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my husband is cheating on me and doesnt want a divorce?
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my husband is cheating on me and doesnt want a divorce?

my husband is seriously involved with another woman and they know that i know about whats going on, but he told me he didn't want a divorce what should I do


stay with the relationship until you figuer it out and feel more comfortable with it, he dosnt want a divorce what you gonna do?

Of course not! He doesn't want to give up half his stuff, MOVE and pay you alimony. YOU SHOULD want one though! HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT!

he wants his cake and eat it too so hmmmm divorce him i'd say

You should do what you want to do.

Chocolate gravy would be amazing
Can you honestly forgive him? If you want a divorce and he is cheating on you then legally you can have a divorce. You deserve better than someone who is cheating on you.. I would take legal action but its your decision..

HATE pasting this everywhere but..


Thank you a lot if you click on it

Scott S
***sweet mildred is in the house....crawl into her playpen***

Which state do you live in?

In most states divorce doesn't need any cause. But even if you live in a state that needs cause, adultery will clearly grant you divorce in a court.

Well you could wait till he gets her pregnant or bring home an STD.

You are being taken for a fool. You should do what is in your best interest = DIVORCE.

He is turning his love, affection, attention & intimacy to another woman and doesn't care that you know. He has no respect for you and doesn't love you. Which is why you should be at an attorneys office instead of on Answers.

Divorce him...

What do YOU want? Do you have young children? Are you financially dependent on your husband? There are many factors in this decision. Good luck

Divorce him anyways. It only takes 1 person wanting the divorce for it to happen.

Laura M
you don't need his consent to get a divorce. Leave his cheating butt.

Suzy wong from hong kong
just file for a divorce! try get some proof of him having an affair and take it to a solicitor it would be messy but what would you rather he take the piss out of you and still be married and see this other woman? tell him he cant have his cake and eat it!

you can get a divorce after 2 years without him having to agree to it if you have been seperated and living seperately for 2 years

Why are you asking what you should do? Do you plan on putting up with this behavior? Do you not believe you deserve someone that is honest and true to you? There is someone out there that will love you and be true to you. Life is too short to settle for someone that treats you badly. I personally would rather be alone then with someone who lies and is unfaithful. Why do you think he is worth staying with? Is it because you are afraid to be alone? You are alone now. He is with someone else. He has already left you. He is greedy person. He wants both you and his lover. You deserve better.

Divorce him anyway. He does not want you to date and be happy like he is.

Ann...do you need a brick to hit you in the head?

Divorce his cheating butt now. He is using you and he is using the mistress also.

Get rid of him.

Get a lawyer and file for divorce. Take every last cent you can from the cheating dirt bag.

You can still divorce him.... contact a lawyer.

maybe he wants her to join the family. In that case are u willing if not and your not happy than get a divorce.

Well, its not really up to him is it? You would seriously be a pawn if you let them do this. I think you should give him an ultmatum, if he wants to be with you he would stop, but sometimes after cheating for such a lengthy period of time its hard for men and women to stop cheating, honestly depending on who is involved (family, children etc.) I would either move on with my life or go to counseling with your spouse. Its a tough decision to make but you must make a decision.

Donald S
Get a boyfriend and put him in the same place as you.. two can play that game.. Guys hate the whats good for you is good for me SH**. lol.
Or just follow the sensible advice and seek a lawer.
Good Luck

Girlfriend... drop his @ss like the burnt no good hot potatoe that he is.

You are much to much of a good woman.. he doesn't respect or love you... obviously.

Take ur @ss down to the courts... get you one of those $10 Do-It-Yourself Divorce packets... and kick his @ss to the curb.

Girl... a NEW year is approaching FAST.................. Make this NEW year, YOUR year! Get rid of him.

Yeah, it will hurt. Yeah, you will be starting over. Yeah............. it will be sooo worth it.

Do, YOU baby................ let not that man... who doesn't deserve you anyway drag you down.

Tell his @ss to KICK ROCKS!


Divorce him, accept it, or say you will divorce him unless it stops. I know a couple who has been together a long time with the husband getting some elsewhere... the wife knows it happens she told him to do it and not to tell her about it, it works for them. I personally would never allow it! All depends on you and your husband.

Lacey A
you don't need him to agree to a divorce to get one. you can get the paperwork yourself and file at the court house. he will have 30 days to respond if he'd like. if he doesn't you should still get a court date after the 30 days. if you have proof of his adultery you can even get the other woman for alienation of affection. check your local laws to see if that applies near you.

Serve him with divorce papers. Not you literally, someone else will do that.

Kick him out, and go to court about this issue.
Go through with the divorce! If he is expecting both then thats not good!

Keep your head up high sweetie, the right guy will be out there still!

I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you want a divorce? If so, then who cares if he wants one or not, file for it and get it. He may not want the divorce but he can't stop you from filing for one and getting one, it just may take you a little longer than if he agreed to it.

priyanka - BOS-NYC
like ive told another woman before - youre not trapped. you can file for divorce whether he likes it or not.

he has his large side order of fries that comes with the meal

in the mean time, you need to find your smoothie to go with that split. (aka comfy cabana boy)

You must have no self esteem.

I'd have papers served tomorrow.

Divorce his ars anyway.

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