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Do you need to graduate High School to be in the Marines?
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Do you need to graduate High School to be in the Marines?

If you do then whats the point of being able to join at 17 with parent consent? but i don't think its possible to graduate at 17... yet ive seen other people tell my you cant enlist if you haven't graduated yet?

If i can get my *** in shape by the time i turn 17 (Highly unlikely) i was thinking about droping out and enlisting because I have been thinking about doing Marines until i retire...

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WOAH. I refresed the page after getting a glass of water and i had 14 awnsers! 0.0

K thanks for all the info. Guess now i have an excuse to finish high school... also considering that i turn 17 in 3 months... so yea.

I know for a fact that im enlisting no matter what, my parents want me to be an officer. but for some reason i feel like id **** up if i go for officer. but anyway. Thanks for the help.



2009-08-18 05:06:04 +0000
marines and army are taking drop outs

2009-08-18 05:06:05 +0000
I don't think it's required to graduate, but I think you have to be in either 11th grade or something.

2009-08-18 05:07:46 +0000
Yes, you need a high school diploma or GED (General Equivalency Diploma) with 15 college credits. But to even be considered for the military and/or the Marine Corps, you need to score a 50 or above on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and be highly qualified with everything else (medical, criminality). Also, only 5% of Marines have GEDs, so you better get a really good score on the ASVAB to join.

2009-08-18 05:08:12 +0000
Yes, you can graduate from highschool at 17 easily if you're born in the summer months.

The marine corps requires you be a high school graduate.

Don't worry about getting your *** in shape. They'll take care of it if you have the right state of mind.

2009-08-18 05:07:58 +0000
Yes, you do have to graduate.
and it's entirely possible to graduate at 17. I'll be graduating at 17.
Some people graduate at 17 and still aren't 18, so they let you do it with parental consent. My Martial Arts instructor did that when he graduated from high school...at 17.

2009-08-18 05:47:33 +0000
HEY! My grandfather was in the Marines! I don't think I am! I talk with him about WWII cause he was in it! Now, please delete your answer from my question because you are being VERY disrespectful!

2009-08-18 05:08:04 +0000
you need your diploma or GED and 15 college credits

you can sign up at 17 to secure your job spot and ship date

2009-08-18 05:10:58 +0000

The Marines are becoming extremely picky with their selections now, and are only choosing the cream of the crop when it comes to enlistees, because of the high amount of people wanting to sign up.

2009-08-18 06:20:52 +0000

2009-08-18 05:05:34 +0000
to be in the marines, yes.

2009-08-18 05:06:30 +0000
I think you still have to remain in school when you join

2009-08-18 05:09:40 +0000
Just finish high school for crying out loud. Technically you can get in the armed forces with a GED, but there are only so many GED slots available, so it makes much more difficult to get in (unless you have 15 college credits).

And actually, some people do finish high school at 17, it depends on the state and the institution and how high speed you are.

2009-08-18 05:17:03 +0000
The people who are able to enlist at 17 have graduated High School and are eligible to join with parental consent. You need any one of the following to enlist: High School diploma, GED plus 15 college credits, Secondary school diploma awarded on the basis of attending and completing an adult education or diploma "external" program, Tier 2 - Alternative Credential Holder, which are very limited, Test-based Equivalency Diploma Graduate, Certificate of Attendance an attendance-based certificate or diploma, Alternative/Continuation High School, Home Study. An applicant who earned a high school diploma or certificate awarded by a state, Correspondence School Diploma, or Occupational Program Certificate (Vo/Tec).

Tier 3 - Non-High School Graduate. Individuals who are not attending high school and are neither high school graduates nor alternative credential holders. The services almost never accept a Tier 3 candidate for enlistment. (Added Note: March 14, 2005 -- the Navy Reserves is currently accepting Tier III applicants).

2009-08-18 05:10:28 +0000
: You can talk to a recruiter or sign your enlistment contract before graduating, but you will need to receive your diploma before beginning recruit training. A recruiter can answer any questions you have, including discussing case-by-case options for those with nontraditional high school diplomas or completion certificates.

The Marine Corps will require a High School Diploma. The GED may be a possibility however you should contact the nearest Marine Corps Recruiting Office for detailed information.

To elaborate on the above statement, the Marine Corps at this time (2009) will only allow about 5% of the recruiting mission to be GEDs, the rest require a high school diploma. With enough college credits you do not need a high school diploma and will be counted as a high school graduate, not sure how many credits is needed though.

# A high school diploma is a prerequisite for joining the Marines. The applicant must also take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test and pass with a minimum of 32 to be accepted into the Marines.

2009-08-18 05:14:42 +0000
You can enlist before you graduate, and they schedule you for Boot Camp as soon as you are done with school. But if you don't graduate, you will just be kicked out of the program. You have to have a high school diploma to join the Marines.

Stay in school. It won't kill you.

2009-08-18 05:06:19 +0000
yea you do. trust me.

2009-08-18 05:06:46 +0000
I was thinking of a really funny answer to this, but I think that it might offend a lot of people, so I'll refrain.

2009-08-18 05:06:33 +0000
you must have graduated or have an ged to get in any branch of the us armed cores

2009-08-18 05:08:06 +0000
It is required to enlist yes, unless you have a GED or other document along with 15 college credits. Also, people don't usually decide to go career military until they've actually been in for a while. I wouldn't go signing your life over just yet, the military isn't everything you've seen in those video games you play.

2009-08-18 05:05:58 +0000
yes they do require you to graduate.

2009-08-18 05:10:01 +0000
You have to have a high school diploma. People who get parental consents are those who are not yet 18 when they graduate and yes that happens all the time. Don't drop out that would not be very smart of you, just finish out school and then join the marines. You should not be in such a hurry to grow up. If you want to know what its like, go to your local recruiting station and talk to a recruiter, they can get you into poolie functions where you can get in shape an prepare to go into the marines. Good luck to you. :)

2009-08-18 07:37:39 +0000
Remember the Colors of the USMC

2009-08-18 05:11:36 +0000
not a marine but the army is pretty much the same when it comes to this. You need either a HS diploma or a GED. the 17 years olds are in a program called DEP (delayed enlistment program) pretty much says to the service you can invest in me Im gonna graduate, send me to boot camp or basic the summer before my senior year in high school. You do that and you go to functions with your recruiters on some weekends were they teach you basic soldiering...ie map reading, do some pt. stuff like that

2009-08-18 05:08:26 +0000

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