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Why is the divorce rate so high in the world these days ?
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Why is the divorce rate so high in the world these days ?

any answers will be great thanks.


Donna P
Because the atheism rate is so high also.

Caolan C
Because marriage is impractical and illogical in the 21st century. People just do it because it's a social convention.

Because women are now in the work force where as before men were the main bread winners, now women are the bread winner too and they don't take the crap that they use to.

Divorce is easy. Maybe too easy. Also people don't feel they have to stay married, why be unhappy if you don't have to be?

It's always been seen that way.





Cute Little Mouse
Because people fail to realize that marriage is like basketball and football, we are supposed to discuss our plans before making big decision. When you work as a team you usually end up with great results.

A lot of people get married thinking the marriage is going to be centered around them. No, there is no more Me, it is we now. You have to bend a little accommodate each other. Marriage is a constant negotiation between 2 people. When the communication becomes one sided and selfish, there goes the marriage.

I believe people look for someone to complete them, and take care of all of their needs, and when the reality doesn't meet with what they thought it should be they want to bolt out the door into the arms of someone else who they think will meet all their needs. people are selfish and it has allot to do with their character, their belief system, and if they can problem solve or not.

Because now days it's more acceptable to get a divorce...and women are more independent.
Back in the day, women depended on their husbands for survival. Men were the ones with income, so they had all the power. Plus, divorce was such a horrible thing to them back then.
So now that a woman can have just as much power as a man, it's easier for her to leave him. These days, we marry a person because of "LOVE" (rather than survival.) and it takes a lot of work to keep the love alive!

Hi I think it is mainly due to the fact that it is completly socially acceptable to get divorced these days and a number of times, no one thinks anything of it. Maybe in general people should spend longer getting to know someone before they tie the knot, and have conversations about what you want out of life before you get married so that you know you have common goals together, having children, home ownership, travel plans, career goals etc.

If someone gets married because they think that the other person will fulfill them and make them happy and then find out that that's not true then its a disappointment. They began to think oh its just not working out we can't get along...she/he changed....or I'm falling out of love...
These are all reason's that are not really the cause. Only God in heaven can fill the void that thing or something that is missing is God. God is love and if he is not apart of your life and in your marriage how can it be successful....how can we learn to love in spite of...love is a choice we all have the choice to love or not to love and to give up when thing get tough or to go to God for strength and get through it...In all there are so many reason for divorce but the optimum question is where are we spiritually and what do we think about ourselves without pointing the finger at the other person...

i believe it is because it is so easy to get a divorce now:)

As Cher put it in one of her songs: "Not enough love and understanding."

Because people do not take their vows seriously. They rush into relationships, heck they even rush the first kiss (and more). If people took the time to get to know each other, become friends, really spend time together, they may have a better chance of keeping a marriage going. I have been married for 6 1/2 years and in my short marriage I have learned it is hard work. But I was smart, I married my best friend. Marriage is like a roller coaster. You will have up times and down times, and sometimes you will be crying for the ride to end. But the best part of marrying your best friend is that no matter what part of the roller coast you are on, you can count on your best friend to be right by your side. People think that Divorce is easy and the best answer, and the truth is, it is just easier than dealing with all the icky stuff. Don't get me wrong, if you are in an abusive marriage, then I 100% agree with divorce.

Because we are humans and most times we think we are in love but we are not. People marry being too young to know. We really fall in love when we are over 40 or so, although it is not a question of age, it should happen when life has given us enough experience, when we have grown up, When we have developed in the persons we really are but not before.

i think it is because we are quick to exchange vows but what we need to understand is that marriage is a partnership and requires alot of hard work and commitment.Too many people jump in head first without even knowing the person well enough or even them self for that matter. Respect for mankind love for the planet and harmony with a partner

because the truth comes out after you marry and that suks

Its so high because people are giving up too easily. When things get tough, they think its not worth keeping it going.

So in the end its lack of commitment to one another. If couples just really took their vows seriously and actually kept their promise then there would be less divorce. They forget that when they say 'For better or for worse' that it really means just that. Even if things get bad they will stand beside one another. But no one takes those words seriously anymore.

The thing is unless a husband/wife is unfaithful or abusive... then in reality there really is nothing a married couple can't get through. I know my boyfriend and I have been through hell and back (we've been together now for 4 years) but the reason we are still together is we are committed. And we've learned that even when things are bad and it doesnt seem like it could ever get better.. if we just stick it through together then things will get better.

And often times we overcome the obstacle and become much closer and stronger then we were before.

So literally, it is just lack of commitment and not really standing by the promise they made together.

I find a lot of people who get married are getting married because of the ring and the dress and the "big day". They don't know what marriage is all about. They don't know that it requires work to keep a marriage healthy and lasting. A lot of people think getting married will fix any problems that they have in their relationship, when it only makes things worse.
Divorce has become a norm now, so people get married and then have a fight or two and just divorce. Divorce is easier than actually having to face your problems and TALK to your partner and work things out.
It's not that marriage has become obsolete in the 21st century, it's that society is slowly losing grasp of what marriage is all about.
Everyone wants instant gratification. They don't want to have to make a decision that will last for the rest of their lives. They like the idea of having options. If they marry someone who isn't compatible (which is often the case), then they just divorce and find someone else to marry "momentarily".
Everyone needs to just stop and take a moment to evaluate their relationship before they make the big step, that's all.
I'm not saying marriage is for everyone, because it's not.
I'm merely saying - marriages often end very easily now because of the aforementioned reasons.

DJ Rapture
I agree with Caolan. People just dont take marriage seriously nowadays. They look at it as a fairy tale, because it's every little girl's/woman's dream to get married. They don't look at the negative parts about it.

Selfishness, lack of commitment, laziness...People get married too quickly, they do not understand the responsibility that marriage requires. People cheat because they are selfish. People do not communicate with their spouses. People think that it is okay to divorce because you are not happy (not a reasonable excuse). I could go on forever but Lastly there is a lack of GOD in marriage. I know that when I marry my boyfriend I will be with him forever, I am making a promise to not only him but God also....an eternal commitment to both. I will take my vows seriously, nothing in this world would ever make me break them. I wish people would value marriage more...it makes me sad to see what it has come to. There should be standards/limits to marriage, the government should make it more difficult to get married. I think that this would lower divorce rates....premarital classes, marriage is now just something that you do and people do not take it with the seriousness that it deserves.

I think the number one reason the divorce rate is so high is that we have become a society of selfish individuals. The majority of the people in the world care more about themselves than anything else on this planet. It is sad but true. Divorce is just one of the many effects of the self-engulfed way of thinking that is so prevalent in today's society.

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B/c no one has morals anymore
money issues
people don't realize what marriage really means a commitment for life not just commitment until stress.

Whoa Kemosabe
because a lot of people give up 2 easily. and marriage is not easy. if u really love sum1 and want to be with them, u have to work 4 it, not just give up when things get hard.

1) ppl rush into marriage
2) ppl marry for wrong reasons
3) ppl dont work hard enough to keep a strong relationship

hope these are good answers :)

People don't understand how many aspects there are to a relationship before they get married. They just dive right in and get stuck after a while with kids and growing up that they just break down and don't try to get help. Now, granted, some people just weren't right for each other but got married for reasons above them, and they really need to break up. But a lot of times it's just not realizing how big of a commitment people are getting themselves into. And it's the fault of both guys and girls. Girls pressure a guy into marrying her because she feels she needs to, as Beyonce put it, put a ring on it fast, but the girls just don't realize it might not be the right guy for them in the long run. And guys just don't object to anything until they're very far into the marriage and not getting any anymore.

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