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can my ex wife's boyfriend claim my kids on his taxes if they are not married ?
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can my ex wife's boyfriend claim my kids on his taxes if they are not married ?


jennie r
Ask A lawyer ASAP!

no its not legal!!!!!!!!!!!

i wouldn't think so....either you or your ex wife

No, do you pay child support?she must report that income and since they are not married he is commiting fraud if he claims them.call the IRS and get the total answer

if they are your kids and not his then no, he can't

Only if they are living together and he is the sole provider.

Not if he's dead!!!

Daiquiri Dream
Has he adopted them?

no way They have to be claimed by either the mother, father, or legal guardian and thats it. The law is on your side. GOOD LUCK :)

Jeff W
Only if they've been together long enough to be considered common law married--those laws differ by state, but as a general rule--if they've file joint taxes before.

Only one of you can claim the children on your taxes.

Talk to a lawyer. What is the arrangement in your divorce.

Rebecca R
In order to claim a child this is what happens. I assume you pay child support and they live with her and him. If she doesn't work but cares for the children then he is paying for 51% of their care throughout the year. If you pay an outrageous amount of child support check into it because you may have the right to claim them. But if she is working and you are paying child support, then she has to be the one to claim them. Check into it. Either way its 51% of their care for the year. Whoever pays that can claim them. But if you pay nothing, keep out of it, not trying to be mean but I know a lot of guys who worry about who is claiming them and they dont support them at all.

No he can not...they are not his....I would take him to court and sue him_

by law no!!!! but check your lawyer that's serious

no if your DIVORCE papers state your ex can claime then ,..then she can not your ex wife bf.. tues call HR BLOCK and they will tell you the same thing..but now if they lived in the same house together and you were not married then you are screwed .. but you said ex wife so you were married..ask hr block and your lawyer just to be sure

Of course they are not married they are kids and they are brother and sister

if he supports them yes otherwise it's illegal! you should be the one to claim them!

No, No No. He cant. If they were married, and she had residential custody, then yes. But since they arent. She can on her taxes, but he cant on his. Hope that helps.

Yes he can.

m c
If the wife and kids lives with the guy, if he supports them all, he can claim them. If they lived with me and I supported them all, I could claim them.

My godkids' mom has asked me several times if I want to claim her kids on my taxes. Since I'm afraid of doing illegal things, I've never taken her up on it. however, I may be putting her daughter in school by me starting next month. If she's living in my house and eating my food, I just might.

No he can't. But if he does then you may can get him for tax fraud. I believe that they have to be married before he can claim them. Call the IRS and check to make sure.

Sure he can if he is providing majority of their support. I forgot what percentage, but they have to be pretty much dependent of him financially.

yep if she let him. the law said the kids has to been lived with the person carrying them for at least six months. but people dont listen to that

If they all live in the same household and he supports the child a certain percentage, I'd say yes.. Why isn't she claiming him?

melissa s
The man down the street can claim them if he wants but only one person can

If they live together and she doesn't claim them. Technically he is taking care of them if they are under his roof.....Well, that's how the government looks at it. Why is this a problem? Are you upset that she won't let you claim them? Have you been there to help out to even have an opportunity to claim them?

Not being mean....just asking some questions!

yep! i can claim ur kids if no one else did.

If they live with him more then half time and he provides support to them then yes he can.

Only if her boyfriend is also a relative

Some of u are idiots yes he can....... Do they live with him and does he take care of them? Duh...

My question is my ex boyfriend & I have our children equally but I am the one that works he collects social security and he got married in September 2013 is she legally able to claim my children On her taxes

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