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Can I bring a Cell Phone to MEPS, the hotel part and actually there ?
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Can I bring a Cell Phone to MEPS, the hotel part and actually there ?


Adam S
Yes as long as its clean (memory wise)

i'd ask the recruiter but i would say no. are you leaving from there for bootcamp? when i joined there was no cell phones and when i had the hotel part i was one day away from basic.

Robin G
TAKE IT! i was told by a recruiter (DON'T BELIEVE THOSE DIRTY LIARS!) that you couldn't have one... well i get to bmt and everyone was turning in cell phones and getting them the day we got our airman's coin... me... i got no cell phone and didn't get to call my family that night...
gotta love recruiters!

I would probably advise against it. If you do bring it to MEPS don't plan on using it and have it on silent mode.

Yes you can bring it... the memory doesn't have to be clean because no one is going to look at it. Before you go to MEPS you will take all you belongings out of the hotel room. Put your cellie on silent in your bag. You will put everything in a storage area at MEPS and your phone will stay there until you leave. and if this is your first trip to MEPS definitely bring it... you might get bored sitting in your hotel room after curfew and it makes for a great alarm clock. I have not been for my second trip yet, but I was told I could still bring it then and it would be locked up when I went to basic.

Ya..it dosen't need a clean memory you just give it to this guy at MEPS and he puts it away for the day, but you can take it to the hotel.

Yes you can but if you get caught with it, they will tell you to contact your recruiter and you will stop processing. So, why take that chance?

SSG Schramm
US Army Recruiter 3 years running in Texas
US Army 15 years
OIF 2003

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