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Do you believe every young American should serve at least 1 term in the military?
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Do you believe every young American should serve at least 1 term in the military?

I've heard a lot of people I work with talking about that. They all think that every young person in America should serve at least 4 years in the military. Thoughts?
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THey weren't saying that the government should force anyone to do it. They were saying that we should join for 1 term at least.


That is the draft and is illegal. It would be the most expensive idea ever and taxes would be raised 50% to pay for it.
Not an exaggeration, taxes already need to be raised about 40% to pay for our deficit.


But under Obama this plan is on it's way. 18 and older will be required to serve for one year.

Not in a war scenario.

The Gentleman known as Sam
yes, that way the idiots that can't survive and the ones who think peace is available through talks will have to realise that ruthlessness is the key to survival or get out of the gene pool.

Say What
Hell no

A 2 year enlistment would drastically reduce the amount of liberal idiots we have in this country, and we'd see a lot less cowards as they'd all move into Canada. I like it!

I think Canadians better prepare for the increased immigration we're going to see.

I think it would be a good thing, but I do not think it should be done.

The beauty of the United States Military it is an all voluntary force. It should remain that way.

In my opinion, yes. Because where I'm from you either end up in prison, go to the military, and not that many go to college. Yes from what I see yes, but that will never ******* happen, if you don't enlist you can atlest respect and support the men and women who die for this country

No I disagree. The reason being is that everyone shouldn't be obligated to serve their country if they do not feell that it is the best thing for them. 4 years is a long time and not many people would feel entitled to wasting such a long period of their life doing something that they dislike.

No, it's never happen. Land of the free and all that.

Really, it's just talk, like when an old person "If kids today had to work half as hard as I did when I was their age...!"

No religion in this pub
No, how can we claim to be a free and democratic state if we push in this case the young in to military service. I am not condoning the idea of service, just a forced policy of service. I for one do not wish to be in the service of The Bank and Corporations that have robbed the American people of their liberties and well being, this is forced on the military, through lobbyist and imperialistic ideologies in Washington.

I believe Americans not just young americans but all,should choose wether or not if they want to give service to their country, and how they should go about doing a service for the country.

i would never want to serve under a president like obama he'd get me killed whileing trying to make a decision of what would be best for himself

Pete T
No, I think they should serve for two years. I think the draft should be re instated. Some will say the military is not for everyone . If the military is not for everyone , then the freedoms everyone enjoys because of the military are not for them either. They should pack up and go find them a better country to ***** in.

Actually, yes. Every able body American Man should serve at least a term in the service. I don't think that would effect our freedom at all. In fact, I think it would cause people to respect and protect our country and constitution even more. There are way too many free loaders out there that take things for granted.

I am not sure that would work in the US now. Most people would consider that a draft and not a privilege to serve their country. Also are we including women in that service?*

I do not believe in a mandatory term of service.

I personally like the military being selective about who they allow in that might serve with/next to my husband...

Call it a 'wife thing', but it makes me feel much better knowing the guy/girl on his ship has shown that they have the character to do whatever is necessary for their shipmates to get home, no matter how tough their assignment. And, let's face it, there are far too many of us Americans who couldn't hold up in that kind of pressure...


Personally, i'm not against it, i'd do it, but that's because of who i am. But it would violate MANY of our rights, and be against many laws. Therefore i think bad idea. Besides, if you don't want to be there, your a danger to everyone around you, and there would be a lot of people against being where they were.

I'm not sure we could afford to train, pay, feed, and house every young American for four years. It would take a LOT of NCOs to train all those recruits, which would detract from the military's primary mission, which is to fight wars.

I'm also not sure I'd want this entire country to be militarized. As a Veteran, I get annoyed by civilians sometimes, but I like the idea that people can grow up in this country and die without ever being touched by war. I liked the idea that there was peace here at home when I was over in Iraq.

That said, it would benefit everyone to participate in a year of Americorps or two years of Peace Corps. They'd learn many of the lessons you learn in the military, such as the importance of service before self. They'd meet young Americans of every faith and ethnicity and after working with them closely for months on end, they'd come to understand that what unites us is greater than what divides us.

One major problem with this country today is that too few people recognize this anymore. Everyone wants to divide off into little islands, demonizing people who think differently as un-American unbelievers, listening only to their favorite bloggers or radio talk shows.

I'm afraid we'll crumble from the inside if that keeps up...

Many smaller countries actually do things that way. They don't have much choice as they have to draft everyone if they had to go to war. I would prefer a military that's full of people who really want to be there and take it seriously as opposed to a military full of people who are reluctant or unqualified to handle the responsibility and danger.

Do I think that all young Americans should serve their country? Yes! Do I think every young American should serve at least one term in the military? Absolutely NOT!

There are many ways in which young people could serve our country other than being in the military. These individuals could serve in the peace corp, as teachers, as postal workers, etc. However, many young americans are not even eligible to be enlisted. Less than 10% of the population between 18-35 in this country is physically and mentally qualified to serve. Furthermore, many Americans who are eligible just wouldnt be a good fit.

One of the reasons that we have the best fighting force in the world is because we have a 100% volunteer force. To be a good soldier you have to be completely devoted to your mission. If you force people to join the service they wont have the morale necessary to be an efficient fighter.

And who is going to pay for it?

There is some 350 million Americans which about half of those would qualify for service. Heck, we're having issues paying for our current 1.1 million troops.

Hell no!!!!

Serve? Yes. Military? No. Too much money to train someone for such a short length of time.

But some sort of national service would be a great idea. A way of giving back to a great nation.

Utility Account
Absolutely not. I was in for 25 years in an all-volunteer military and knew dozens who had no business being there. It's hard to imagine the chaos that would result from having hundreds upon hundreds of misfits who, on top of all their OTHER personality problems, were constantly resentful at being compelled to serve. Bad, bad idea.

Chewy Ivan
I disagree. Not every American is fit for military duty. Volunteers have better morale and make for better soldiers.

If you look at the crime rate before and after the end of the draft, I believe you'll agree with me that the draft was the only social welfare program this country ever had in place that worked. 4 years? I'm not so sure that 4 years are necessary. Likely a 2 year hitch is enough.

No. The military isn't for everyone. I don't want to serve with someone who doesn't want to be there. It would bring the morale down.

similar, but not completely.

i think each person should have 1 year of public service --- that could be military, Peace Corps, 1 year full time in habitat for Humanity, or in helping doctors in understaffed areas of the us.
So, not everyone would HAVE to be in the military, particular pacifists, or people whose religion does not allow fighting.

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