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Can you re-enter the military after "Failure to Adapt" discharge?
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Can you re-enter the military after "Failure to Adapt" discharge?

I joined the Marines in 1999. I couldn't handle the military at such a young age so I quit and got a discharge stating "Failure To Adapt." Since then I have gained a college degree and have a better outlook on life. Can I reverse a past mistake?


if the military doesnt want you, consider yourself lucky

You have a college degree and want to join the military? Get a grip man

You can't join the marines. I can't think of a recruiter an any other branch that would want to do the paperwork.

Mike A
Depends on the SPD Code and RE Code. Not sure if the USMC is taking prior service or not right now, but you do have a shot with the Army if your codes are deemed OK. Check with your local recruiters and bring along your 214 (long copy). Good luck.

depends on your discharge code, but I believe so. However it will be on their terms this time not yours


Jimmy J
Check your RE Code. I believe the answer is no but you need to check that code to be sure. The SPD on your DD 214 is also a good indicator.

Depends on what your discharge code is.
Look on your DD-214 reenlistment code.
If its a 3 or lower then yes you can.

If its a 4, youre out of luck.

From what I understand, it was 2 years after a failure to adapt that you could try again, so long as you have a renenlistment code of 3. and 3 would require a waiver from the recruiter.

Right now more than ever, they are lettin anyone in.
So talk to the recruiter.
Chances are, they will let you back in.

And last I heard, if you ship out immediately in theArmy, there giving a $20,000 bonus for some MoS and immediate deployment.

Holly K
No, I'm pretty sure you can't re-enter. And why should they let you? Just cuz you were too young to handle it? And besides, it costs the military lots of money to train you and you just skipped out, why should they take the risk of wasting more money on you? Are you just trying to get back is so you can be an officer since you have your degree now?

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