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why are men so scared to show their emotions ?
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why are men so scared to show their emotions ?

and don,t want to hear it,s because i am Man.
(please only men,sorry ladies)


All men are not the same, showing emotions are a weakness and unmanly to them and there are those who have no emotions whatsoever.

B/c there afraid to show any emotion b/c they think there guy friends are gonna laugh at them or we are gonna make cracks and call them gay! Which all those guys out there should know we love sensitive guys sometimes.

they don't show emotions because they fear rejection if they do. they think it will make them look weak so their emotions stay deep inside and never are seen.

I've never been a truly obedient woman so I just have to answer. Maybe because they have been tradtionalize a certain way. Maybe because they have not truly become men. XY chromos baby .....You tell me what is a real man afraid of.

Due to our society bring very ignorant and backwards of whats right and whats wrong. We get all these dim wits who cant adaquatly express how they feel. Also real men dont show emotions they punch things instead

women and chidren can be careless, men have to be strong.

because they think that showing emotion makes them weak and they want women to believe that they are big and strong and that they never have any.

hannah s
I know you said ONLY guys but ill make my awnser short.
I think most guys are afraid 2 show thier emotions because they think it look tough. But the thing is i like a guy who isnt afriad 2 show his true feelings!

Good luck-bye

I can't speak about all men, but I have no problem showing emotion, but I just don't like dragging it out. "That movie was sad. Now where to want to eat?" I don't need to recap what I felt because I was there. Plus, I would lose all the new feels I could have while I'm thinking about how I felt an hour ago. Emotions are like a river its not just one single emotion you at any moment, but mixture of the top four or five in a constantly changing proportions. In all truth by the time I figure out what I felt a second ago its completely changed.

I was always taught that made you a p---y. When I did open up and try to share my feelings, I didn't know how. Now I am needy, jealous, insecure, and have a ton of other emotions that I wish I would never have had. I always want to talk about my feelings, and since I don't know how to do that in a respectful manner, it seems like I am blaming all of these bad feelings on my wife. I do not know what the future of my marriage is all because we think women want us to share our feelings.

guys have to be strong for the kids
that is why i never cried in front of my kids cause i know if i do my kids lives would fall apart
like something really bad must have happen
so guys gotta be the strong ones
its a burden guys have to carry since young

Firefly Flame
"Scared"? WTH? Men show emotion all the time. They laugh, smile, kiss, yell, scowl, jump for joy, say "I love you," cry, etc. What in the world are you talking about?

andy here
i have to say that were scared to show there emotions bc were afraid of the reaction

When the honeymoon is over, women then start looking for reasons or flaws in the relationship. Anything not up to par is highlighted and underlinded. The fewer things that come between you the better. Honestly, its good to show emotion but there is a limit.

I don't believe it is that they are afraid - it just isn't the way God made them.

I think there are men that can show emotion, but if they were as emotional as most women, they would be single or gay! Sorry - it's true!! Women are not attracted to over emotional men. We want a man who can provide us with security. If he is a blubbering idiot, how secure would you feel? Naturally, men are the hunters and the providers and women are the nurturing, care-givers. We are genetically made up to be more emotional.

Life!!? You'll never figure it out, but be careful what you wish for! This world would be a much different place if all of our men became as emotional as we are!!!!!!!

Many men find that showing emotions is a sign of weakness.

However, many women find that they are attracted to a man who is not afraid to show his emotion.

I get emotional and I'm not afraid for people to see that.

Al the man
We are wired to be task oriented and not people oriented. It only works when you make an effort to show your emotions

Because women think we are wimps when we do.

EVERYTHING we do is to impress you women. You expect us to be strong, solid, committed etc....any guy who breaks down and cries like a woman - sure, women will be like "oh he's so nice, sensitive" whatever - but they won't DATE him.

We hurt too. We get sad. Lonely. Depressed. But if we tell women - whooosh - whisked away into the bowels of hell.....

I think it's because they are taught to repress their emotions from very early on. Women would not feel safe if our men were emotional wrecks all the time.

Keith Python
Men in North America are socialized to believe that showing emotion is effeminate and therefore weak. We are considered successful men if we are strong (i.e. don't show emotions).

Men can't be honest about feelings, because that is like admitting that they have been beaten. Some men can do it, but that is in a relationship. If you are a man in a relationship that has led to marriage you don't show emotions because you haven't practiced it enough. Practice, Practice, Practice. Women can do it easily because they do it all of the time. They don't have practice at guarding their feelings because they never had to.

Miss Crickett
Men do not show their emotions because they do not want to be vulnerable to the "throw salt in a wound" attacks that women are capable of!

I think it is because of the media and society. It is how men are suppose to be, they have to keep their feelings bottled up inside so they don't look inferior to another male because they are sensitive. The media portrays men to be like this all the time and it is how we grow up and taught how to act.

Sorry but I had to answer this. I have been reading up and trying some things and found that men think with their heads and women with their emotions...that is why us women have such a hard time dealing with heartache and arguements. It definately does not mean we are wrong but, we ought to understand that an emotion is just that...an emotion. It is not something that we should base life on.

They're not. They're embarrased to show their emotions -- there's a big difference.

Guys are happy to show their emotions when they trust the person they're with.

The Emperor of Ecstasy
Because society teaches us that the men are to be the strong, macho, fearless, devil-may-care.....I personally cry when the occasion calls for it and not ashamed of it....I smile when happy, and frown when sad....just my opinion....good luck....

Not sure about the men you are dating, but mine has no problem...(love, caring, sad)
if you read a lot of the questions about abusive men; they have no problem either.(theirs are angry, mad, jealous, crazy)

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