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why do mistresses get such a bad rap?
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why do mistresses get such a bad rap?

i mean...if your dinner didnt fill you up, and you go to taco bell....is it taco bells fault that the dinner you ate prior wasnt enough for you?


That metaphor doesn't work because food doesn't have feelings.Nice try, though, troll.

Mistress Marla

LOL..well Dinner is married and Taco Bell is single. Dinner has made a promise to be faithful. Taco Bell could careless! Taco Bell wants you to drive on up, place your order, pay, eat and run! Dinner on the other hand gives you love, passion, respect, devotion, laughter, children, hopes, dreams nad much more.

Taco bell isn't a person with smarts, or morals. A mistress is a person. Bad rap because they are going for emotionally unavailable people to have relations with. 1. it is proving that they don't respect themselves, or the people involved. 2. It is proving that they are selfish, and care less for others , all to satisfy their own empty plate. It's pathetic and that's why they get a bad rap. Go for someone single, you can fill your stomach the same way but with a single person who is still hungry also.

this question could be a little complicated. most of these "other women" know the man is married. i think they are horrible people. there are those few women who have no idea that there lover is married. that is just a sad situation. many wives find out there man is cheating and go after the woman. that is so messed up...in one way. if the other woman knew my husband was married, i would want to kill them both! if she had no idea, i'd be pissed at him. and here is my point about "what if what you have at home isnt enough".

GO BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. i told my husband this before we got married. "if you dont want to be with me or if i'm not enough for you, please leave me. don't cheat on me."

No, the fault is not on the dinner or the taco bell. You may have too big of an appetite :) But, I am not judging,

Violation Notice
I'm eating a fudgecicle. Does that mean I'm cheating? I have a guilty contentious!

It has not always been so, the mistresses of King Henry VIII were held in extremely high regard and lavished with honors and respect. So it must just be a change in society.

Get real. A mistress is with a person who id taken. Someone who may have a family. Someone who has someone at home trusting them while they are cheating. It's more wrong of the man to cheat with the mistress than it is for the mistress to be dating htem but it is still wrong. If dinner dosen't fill you up, then never go to that place again, get a divorce and show some respect.

sugar-glider queen
well gluttony is one of the deadly sins is it not? it's not the dinners fault, or even Taco Bells excellent if false advertising. it's yours for becoming a fat slob who doesn't know when to stop *eating.*

Katie M
Cheating causes so much heartache and pain and it's not just the mistress. The cheater deserves the bad rap more than the mistress. The mistress never promised to remain faithful to the wife.

Debbie Louise
Women believe their man might actually leave them for the mistress, so I believe the fear of been abandoned is what really gets to the women, as well as a little bit of jealousy because the other half's attention is on someone else.

And eating another man's lunch always tastes better.

Hubba Hubba
Well if your gonna go to taco bell, then you are neglecting burger king, mcdonalds, in-n-out and wendy's. If your gonna eat at one, then you must eat at all of them so as to not exclude anyone on your feast.

Nope. It is your fault for being a glutton.

Walter XI JPA
I'm going out on a limb here and say that Bored has met a mistress or 2.

And I'd watch out for Taco Bell....it'll give ya the "runs." Just sayin'.

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