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Can America afford to go to war with Iran now?
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Can America afford to go to war with Iran now?


Are you talking to people that live in the Canada or Mexico.
"America" is a continent your question would almost make you look smart if you did not overlook that great big re tarted mistake.
Say it with me: UNITED STATES!

Raven E
Do you mean do we have the money?
Or do you mean politcally will it be a disaster?

At the moment I think the answer to both would be NO.

But if Iran attacks Israel today I say nuke em till they glow in the dark!

Probably not, but is that any reason not to protect ourselves?

Can America afford not to,if a proactive approach had been taken towards the nazis instead of lying back and watching them run wild then we could have stopped all that trouble between 1939/45,the same applies now if nothing is done history may repeat itself.

no. i am not sure if bush has finished his dinner. once he is finished the war will start

Kevin H
why not. we would just be losing more american lives and knocking the deficit another trillion in the negative! sure, let's go!

Yes, It is so strong that it could go to war with any country in the world. Since, Iran has tested S R missile, and has nuke, US has a reason to attack Iran.

Sure all we have to do is Nuke Iran once and it's over. No need for troops or nothin.

Definetly not. Wiping out Iraqs military was easy because they
were unstable. Some liked Saddam and some did not. In the Iranian military they are all prepared to fight to the death. Even if the U.S may be stronger they will give as much hell and
havoc to the U.S as possible.

amiram a
The US is already at war with Iran.
It's simply an undeclared war, where most of the fighters are not American or Iranian soldiers.
Iran supports the Taliban, the Hezbollah.
Iran is a threat to US allies such as Arab Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. to Israel.
If the US decided to attack Iranian facilities for development of WMD, with the support of most, or all powers of the world, the cost issue could be resolved by division of costs and secret financial support from Arab countries.
It will most certainly result in enhanced terror attacks against American, Israeli and other targets.

I think we should be bringinng our boys home...we don't belong over there...is oil really worth that much to us?

Why do we need to go to war at all if diplomacy will solve the problem. It is a waste of lives without an end in sight. Will the war in Iraq stop?...NO, it will drag on as there is no way to end terrorism, but we could sit down and find our differences and try to resolve them. The Vietnam War and the Korean War proved that we don't have the might to fight a sustained war and with the weakening economy of the US (outsourcing, illegals, work ethics, astronomical wages, the price of fuel) do you think we could endure a desert war with determined people. I don't think so.

arifin ceper

USA has lost too much from war in Iraq, it cannot afford more war
that's why iran doesnt afraid

electric i dont agree with you.Iran has 3000years of culture USA har 400years...why should Iran obey the usa when the usa is 15000km from iran anyway....... USA has borrowed a lot of money 5000billion dollars...it can go, but will costem a lot

no....the military is to spread out through the middle east and korea...and with a lack of people wanting to join, the forces have had to lower their standards in order to meet lowering recruiting goals. it would be a really bad idea.

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