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why do men like being called "daddy"?
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why do men like being called "daddy"?

sounds kinda sick, but men get off on that. why?


Stickitinya D
i prefer to be called GOD

my g/f calls me that during six.. OH GOD, OH GOD...

My husband and I love cute words and Daddy is funny! We do not use these words in public!

A long time ago back in the 1940's the word Daddy meant more than just being a Father to his children or a husband to his wife...it's more on the synical side of an empowered person over the youngest outside of the family. Momma loves Daddy, come to Daddy, let Daddy show you how, do it for Daddy.

I'm outta here!!

Not all men do, I don't for example, do all women like being called "Princess"??? I don't think so, please don't generalize.

I think because who else takes care of their girl best?

it's taking care of, the man all girls love the most

Betty M
Being your "daddy" he has power and control over you and takes care of you.

I agree, it not only sounds sick, but is. Any man who referred to himself as my daddy, would not be sleeping in my bed. Talk about a total turn off! Yuck!!!

Man Yogurt!
I don't.

Main guess: they want to bang teenagers. Effing creepy.

The one and only man I've ever called Daddy is the one whose DNA went into my creation. Beyond that, I've never called anyone Daddy... nor would I. For what it's worth, I've never dated a man who asked this of me. It's pretty stupid if you ask me.

Brian's Wife
I started calling my husband daddy when we had kids & it just stuck I call him daddy all the time now

Red Rose
If you mean the ones that like women calling them daddy. I agree it's sick.

I have two beautiful daughters and both call me daddy. My two sons call me dad. Other than children calling the father by the pet name daddy I don't know.

its an ego thing meanin they have power ova u...

Denise Marie™
Because it makes em feel good.
My boyfriend LOVES it.

idk...but I think it's ridiculous! It sounds sick to me, too. No man deserves that title but my "DADDY".

Blue Foots™
It's a sick desire they have to imagine you as a child.

I think it's because the term is associated with men who take care of the females in their lives.


Happy and Fabolous!!
my husband likes and tell me when to call him daddy i guess it makes them feel like you belong to them and they tell you what to do! it goes to the ego thing! lolbut i still call him that! its for the same reason why we women like to be called " baby" by our men right?

I loved being called daddy/dad by my kids, otherwise, don't really like it that much.

power issues lol?
Maybe they feel small in their lives and need to feel dominant in the bedroom?
Who knows.. I'm sure there are a hundred different reasons.

yummy mummy
honestly i dont know but sometimes my hubby does it and i kinda feel uncomfortable and at a loss of words to say i mean after all i dont say whos your mama?lol

I don't actually know of any guys who like to be called "daddy" Not that they don't exist but I don't think it is really a widespread thing

Brunette wife
I dont know any men that like being called "daddy" so i have no idea why.

I too think it has something to do with their ego.. I think it's kinda sick as well.

That's pretty sick..any guy that likes to be called daddy has got some serious issues.

I think it's gross. I guess it's a power trip for the ones that like it.

Green Eyes isall I'z got
lmao, i have never ever in a day in my life wanted that... nor would i get off on it.

I have never met a man that wanted to be called daddy except by his children......

um... real turn-off for me... guess it depends on the person?

Ray F
yeah right..one time a girl was calling me daddy, and i went sober and limp. friggin werid if u ask me.

I told my gf to call me daddy but it didnt give me any help I still only lasted a minute maybe ill try king

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