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Why does my wife laugh at me?
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Why does my wife laugh at me?

I know we hate each other ans all but sometimes I just dont understand how she can be so mean. she is as mean as an old witch. This morning I was gettin dressed to go to work and I saw i was out of deoderant. I'm a little over weight and if i don't use deoderant I stink up the whole toll booth where I work so i had to git some before i went in to work. So I asked my wife if we had some extra in the house and for once in the whole ten years of marriage i really thought she was going to be nice cause she brought me a little box and said it was a powder deoderant and to just puff it all over me before i put my clothes on and it would be fine. So I tossed handfulls of that white powder all under my arms and on my chest and in my drawers, got dressed and went in to work. Well low and behold about midday I got to sweating up a storm and i noticed i was smelling bad and gettin all sticky and then it hit me -- that miserable old hag gave me pancake mix and told me it was deodrent! I was looking and feeling like a big ole pilsbury doe boy by this afternoon and i still got that goo all in my buttcrack. Of course she laughed at me till she threw up when I got home. Why is she so dang mean? How could anyone be that cruel? My boss chewed me out this afternoon cause pancake mix was dripping off my arms when i gave change. How can i git her back for this?


Isn't it past your bedtime?

Get her back by telling her that she is always mean, that you aren't happy and that you are going to leave her. Then leave her. You sound unhappy and that was just plain wrong!

first off, even though she may deserve it, don't try and get back at her please. just get a divorce because you seem so miserable. you sound like a really nice person and im sure you could find someone else who truely loves you for you.

That doesn't even sound real...

I can't understand why she would be so cruel. It really sounds like you're unhappy. Just leave her.

Two things. First, tell het the story again and laugh with her. Second, ask her if theres anything you can buy for her, at the store, and get her a nice gift wrapped box, with a rubber snake inside!!! You can buy them at toy stores. Then you will have the last laugh!!!

Pour super glue on her back and slam her into the wall so shes stuck.

Kurt Hieblinger
Best story ever. Your wife sounds fun.

June Baby
Oh Lord have mercy, Herman. I cain't believe the old hag did it again to you. I try hard to lay low and stay outta your way so she doesn't come fater me with a beater or something like that, but the thoughts of you with pankcake powder all over you just makes my big heart beat out of my big ole chest all over again. I mean, I got so Aunt Jemima syrup and I can think of some good stuff to do with it. Youre ole boss was jellous becauze you were hotter than him. but I don't know about the hag witch, why she is so mean. I think it's her way of showing love to you. Don't tell her I talked to you again, please mercifal God don't tell her because I value my life. Didn't anybody ever tell you it's manly to smell man sweat?

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