't be alone...and has said so.
She needs (and YOU NEED) to bring some integrity back into your home for the sake of your kids. They need to see a mom with moral integrity who puts them before any man.

Jade M
Fear of the unknown, losing contact with his kids, potential financial losses.

Mummy bunny ♥
A marriage probably won't be as hot as an affair... but at the end of the day, he DOES love his wife. The honeymoon phase is over, but they have a family together. If he didn't love her he would have divorced her already.

OK first you are with a married man so what are you doing introducing him to your kids? That would be confusing! Go find your Prince Charming in a storybooki from hell after his wife beats your nasty ugly azz!

ϟ u mαkε mε вεttεr ϟ
dont fret
your no better than he is

most married men want to be married and single at the same time, hes wife was hes security blanked and most men dont give that up try and move on

Men lie to get laid. Plain and simple. You got used.

Try dating men who are not currently married. It's much easier. Oh, and the right way to live your life and lead your children by example.

A cheater with low morals that lies!

Can't be true.

His Wifey B
Because he was lying to get into your pants.
You should have told him to get a divorce before ever "planning a life" with him.. how do you sleep with someone who you know is married !?!?!?

Sounds like you are not the one who should be asking "judge-mental" questions...

First off, NEVER be with a married man that's not married t you, because if he cheats on her, he'll cheat on you.
second, he went back because he loves her, he married her.. there's something there, and divorce is a big thing..
Try dating a guy who is not already spoken for.

"Why do married men tell you they don't love their wife?"

Because they want a different piece of @ss.

"but get back with them anyway?"

It's the 80/20 rule...any relationship can only give you 80% of what you need...and he figured out that the 20% he was getting from the mistress wasn't worth it.

Why do stupid women like you believe them?

Because you are gullible.

HA-HA he got what he wanted and now you are left holding the bag. Don't mess with married men.

Element Say FU Yahoo V
He said that to get you to put out. Apparently, it worked.

He lied. You were used. Move on with life.

Metamorphosize Me
He was lying to get what he wanted out of you.

They rarely leave their wives for 'the other woman'.

Stop dating married men and try dating someone who is single who can give you an honest future.

Because he just wanted to bang you and you fell for it!!! Its what women get for messing with married men!!!

it's me!
KISS: Because all males think with their d**ks.

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