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my husband thinks he knows it all.?
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my husband thinks he knows it all.?

my husband thinks he knows absolutly everything in this world and treats me like an idot. I feel crushe every time I talk to him and say my opinion.
I'm even scared of telling him how I feel. it really hurts.
what should I do?


J K (Semper Fi) Beer is good!!!
Buy him a book of trivia and then tell him you read it already? It hurts that bad, then you need to tell him how it affects you, you need to stand up for yourself girl.

» мσммч кαss ;
Dont let him walk over you like that! Just be honest.

hey girl.. everyone answers like standing up for yourself makes it work.. like he will stop and think, wow, maybe she does have a brain... but you know it will never be that way... my man is exactly the same.. and i do admit, he is extremely smart about a lot of things.. he knows i know a lot of stuff too, but educationally, i am not that bright... but i'm ok with that... its when i do know that i'm right, or that my opinion should be valued just as much as his, thats when i get mad when he argues... or when he wont explain a reason for not doing something i suggested, nor even giving a response to it... he'll get irritated and tell me, not in so many words, to just be quiet... so, i am working really hard on me - and that is, when i know i'm right, or have something to say, i will state it, and if its not received well, or at all, still know that i am right and go on about my day... its tough.. it doesnt always work.. i cry a lot... but slowly i am changing my feelings and knowing that i dont need him to validate me is what helps... just know, in your mind and heart that what you said was right.. as long as whatever is happening isnt damaging anything or anyone, then whatever... let him think whatever he wants.. you dont need his validation to know what you know.. its something i learned from my mom, a woman who is highly educated.. its easier to yes him to death, then do whatever i want then it is to argue... good luck.. i hope you can work things out for you!!

Do you love him? If you answer yes then think of this question whenever you feel like hes belittling you....."Do I wanna be right or do I wanna be happy?" Eventually he probably wont "stagehog" as much --you could clue him in to how at times his intelligence causes you to feel insecure or "dumb" and that although it is difficult you are only telling him so that he is more aware of your feelings...you could tell him that you love the fact that he is so smart but at the same time it can make you feel less intelligent...

Just yes him and walk away...let him ramble on by himself. I know the type...if you ignore them they will go away...or at least quiet them down a bit

Randy N
Pardon my "vulgarity" here, but, quit being a pusssy and have the balls to stand up to him and tell him where to get off. I do apologize for my crass language but if you don't get some balls to stand up to him and everyone else, your life is doomed to a pathetic existence. Again, I do apologize for my crass language, but if you don't hear it in harsh terms, you'll never rise to the level of being a respectable human being, and that's what you're saying you want, so, stand up like you have a spine in you and tell him where to get off. And you can do it in whatever words you want, and you can even cry, but don't back down. Let that anger come out, all over him!! He's not a bad guy. You've just not stood up and stood your ground, and so anybody and everybody will run over you, so, STAND UP, and don't back down!! Remember the movie "You've Got Mail" when Joe Fox kept telling the character played by Meg Ryan, Kathleen Kelly I believe, "It's not personal. Don't make it personal. Just say what you want and what you mean!" It's in your hands now, "Shop Girl". God Bless you.

baby nash
sweetie i believe ur man is human and understand logic stuff. why don't you ask him why he think you wrong in terms of your opinions and if any tangible answer doesn't pop out of his mouth.then i would assume he is not a guy willing to help you or strengthen a relationship

sonni c
People that put other people down do this because they are insecure and it also feeds their ego. In reality he's the one who is weak this is how they make themselves look good, at least in their distorted thinking.

You both need counseling the sooner the better before he shoots your self esteem down so low you get depressed. And he needs it so that he will grow up then maybe your marriage will stand a chance.

I know exactly what you are feeling. The truth is, that what he said is not possible. He is trying to get under your skin or he truly has a mental disorder such as grand deluise.
When your husband starts this behavior, do not say anything to him. Just nod and walk away or go into another room. If he is trying to get under your skin he will knock this off wants your reactions cease. But, you need to work on yourself. Control your emotions because you cannot control his. If you feel you are really in danger, stay with family or friends until he receives help.
If he has a resentment(s) against you, he will keep playing this types of cards.

You can tell him he has a right to his opinion and you have a right to yours!!!! You count and you need to be valued. Start valuing yourself and he'll start valuing you too!

Play nice, children
Don't take that crap. When he starts speaking his mind, laugh in face, tell him he's crazy and spewing off at the mouth and what he's saying doesn't make sense and he sounds like a fool. See how he likes it. After it sinks in, have a talk with him and tell how he always makes you feel bad.

I got one of them,too. Most of the time I just let him riff and rave about whatever even if I know he is wrong, just so I don't end up in an arguement. Don't ever be afraid to express how you feel about anything. The problem with them is they can't admit they are wrong. I just ignore him. You didn't mention how long you have been married, I've been married to my Mr. Know It All for 27 years. Thank God for the internet

ask him about the female body and menstrual cycles.. menopause and having babies... see if he can answer all that.. if he can't tell him to take a better look in the mirror cause two equals make a whole..

Jeremy's Wife
Communication! It's a part of marriage. You should NEVER be scared to tell your husband how you feel. He needs to know what hurts you in order to atleast make an attempt to fix it. If he continues to belittle you... maybe counseling? Good Luck

Cyclist 2300
tell him... that sometimes.... he's an a ho-e.

Those that think they know everything are really irritating to those of us that do.........

Mrs Libra
Stand up for yourself and stop letting him treat you like a doormat that's what you should do.

be honest no matter how hard it is good luck

the ~maiden~ xanz
It's usually insecure bullies who need to make themselves look bigger at your expense and more of a sign of insecurity than anything else. But no one can tell you what to do. Think of it this way... if he was going to only get worse, if you had to feel this way for the rest of your life, what would you do? Because that is likely the case.

If you want to stay with him, find other ways to succeed, other ways to validate your own worth, either through hobbies or more education, whatever you choose, but you do need some way to define yourself other than through the eyes of a blow hard know it all who thinks of you second to himself.

i doubt that he will change. i WOULD make sure he knows how disrespectful he is and if you are going to cry all day anyway, why not just have at least one knock down drag out fight with him and tell him what an asshat he is? Then you might ask him to put himself in YOUR shoes. It's really OK to get VERY angry when you live with someone who has no respect for you.

Your other choice, of course, is to move on and find someone else. Life was not intended to be lived in misery and this is the only one you get.

gentle thoughts...

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