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why do women fight with each other so much?
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why do women fight with each other so much?

i have guy friends and we dont argue at all, or very little!!


R. F
In my experience women are neurotic. I guess if you're talking 'evolution' women have to keep fighting to keep a man around so they don't starve while they're pregnant. But we're not in caves any more are we? Maybe it's because it's so 'cool' to be a b***h these days. Stooooopid.

I have no idea but i wish they would shut up gets on my nerves

Guys look at things differently than girls, they don't let things bother them like girls and their feeling don't get bent out of shape like girls do. Guys usually blow stuff off. Why I don't know that is just the way we are.

Because girls are girls and boys are boys

dont hate me cause im honest!
I'm not sure exactly why but i stay away from females as much as i can cause they have attitude problems!Myself i do not have attitude problems. I think another thing is power and jealousy! And like we chase after the males and we fight over them. The poor male gets in the middle of it!

For me i wouldn't care if i did share my guy with another woman i think that would be great as long as we are all clean. No 3 somes or nothing like that but.

i think its because we tend to be a lot more sensetive. we take everything so personally and we care too much about what other people think. on a positive note we are very caring and we are a lot more empathetic then men tend to be... of course im not speaking for ALL women... just the majority.

BlueBelle Got Spanked
Mystery to me. I've never had an argument with my sisters or my two BFs since high school. And, my female contacts on here - amazing. Not a catty b*tch in the bunch.

ella D
not all. i don't.

i dunno, women abuse me, when they feel jealous, mainly of my looks and then i fight back

i had champagne spilled on me (from the back) at the night club by some bit ch, who though i was looking too good

would i be more rough- i would have just kicked her ***, but i went complaining to the management and they kicked her out


I have no idea.
I psychology in women is different. as so do men.
:P sorry that wasn't much of help.

Mama Floyd the Barber
I really don't know, I get along quite well with other women, and on here, 98% of my contacts are women...i really don't get it either...

yeah its true... my friend just ended our friendship over money she thought I stole money from her that i had given her for a purse.... she told me that I was the last one to see the money, guys would just get over it.. I told her I was more than happy to write her another check but she needs to pay me to cancel the check but no she just ended the friendship... so yeah guys are so much less drama....

need answers
OMG that is SO funny. Very true too. Women fight with each other due to shear jealousy of what another woman has that they wish they could have. They fight b/c they don't agree with what the other woman is saying and they 'have' to get 'their' point across. They fight b/c they can. They fight b/c they ARE right...lol.....you know 'we' all are right, right? LOL
In all seriousness, women fight b/c we're women. That's what we do. We have to have the last word, we have to be right is what it boils down to and we will argue that into the ground.

Because they see each other as competition. That's why most women don't have many female friends..........

Women are too damn catty and petty, I have one girlfriend and she's just like me and drama free, so we get along great. Other than that all my friends are guys

Jealously, desire for control, insecurity. We can hold a grudge for life too!

Robert in Toronto
Insanity. By their own admission, go look at their posts online. Instead of pulling a tail on a dog for kicks they do this with people. ALL women seem to operate from a Cluster B Personality Disordered standpoint. - women don't like men - women don't like women - women don't like themselves There is no big mystery, It is all an act. Women are functionally retarded.

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