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Why does my husband try to catch me cheating?
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Why does my husband try to catch me cheating?

Additional Details
I have never cheated on him, but he had cheated in his previous relationships. I am a friendly person, but all my friends just love me and think I'm so sweet.


Yalonda F
B/C he probably thinks you are and does not trust you.

Have you given him reason to beleive you are cheating?

If now, than you two really need to talk.

Common Sense
So he will have a good reason to divorce you.

Because he is insecure - plain and simple. If he was confident and secure in knowing you aren't cheating, he wouldn't bother.

It's his issue.

The girl next door
Maybe he doesn't trust you.

apparently, you've given him some reason to mistrust you.

can't think of any other reason?

Well are you cheating is the question? Or do you flirt? At times I think females tend to be a little flirtatious, but if you are not cheating and he seems to want to catch you cheating, then my personal opinion is that he is cheating! I dont know the whole story and like I said if you are not cheating, then I suggest you turn the tables on him. He obviously is really bugged by the idea of someone else, but it could be his own guilt that he could be trying to spead towards you. He is afraid that since he has done it, you will do it to him. Think about it, start getting curious, start looking around, questioning, but you know what from personal experience doing this to each other is not a happy life, one of you is going to get tired, and it will not be healthy for your relationship. You will end up breaking up, talk to him. Find out what is really going on, you both have every right to know...

Best of luck, and God Bless...

Heather D
Not trying to disappoint you but nine times out of ten, if you have REALLY never cheated on him....he has a guilty conscious. Men begin to try to find dirt on you when they start to feel threatened that they are fixing to get caught doing something that their not supposed to be doing. It is a defense mechanism, that way instead of him taking all of the heat, YOU were doing something wrong too. (It makes them feel a little less bad) Or on a very small chance, he could just be super paranoid due to past relationships where he had been cheated on. Good Luck!!!

glue stick
he' s guilty

Monty L
Get a LIFE.

because you love the cokc

When people do that, sometimes they are trying to cover their own tracks by deflecting the guilt on someone else.

I think because either he cheat it on you and he is afraid that you are going to do the same to him or he is a very jealous insecure man. Or maybe someone cheat it on him in the past and he is not over it. Also it could be that he saw it happening in his family and that can cause some damage to the point to think that all women are cheaters.I only tell you this because of experience.

Either you have betrayed him before or he is cheating on you. Point Blank!

Are you cheating him?
If not, he is crazy.

Ask him, - Why?

Because you cheat?

you mus have given him some reason to mistrust you.

Maybe it was something that you did or said that was out of character for you.

Something has put a bee in his bonnet, hasn't it? If you have done something to cause him to distrust you, it needs to be brought out into the open so you can deal with it. If this is just part of his insecure makeup, then I feel sorry for you. Some people are personally fearful. Sometimes you can bring it into the open and deal with it to the point where it doesn't make you crazy. Sometimes it results in abuse. Be careful. If he is very controlling on top of the jealousy, you need to go to a professional counselor for a further examination of your situation. This could be very serious, so don't delay. Good luck!

For some reason he thinks you're cheating. Have you given him any reason to think this? Have you been cheating? If you haven't been cheating or given him any reason to think you're cheating, then I'd say he has serious trust issues and needs to get some professional help.

Either a guilty consciounse (cant spell that!!) or he has really low self esteem/inferiority complex!

Is he just paranoid....or do you give him any reason to be paranoid? (suspicious calls etc)

For an in particular reason you've made him not trust you. Maybe you've changed up your routine, did something new with your hair, switched your dressing style, never want to go out, whatever it may be big or small he's recognized it and is very uncomfortable with the change. Obviously, if you already know he's trying to catch you cheating, do things differently, when you leave tell him you love him while looking into his eyes. Call him when you're on your lunch break and soon as you walk out the door to head home from work. Even try to talk to him all the way home. Ask him what he wants to do for the evening. Basically try being how you were when you first started dating. Sometimes relationships get dull and the person suspects due to infidelity but that's not always the case. And last but not least reassure him that your love for him is true and there's no were in the world you'd rather be than with him. Good Luck

SERIOUSLY....Are we married to the same man ??!!!

because we get kina jealous?

Lady M
Because he doesn't trust his own judgment. If he's unsure whether your being truthful, to just believe that your not would make him a fool, especially if it turned out you were cheating on him. This could go two ways. He could eventually catch you "not cheating" and "being truthful" enough that he realizes he doesn't need to try to catch you, and then he will be OK and just trust you. Or, he could work himself into worse shape as time goes on and become more suspicious and untrusting.

I've been on every side of that coin. What I would recommend is for you to try to be patient and understanding while he works it through. What also might be helpful is to set up time say once a week to just spend time with him doing something he likes to do. Also, to some extent, you can humor him. Make sure your accessable, (he can call you within reason, he knows where your going to be and when). That might help prevent him from feeling like your trying to keep your plans/whereabouts a secret. (If you get mad at him for how he feels, your probably just going to make the fear stronger for him).

lime green olives
usually it means that he is cheating.

it could be that he has such low self esteem and is paranoid about losing you.

either way, you need him to seek counseling.

Heaflon Hatchet
i may be wrong but from my experience.. a guy only suspects when he cheats. ive heard stories upon stories.. 90% of the time its because his cheating that he suspects u. then theres that 10% being low self esteem and over protective

maybe, you are too friendly with men.

Daniel W
Either he is wanting to Catch you cheat because he is cheating..... or he wants to catch you to have an excuse to end it.
Or the most obvious is that he is just a jealous husband that is insecure.

Because he is cheating most likely. They say when they accuse you and are trying to catch you, your partner is feeling guilty about something.

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