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how do you play mind games on a man?
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how do you play mind games on a man?

please help!


remember-you get back-what you give in life

miss katie
dress up really nice like u have a date and just go to the mall
to shop and make sure u wear his favorite perfume smell.
Are ware something u first meet him in.

And Why Not?
All women play mind games with men, They just don't realise they are doing it. It requires no special techniques

Don't its not worth it. Just be yourself!

aryu nuts or what ?

Why do you feel the need to? Treat him with the same courtesy and respect you would expect.

You shouldn't. That's deceitful and mean. Here you are wanting to play with a guy's mind and then the rest of us women are trying to figure out why guys treat us like dirt and play with us. It's girls like you that ruin the good ones by playing BS mind games.

All I have to say is: Karma is a B**** and what goes around comes around.

Martha Y
I think playing mind games is revolting and unnecessary just to have a man he will find out and you will not like it

Jason G
Y waste your time. He will do the same to you or worse; do somebody else who isn't about the games.

The pink panther
Arre you blond, or what!!! what kind of question is that!!!! Why would you not want to just be yourself and and be honest? Did this man do something to you that you feel you have to pay him back?

She just told me that she used to pick on fights so that I'd love her more.

It depends, if he cheated on you and you want revenge....Then you "just be friends" then add benefits....do not get jealous and be busy when he needs you....get him to love and miss you againd and just when you think he is ready to jump back into the realtionship saddle......dump him.

willie taylor
tell him the truth

ok seriously why would you wanna play mind games with a man? there easy to do i used to do it just for sh*ts and giggles when i was a teenager but as an adult i wouldn't as i've grown up. whats brought this on?

seriously,you wasted your time typing that question.

WHY, would you want to do that?

no matter what people do to you mind games are cruel their must be other ways to get your own back without playing with someones mind pat

Why would you want to play mind games with a man??? To me that is a waste of time for anyone to do or go through. If you are having to play mind games, or any kind of games with a man's life/heart then you obviously DO NOT care or respect him. Just be yourself, with no games, and people will appreciate you for who you are. Good Luck

Rhode Island Red
How old are you? You shouldn't have to play mind games with a man, grow up!

mind games are wrong! men dont deserve that. you will reap what you sow. honesty goes along ways

You don"t....that's childish!

grow up, mind games arent for real women

Why don't you play a game of mindfulness instead of a mind game? I would bet the relationship would be better.

why whould you, you must not respect him much, so he can do better than you

Sir Richard
You do it to yourself so you dont know what is going on. Then he wont know what is going on. Everybody is in the dark. Mission accomplished.

Go to the middle of a busy road and take you clothes off and just stand there.

I hope I taught you a great mind game!

just dont!!! Men deserve more than that!

You don't want to. It's like Shakespeare would say: What a tangled web we weave when we try to deceive.

Life is too short, try being authentic! You will form relationships where you are in a position to learn from honest mistakes, not ones brought on purpose.
These sorts of games....come back to hurt you, you have heard what goes around comes around?
Games are for children, and I am sure you have better things to do with your time.
Do things where you will bring blessings back to you....don't attract bad karma!

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