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Can you wear your Army uniform when off duty?
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Can you wear your Army uniform when off duty?

Im sorry if its a dumb question but, An example being if i were to take 10 days of leave could i wear my uniform around town? Im not in the Army yet but am enlisting in June.


2010-10-27 03:40:02 +0000
Dorks with no mojo do that.

Don't be "that guy".

2010-10-27 02:19:01 +0000
You are not authorized to wear your ACUs unless you are going or coming from work. My husband wore his Class As at our wedding and when we went to church in our hometown. But as far as just wearing your uniform around town, no. But don't worry, my husband bought a ton of army tee shirts in basic and he wore those on leave and his dog tags. So you will be able to show off the fact that you're a soldier!

2010-10-27 02:20:41 +0000
You can (or could). But i believe your question is "SHOULD you wear it?" answer would be no. Think about it... cops would not wear their uniforms when shopping (unless they just got off work). But then, that's my ten cents. Make of it what you will.

2010-10-27 02:35:21 +0000
First question, why?
Now, on to your question...

NO. You are not authorized to wear your uniform off-duty just because. You must have prior permission to wear them off-duty. When you are at your unit, a lot of people go to walmart, shopping right after work, and although they are off duty, this gets overlooked. Just don't do it. If you really are going to, to try to get people to say "Oh, wow, you're a soldier, thanks" then please, do not join the Army. Good soldiers, are humble outside of work.

2010-10-27 02:20:06 +0000
You can wear your Class A uniform. But you need to realize that you cannot act a fool when in uniform, even during leave. You need to act professional and keep your military bearings. You can go to a restaurant, bar and be in your Class As.

However, you should not walk around in ACUs when on leave since that's a working uniform and to be doing something other than work in it is frowned upon...like drinking or going to a night club or whatever. That's just silly.

Here is the Army regulation for uniform wear and appearance...

Army Regulation 670-1

2010-10-27 03:16:42 +0000
What Pandora said. You can wear the Class A uniform to formal solemn events like weddings and funerals. You can wear your uniform in a Veteran's Day or Memorial Day event. You cannot just wear your uniform back on the block because you want to get attention. That's not the military mindset. Stick to wearing a U.S. Army T-shirt, or maybe your desert boots - that's something only newbs do, but it's not against the rules. Once you've been in for a while, you will want to be in civilian clothes off duty because you will want the chance to relax and pretend you're not Army, even if it's just for a weekend. It's a pretty demanding exhausting job at times. :)

Alright this is a easy question that a lot of you guys who don't know your AR's have screwed up. The following are appropriate occasions for personnel to wear the Army blue uniform. a. On duty, as prescribed by the local commander. b. For social functions of a general or official nature, before or after retreat. c. On other appropriate occasions, as desired by the individual. ___ a. The Army green service uniform (class A) and authorized variations (class B) are authorized for wear by all male personnel when on duty, off duty, or during travel. These uniforms also are acceptable for informal social functions after retreat, unless the host prescribes other uniforms. b. The following are appropriate occasions for enlisted personnel to wear the Army green dress uniform. (1) At social functions of a private or official nature, either before or after retreat, and while in transit to and from such functions. Otherwise, it is not authorized for travel. (2) When designated by the host. We don't wear the DBDU anymore to my knowledge, but the same reg's apply to the ACU's. a. Personnel wear the DBDU on duty when prescribed by the commander. Soldiers may wear the DBDU off post, unless prohibited by the commander. They may not wear DBDUs for commercial travel, unless authorized by paragraph 1-10 c of this regulation. Personnel may not wear DBDUs in establishments that primarily sell alcohol. If the establishment sells alcohol and food, soldiers may not wear utility uniforms if their activities in the establishment center on drinking alcohol only. b. Utility uniforms are not normally considered appropriate for social or official functions off of the installation, such as memorial services and funerals. These uniforms are issued as organizational utility, field, training, or combat uniforms, and they are not intended for wear as all-purpose uniforms when other uniforms are more appropriate.

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