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Do you have to shower in front of other girls in the ARMY or MARINES boot camp training?
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Do you have to shower in front of other girls in the ARMY or MARINES boot camp training?

or is there a shower curtain or wall that comes out half way?


It's kind of like in the movie Starship Troopers. Not the book. Also, time is short so you may have to soap each other up some too.

make sure you dont drop the soap..

or you can buy body wash..

I sure hope so !!!!

It depends on the type of barrack heads (Marine and Navy term for bathroom) they have most will not, some do.

Jennifer G
Yes you do but like the others said, you will be too tired and rushed to care

Only if you are a girl too.

All branches have open or communal showers. It is a little weird at first but you get used to it. It is a lot like a gym shower with out the curtains.

Caleb C
yes. when i went through i had to shower in 3 mins. my head was shaved and i had liquid soap. so it was easy to do. believe it or not, to me it was harder to take a dump and a leak due to the fact its just a bunch of toliets in a line. no stalls. but shower time, you march in, wash off, the whole time a ds is yelling, and then you march on. its not bad at all.

Jason F
yes you will and dont worry its not a big deal it dosnt matter to anyone what u look like in boot camp and the showers are not long at all, it may be unconfrotable at first but you will get used to it , its kinda like changing in the locker room before gym in high school cept now you gotta do it alot faster and you have people yelling at you

Darryl b
first of all the answer to showering in bootcamp is Yes you do have to. the upside for your curiosity is that during bootcamp for me i did not have time to focus on anyone or anything else on that base. i was tired and wanted to get clean. we were given minutes to get clean and one time while washing my hair the drill instructor said get out and he cut the water off.
you will see that it aint no joke there and you aint there to take in a view infact you may be lucky if you can get all the dirt off.

Yes you will. But, that will be the least of your worries for your day. Nobody will be looking, because they are trying to get all their parts clean and get out of there before time is up.

Bill Lumbergh
Trust me, after being smoked all day in the summer heat, another girl looking at your vag is the least of your worries.

You'll be too tired and too dirty to care.

Victory Soldier
Most older barracks facilities have communal showers. Some newer ones do as well, specifically those created for initial entry training. Also, you will find that in field environments, and places like NTC and CMTC, you will be lucky if you get a communal shower.

Do not expect to be able to keep your current level of modesty in any branch of the service.

Yes you have to shower in front of other girls. They make you do this to train to be not fearful of anything, especially about others seeing you naked. Trust me especially being in the Marines, you will not get any privileges because we are trained to be the best without worrying what we look like, although we look good. HaHa

Yep you do. The best part is once you are out in the FMF and there are NO showers but you still have to wash yourself...sometimes the make 'showers' using ponchos & poles...sometimes they don't.

Semper Fi

Yes, you have to shower in group atmosphere. You will get over your insecurities right away considering you only have 2 to 4 minutes to shower and nobody has time to worry about who is looking and judging who. You have use whatever amount of time to get whatever you can on your body clean and then hurry up and get dressed, and take care of your hair to put it up or whatever.
The dudes gotta do the same thing.
I worried more about time to shave my legs, Which I did at night.

yes...you will have to shower infront of almost every girl in your division/company...

the only time there is a curtain used, is for when you are using the restroom...

its a little nerve-wrecking at first, but after a while, you wont even realize you are showering infront of these girls

you shower wherever the shower is located. if there is an open bay then you use an open bay. if there are stalls, then you use stalls.

you get what you get.

You do but trust me you are so tired that you dont really care. All you want to do is get the stank off of you and sleep. But sometimes you end up singing in the shower and talking to everyone around you. Fun times and you forget after the first shower that your naked with 7 other females.

Yup we did in the Marines.

Passionate Surrender
yes, th eshowers are open, no privacy, you get use to it, you have no time to be looking around anyways. the usual 3 "S" are all you can do, a sh!t, a shave (if you were a guy...well shave your legs if you are inclined to do so) and a shower!

Nope, it's pretty much all visible but you barely have time to shower in the Marine Corps. Everyone will be focused on getting as much of the grime and sweat off themselves in a VERY limited amount of time.

Males will shower out in the open with male Marines and Female Marines will shower in the open with other females.

LYNN in FL (suspended @#*%)
You will only have a couple of minutes to shower and every one will be rushing. If your shy you need to get over it quick. There is no privacy.

M.an I. L.ike to F.ish
YUP! we did in the navy.

Yes sweetheart you will. But you'll get over your anxiety soon enough.

The Logical Genius
YES the idea is to break your individuality and become part of a crew /team you will excrete and urinate with out walls also

You shower in front of everyone. But showers are extremely short and you are all adults and have the same parts and showering will still be kinda stressful at first so you don't care. If you want some advice on getting over it don't be afraid to shower in open stalls in the gym.

I depends on how old your barracks are. Newer barracks will have shower stalls with a curtain like at the gym. My barracks when I went to basic ( built in the 40's to push troops through for WWII) had 64 Man Bays and one big tile covered shower with 8 shower heads. If you are shy you will get over it quick. It isn't just Basic either ALL the older barracks have communal showers so you will still be showering in groups. We had a 8 man shower at my first duty station, but at least I finaly had a 2 man room instead of open bays.

On the bright side we still haven't progressed to the Starship Trooper style basic where ALL the trainees shower together.

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