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neighbours daughter is trying to seduce my husband?
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neighbours daughter is trying to seduce my husband?

our neighburs 16yr old daughter has a major crush on my husband. They chat occasionally on msn. Bear in mind my husband is soooo not interested. They were chatting the other night and we pretended i wasn't looking in on the convo and she tried to convince him to go to london so they could go drinking together. Has anyone got any suggestions about how i can warn this 16 yr old W.hore off my husband before i punch her lights out...bear in mind im not usually the confrontational kind....( i don't want to get into trouble)

also this 16 yr old has slept with 7 guys that we know of this year and already had threesomes..at her age!
Additional Details
she is our neighbours daughter..and we get on with the family..he is our friend...theres nothing wrong with chatting to a 16 yr old..she's the one doing the advancing...we are only 24 ourselves so have alot in common like our taste in music and tv etc..nothing devious about it...


tell er mum if she is 16 tell er mum. or tell ur husband 2 tell er 2 bk off, sounds 2 me like e like the attention otherwise e wouldnt even b e mailin a young girl!!!!!!!!

What? Maybe you should have a long talk with her mother. And show her the msn messages she sends to your hubby. And yes you can confront this little girl without knocking her into next year. Maybe that's what she needs. You can get on line and when she thinks your hubby is talking to her. Tell her you know who she is and you are watching her and to back off your hubby. Delete her name off his or your list and, don't talk with her at all after wards.

Um your husband is chatting to a 16 year old girl???? You are putting her down..... No guy spends time talking to a 16 year old if they are not interested

Talk to her parents...let them know their daughter is flirting with your husband...a married man! Also, I'd confront her, in front of her parents...this way, they'll see her lying reaction and know that what you're saying is the truth.

Talk to the parents

Planet Earth calling! What on Earth is your husband doing on msn with her? She is a minor child who has a crush - his chatting with her is inapprorpriate and she could easily take it as a sign that he is interested.

Your husband should be clear with her, in person, with you and her parents present - he is not interested and there will be no further contact. Period.

You and your husband are the adults on this one - shame on you both!

I would start by talking to your husband. I mean what is he doing chatting to her on MSN??? And what are you doing encouraging him???

Tell him this is not appropriate and if he's really sooo not interested as you say he'll stop. It sounds right now that his behaviour (and your encouragement of it) isn't exactly putting the girl off.

Tell your hubby not to talk to her Why is he? He is the one that can get jail time for something she may make up. Tell your husband not to respond to her and she will get tired of being ignored.

Your husband needs to break off the convo with this girl now. He's only helping her along and while he may not mean to, he is encouraging her feelings.
If she persists, talk to her parents, and if that does no good, then perhaps you should seek a restraining order.

Your hubby should stop talking to her and her parents should be told of her behavior. Stay away from the little tart, she is TROUBLE!

if your husband respects and loves you, tell him to stop communicating w/this 16yr old girl. he could get into a lot of trouble for it. and don't blast the girl's business about how many ppl she's been w/on the net. you're being immature.

Michelle C
I would tell your husband to stop messaging her. Although I know he is not interested in her, in this 16yr olds head he is flirting and saying he wants her. I mean think about when you were 16, and male attention confused you haha. So your husband needs to be the mature one to step up to the plate and tell her he feels it is inappropriate to be messaging to eachother.

If his ending to the communication does not stop her then you need to talk to her parents. Maybe its a cry for help.

make a copy of one of the conversations that she has with ur husband and u and ur husband should go over to the neighbor and tell them what is going on that way they can do something about it!

This is similar to the old guy who made friends with my wife and then wouldn't stop calling her or trying to get in her pants.

She kept on talking to him because she said he was lonely, it didn't stop until I convinced her to stop having any contact with him altogether.

Make your husband do the same with this girl, he is encouraging her by not telling her to bug off.

NY Yanks Girrl
Your husband talking to her is giving off the wrong impression, he needs to stop before it goes any further. Hes an adult she's a child enough said. Have him stop communicating with her, then if she continues i would talk to her or her parents!

Your husband needs to stop the chatting with her and save the ones he has to give to her parents this girl needs help!

talk with her and her parents together and voice your concerns and the need for her to stop what she is doing... why is your husband talking with her?... it takes two to tango....your husband needs to be at this chat......

How do you know that stuff about her? If she told you, then I'd take it with a grain of salt. I'm concerned that you would know something like that about your neighbor's teenage daughter.

