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Do I have to surrender my military ID after divorce?
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Do I have to surrender my military ID after divorce?


if you are not in the serice, yes. Your children do not as long as they are still on his DEERS.

Phil My Crack In
Your dependent ID? Hell yeah you do. What kind of business do you have on a military base anymore? Don't tell me cheap groceries and tax free cigarettes.

yes. anything else is defrauding the federal government, which results in jail time

the military ID must be surrended at any time it is requested.

Generally speaking: once a divorce is final, the civilian spouse must surrender the ID, as they are no longer eligible for any benefits previously granted by virtue of having said ID.

The only time you may retain a Military ID is if you are eligible for retirement bennies via the military.

If you have minor children, they are allowed to keep their ID until they reach their majority(or marry). You may be eligible for a pass that allows you access to the base so that you can drive the kids to their doctor's appointments( they keep medical until 21 or 23 if a full time college student), but this does NOT authorize you to access any MWR facilities, Medical or Commissary/Exchnage except to procur items ofr authorized dependant children who otherwise couldn't purchase their own items.

You could buy formula at the Exchnage, if you had an infant, but not a Coach purse for yourself, for instance.

Damned right you do. What makes you think your entitled to keep it? Your husband is in the military...you aren't.

i am not sure i think your kids recieve benifit but if your spouse is in the service and you are not i dont think you can still use it but talk to a JAG to make sure

Marcie E
They say you do, but I kept mine so I could go to the Navy Store!

Gi-Gi Roxx
If you are a dependent spouse, then yes you will have to surrender your military ID. I was married to a gentleman in the USAF for 4 years and the day I moved off base, I surrendered my miltiary issued dependent ID.

However, I don't believe it is necessarily required until the actual Divorce is finalized.

Good luck!

Robert E. Lee
Once you get divorced, you are no longer a dependent, so you have to turn your ID in.

Neil G
i dont fully under stand the question are in the military or is your spouse

that depends. are you still in the military?
ok... so i'm assuming that you are a spouse of someone who is. yep. i believe you are supposed to give that up.

My experience is more than 10 years old, but no, I got onto a NM AFB with a girlfriend that was divorced. She flashed her ex's ID at the guard shack, we drove on in, checked out the prices at the PX, didn't buy anything, didn't bother anything, and left.

Might be different today. Driver's licences will be different in 2007, that I'm aware of. Same thing probably happening to military.

If a divorce is granted, the non-military spouse may lose the military I.D. card unless the parties were married for at least 20 years prior to the divorce and the service member had at least 20 years of military service. If such years of service exist, full benefits, including medical, commissary, base exchange, theater and certain transportation benefits are provided. However, if only 15 years of military service took place during the marriage, only medical benefits are extended to the unmarried spouse for only one year from the date of the divorce. The medical benefits for the non-military spouse are permanently extinguished upon that spouse's remarriage. Remarriage also affects survivorship rights if a non-military spouse is a beneficiary under a survivor military benefit plan. A non-military spouse's remarriage may not affect the benefits that the spouse is to receive in a share of the retirement pay if it is awarded to the non-military spouse as part of a property division in the Divorce Decree.

If the parties were married for at least 10 years, a court can order a division of the military retirement pay benefits. If the marriage lasted for less than 10 years, the military will not make payments directly to the non-military spouse, but will make the payments directly to the service member who will then be court ordered to pay the non-military spouse's share directly to that person. Only in those cases where the marriage existed for more than 10 years, can the military make payments of military retirement pay directly to an ex-spouse

DEFINITELY -- no question about it. YOU MUST Surrender the card to the Military Servicemember so that they can turn it in for proper destruction.

If you are divorced, yes you must surrender your ID card. The exception to this is if you have dependent children under 10. Then you carry an ID card so that they may use their privileges. Once they reach age 10, they will receive their own ID card. Dependent children still have access to BX/PX, Commissary and other military institutions. They also have medical care provided by TriCare. They'll need their ID card to be seen by military doctors and should have a TriCare card as proof of insurance. However, you as the ex spouse, are not entitled to any of these privileges.

ex-military spouse
Greg, gave the right answer. I was married for 21 years and I got to keep my military ID, and all the benefits my ex-husband gets after his retirement. I didn't surrender anything. Thanks, Greg for putting the correct information out there.

I see that there are quite a few military men that were upset over women asking about their rights over an ID card and other benefits... Please men or women of the military remember that when a divorce happens that there are always two sides to a story and it is not always the non active persons fault that they are not part of the military life anymore!! I have been part of it for 20 years now( in 6days...).. And my spouse had an affair on me 9 years ago and we split up.. We are best friends still to this day and raise our family as a whole family.. I have all my rights on base.. And can divorce next week and keep them all.. But if I would of done it when he did me wrong I would of lost everything because of his wrong doing and he felt that was not right!! I had cancer that year and was diagnosed with a syndrome that will in time take my life along with the children that I brought into this world...So we felt that we would do what was best for our family... So please do judge everyone before you know the story.. Many books have different pages inside and some will never be told or read .... So don't hate all ex's you never know where you might be one day also!! Greg~ you did a great job with the facts and didn't disrespect anyone in doing so thank you!! As to the rest .. I know that you were tought better during career than to act like that and it just might be one of your friends that you are saying that to...

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