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Why wont my husband tell his friends or family we got married?
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Why wont my husband tell his friends or family we got married?

my husband and i had plans to go to mexico to get married so we decided to do our vows in canada with out the ring exchange so it still has the real touch when we plan to go do our wedding ceremony when we had planned to go to mexico for this but signed all the papers and are by law married. When we did our vows we made a bet on money to see who could keep it a secret the longest that we got married and i lost i was to excited to hold it in so i told my husband that i wanted everyone to know what we did and what our plans are , that was two months ago and he still hasn't told his family or any of his friends that we are married , he wouldn't even tell anyone that we were engaged , i've been asking him when he is going to tell his family or anyone for the last two week and why he has finally told anyone and he has a new reason every time i ask and keeps saying he will tell his family on differnent occassions but never does. i'm actualy really hurt over this and wondering if stuff like this is normal . i know we had a bet but it is over with now and he has had lots of time to tell his family but only told them that we are making plans to get married but wouldn't tell them that we are already married , his family isn't even going away with us to join us on our day for our wedding ceremony so i don't understand any of this so i am lost on this hole thing .. i just need an answer


He's ashamed to admit that he is married and he's trying to hide it from his friends and family and possibly another woman. Insist on an answer and move out if you don't get one.

Michael V
The bet is the answer !
The longer he leaves it the harder it becomes, as he tries to avoid the unavoidable. His family would only ask why they were left out, and put it this way, if a son or daughter of mine got married without me knowing I would be very upset as I was unable to give the daughter away, or give the son my support. You cant turn the clock back and what about the Wedding photos and family get together. The rest of the family would be shocked as well.
What goes around comes around and I sincerely hope the same does not happen to you, if your sons or daughters get married !
How would you feel ?

Well you have had your joke and fantasy, now is the time to face reality, but I would not like to be in either of your shoes.

the source
yikes... well whats his excuse ? i honestly think that either hes #1 ashamed he made a mistake wth you and doesnt wanna hurt ur feelings #2 embarrased towards his family # 3 maybe hes kept u guys a secret for so long that maybe his family and friends wouldnt understand #4 or he has a girlfriend/babysmamas/or wife elsewhere!
# 5 or he wants to keep it a big surpise with his family! ..... somethings deffinetly up !

Be carefull, he may have a hidden agenda.

its his friends and family
maybe he has a good reason
if he hasnt told them after the ring exchange then you can tell them
but maybe he just doesn't want them there?
is he close to them?
does he like them?
there are many things that could be going on so don't jump to conclusions hun.
actually sit down and talk to him about it.
let him know that you are hurt by this.

Common sense isn't anymore..
Sounds like he is already married. I would point blank tell them myself.

What did he win with the bet. I want to know. As for your question, next time you are with his friends and or family let the word husband slip a few times and then the cat will be out of the bag so to speak.

Sue B raised a good point , is he scared of what his family will think how long have you been together?and dose his family like you there is some reason why he not shouting it from the roof tops!

leah g.
He doesn't want to tell them for some reason that you can only find out from him.
If you trust him, stop pushing him to tell for a week and see if he does it on his own.
His actions will speak and if he doesn't do it in the time that you give him to do it without you saying something, then I would frame the marriage certificate and put it on the wall and still not say anything.
If this bothers him I would worry that you may have married a man that is already married or has some other dark secret.
Who bets on not telling something so joyous as your wedding day?
I would be hurt too if I were you. That is not normal.

You guys eloped. It took me a while to tell my parents.
Have you gone to Mexico yet? i.e. is it 'officially' done?
You promised not to tell, yet you did.
He's struggling with that too.

Eloping means getting married then telling people, not leaking it.

Let him tell them when he's ready.

So if he won't then why don't you, seems as if he is hiding something my dear!

Sue B
Are you 100% sure he's not still married to someone else??

Ali M
i bet hes gay

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