But if it were me, and she was coming on to my husband, I'd take it up with her parents. Tell them that you think she's overly friendly with your husband and you'd like it to stop. I'd also demand that your husband stop chatting with her online. He's only encouraging this behavior by going along with it. He may not be interested, but if he continues to pay attention to her, it will never stop. Seems to me that he could be almost as much the problem as she is...

Angelic Valentine
Sign into his msn and see what she has to say while she is thinking it is him and then let her know that it is you. Also, let her know that you do not appreciate her trying to get to your hubby and if she keeps on, speak with her parents about it. Print their convos off that will prove what she is trying to do. Have your hubby tell her that he is happily married and she needs to find someone else to bother with these things. He should not be talking to her anyway.

Big Red
Tell your husband to make it CLEAR he is not interested. He should not be talking to her on line either. That is asking for trouble.

Here's a question... why does your husband chat on MSN with the sixteen yearold neighbor girl who wants to screw him?

If your husband is not interested (really), the first thing to do would be ignore it and wait for her to grow out of it. He could start by not encouraging this type of behaviour by cutting off unnessecary contact with this girl, ie; not chatting to her on messenger. If she is persistant to the point of harrassment then copy some of the conversations and tell her parents.

:( just stop talking to her on msn, give her the cold shoulder. hopefully she gets the picture. as long as you and your husband treat her nicely, she'll go after him. or i suppose you could confront her, but i think it's easier to ignore her and stop conversing with her.

Coach E
My concern is not the girl, it is your husband. They can't chat on MSN if he doesn't participate. I believe he needs to stop chatting with her unless it is in person, in front of you or other people. There's nothing wrong with talking to people, but chatting on-line privately can lead to some stuff. He is the adult, and as such, should act like one. Stop the chatting, Sir!

b n real
Sweet Pea you want to punch her lights out but your hubbie is entertaining the little girl on msn. Not good, looks like you are being fooled by the hubbie because if he wasn't interested he would not have anything to say to a 16 year old girl. She would not still be pursuing him unless he was entertaining. You have to be more wise about it. You need to tell your husband to stop Chaitin with her and your problem will be solved. good luck!

tell your husband to ignore her whats he doing chatting with a 16 year old kid anyway?

Maybe your husband needs to stop IMing with her. If she is a child, and neighbor, I dont understand the need to communicate more when she lives next door. She probably thinks he is leading her on.

Emma W
Perhaps a quiet word to her parents?
Tell you husband to stop talking to her on MSN though, cos this is just encouraging her!!!!

Why is your husband chatting to a 16 yr old on MSN ?
She`s just a kid ....who are the adults here?

Andy C
sounds like everything started innocently enough.

the problem is she is predatory (relentlessly hunts a specific target, with disregard for all others or the possible problems)- with such a person not telling them to shut up and back off (perhaps more polite ways may be in order, perhaps more direct and less subtle) at every attempt.
to not do so for such a person is taken by them as encouraging - even blocking them is sometimes taken as being encouraging (the idea of 'playing hard to get' has caused a lot of damage over time, tho is sometimes is accurate). depending on how that works would really say as to what may be required next.

usually it is more effective to completely (or as close to completely) sever contact, and ignore atempts to regain contact. people who tend to act thsoe ways dont tend to tkae this well tho (often they seem to act as tho only they have that right, despite what they may say) and may respond with a very unpleasant smear campaign. but then I do not know this girl, based on what your saying, this would not surprise me.

yes she may well have issues with her father. she obviously has issues the quesstion of the root causes is quite a question. as ever such things are remarkably complex and differ with each individual. But I would imagine it may well ahve something to do not so much with her father him self or perhaps her mother, but more to do with how she came to view things surrounding both of them, and her. but this is digressing.

best advice would to blow things open, depending on how you believe it may well be taken by her father (which would be difficult to gauge at any rate) take msn records, as it may be wise to be able to back up whats being said, as I would imagine she wont respond to take responisbility, adn her father may well be tempted to stand by her. I woud suggest seeing her father first - then arranging perhaps for all of you to see her at the same time so she can see that there isnt going to be an easy way of lying her way out - of course tho such a thing could only be done if no one raised their tempers.
the danger with that is you may alienate both her father and her.

ofc tho a very simple way is stop communicating with her, apart from where a friendly relationship is required t o keep the peace.

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